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Repro Rights

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  1. 1. Reproductive Rights Gabi, Jenna, Jessica, Candice
  2. 2. Community Partner Planned Parenthood Campus group was their need
  3. 3. Proposal & Goals RSO Inform with an event Create lasting efforts on campus
  4. 4. Timeline Proposal and Goals Sexual Health Awareness Group Met with NOW Health Fair First Recruitment Meeting
  5. 5. Sexual Health Awareness Group College friendly information New RSO on campus Really long and complicated process
  6. 6. Health Fair STI Awareness month provide accurate information to students Bring sexual health on campus Provide free contraceptives
  7. 7. Working with NOW Focus their goals Combine resources New e-board
  8. 8. Meet and Greet Pizza and pop Games Information about the upcoming year
  9. 9. Connection to Class Concepts Advocacy Activism Promulgation Postponement Adjustment
  10. 10. Evaluation & Outcomes Showed how hard advocacy is RSO Health Fair Recruitment
  11. 11. Plans for Future Recruiting and retaining members Planning one event that NOW is know for Working with other RSOs Expanding Sex Ed. resources on campus Continue working with Organizations to promote sexual health resources