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report on pran RFL


ID: 1210142121034912305291210081GROUP: BA REPORT ONAssessment ofDemandResponse and Advanced MeteringOfPRAN-RFL GROUP

Assessment ofDemandResponse and Advanced MeteringOfPRAN-RFL GROUP

Submitted toMr. Masud RahmanManaging Director

Submitted byMd. Ismail HossainSales Manager

Date of Submission23 July 2013

PRAN-RFL Center, 105, Progoti Sarani, Middle Badda,Dhaka1212,BangladeshPhone: +88 0288214, 02882154; Email:


I express all my gratitude and praises to the God, who has given me energy and capability to prepare this report.

I sincerely feel it, a proud privilege to express heartfelt gratitude and profound indebtedness to my Managing Director for his scholarly, supervision, instruction, valuable suggestion, encouragement, inspiration, untiring help, unprecedented patience, sympathy during the whole period of assignment works and critical review of this report.

I am also grateful to the officers of PRAN RFL Group for providing necessary data about investment and other secondary source of information of PRAN-RFL Group.

Letter of Transmittal

July 23 2013

Mr. Masud RahmanManaging DirectorPran-RFL GroupDhaka

Subject: Solicitation for acceptance of Business Report

Sir, I am pleased to submit my Business Report after successful completion of three months survey in our Group. I express my gratitude to you for giving me chance to learn about the downfall demand of PRAN Juice Industries. In spite of various shortcomings, I have devoted my best effort to cover all the relevant areas of Sales and Marketing Department of the organization. I hope that you will appreciate my endeavor and satisfy this report up to your expectation.

It is indeed that without your advice and co-operation it would not be possible to submit this report. I have tried my best effort to make this report in comprehensive and informative manner. All of my works and information presented in this report is done with utmost sincerely and honestly. I shall be gratified to answer any sort of queries you think necessary regarding this report, assuring of my presence if and when needed.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Ismail HossainSales ManagerPran-RFL Group (Beverage section)Dhaka.



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Executive Summery






List of Illustration

ChapterContentPage No.

1Introduction1.1 Origin of the Study1.2 Objectives of the Study1.3 Methodology1.4 Time schedule of the study1.5 Literature review

2Analysis4.1 Current market analysis4.2 Product life cycle4.3 Market size

3Suggestion5.1 Situation Analysis5.2 Swot Analysis5.3 Marketing Strategy5.4 Forecast and Financial analysis 5.4 Implementation & Control




Executive Summery

Introduction:1.1 Origin of the studyAt present business is very much complex because of even changing customer choice, preference, taste etc. and for the technological and high competition. As globalization is on the competition is spread an over the world. So every organization should be international standard. Every company or firm wants to make their loyal customer group. Each firm would like to gain maximum profit through consumer's satisfaction. To day each company has to face so much competition. To perform all marketing tasks marketer are to faces. Two types of environment, one is macro or external and another is micro or internal environment.

We know that juice is a consumer goods. It is classified as shopping goods. People usually drink juice for the refreshment and to reduce tiredness. In all seasons juice is widely consumed by the customers. But the demand becomes high in the summer. Juice is tasty and nutrition's. There is a wide demand and high prospects for the juice products PRAN.

This study tries to focus on marketing problems and prospects of PRAN juice industries. PRAN juice is one of the popular brands in Bangladesh and also in international market recently. It is manufactured and marketed by Agriculture Marketing Company Ltd. (AMCL) of PRAN group. PRAN juice is selling mainly local market (all over Bangladesh) already it is exporting in Europe, America and Middle East also in India. We see that there is decrease the demand of PRAN product in our local market. Because of other competitors imports some juice from Pakistan, India and other countries juice is one of the items to meet this demand.

1.2 Objectives of the Study1.2.1 Main Objective:The main objective of the report is how to handle the business related problem like decreasing the demand of the product and make a business plan for recovery the market shares of PRAN Juice Industries.

1.2.2 Specific Objectives:The specific objectives finding the reason of decreasing demand and make a plan for recovery by the marketing activities of PRAN Juice Industries are as follows: To gather knowledge about the organization and the sales and marketing department. To identify and analysis the reason of downfall of demand and prospects of PRAN juice industries. To know the market demand & position To identity the different types of problems and prospects of marketing activities of PRAN juice industries. To know about competitors To synthesize the findings and draw recommendations.1.3 Methodology of the studyFor smooth and accurate study everyone have to follow some rules and regulation. The study impute were collected from two sources:1.3.1 Primary source: Face to face conversation with my colleagues. Practical desk work. Relevant file study as provided by the concerned officers. Direct observation.

1.3.2 Secondary data sources: Annual reports of the PRAN-RFL Group. Company profile of the PRAN-RFL Group. Files and Folders. Various manuals of PRAN-RFL Group. Extensive literature search on the basis of these documents of publication. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and other pertinent articles.

1.4 Time schedule of the studyFor this kind of report paper its need much more time. But Ive got a very short time for this. So it was so tough for me to know about the proper marketing. It was not possible to me to know and include all kind of detail information on the report paper within this short time.

1.5 Literature ReviewPhilip Kotler (2001): Marketing must be understood not in the old sense of making a sale-telling and selling-but in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. If the marketer does a good job of understanding consumer needs; develops products that provide superior value; and prices, distributes, and promotes them effectively, these products will sell very easily. Thus, selling and advertising are only part of a larger marketing mix a set of marketing tools that work together to satisfy customer needs and build customer relationships. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others.

Analysis:2.1 Current market analysis:According to the information from different sources Pran is now the market leader in the juice sector of soft drinks market. After Pran, frutika, fruto are in the position. Most market shares are now holding by AMCL (Pran), next frutika and then fruto.

Positioning according to RIES AND TROUT:

The world positioning was popularized by two advertising executives, AL RIES AND JACK TROUT. So PRAN Company has considered their strategy to be successful. So PRAN (AMCL) Company has creative exercise with an existing product, which is given below by a chart.

Company ProductTarget consumersBenefitsPriceValue proposition

PRAN(Juice)Quality Conscious consumer of young. (Age within 3-30)Tasty and healthy10% premiumThe tasty, most healthy juice in which your family can rid to disease.

Company communicates positioning effectively. Suppose a company choose the "best-in-quality" is communicated by choosing these physical signs and cues that people normally use to judge quality.Further, company should be followed consumers perceptual mapping properly.

2.2 Product life cycleThe market of PRAN juice is not new at present PRAN juice of AMCL takes position in the Rapid Growth stage in the product life cycle. This can be shown in a figure:

Product life cycle of PRAN juice:

PRAN Juice


Introduction Early Rapid Mature Saturation Decline Growth Growth Stage Time

2.3 Market SizeAn industry sale of juice is Tk. 55.5 crores at present. The AMCL is Tk. 45 crores at present.

Market Size CharacteristicsMarket of juice is promising. It's increasing day by day. All sorts of people usually drink juice. But the children and the young people drinks most of them. They are very fond of drinking juice. The people of 3-35 years old age usually drink, upper of middle class people like juice. Most of people prefer tasty juice; they are price sensitive, want to get easily from any retail shop.Total units (sales):Total units (sales) for the last eight years are given below:

YearTotal Units (Sales)










2.4 Findings of the StudyThis section of the report contains findings of the study. The findings are the outcome of the syntheses of the analyzed data as well as decrease the demand of PRAN Juice Industries. Sy


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