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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

Starting With the Name of ALLAH (S.W.T)

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

DEDICATEDto the blessings of Allah(S.W.T) who is the biggest source of Knowledge, his Messenger and the Teacher for the whole world The Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H), to our beloved parents and all respected teacher

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

DECLARATIONWe hereby declare that this project report, neither as a whole nor as a part thereof has been copied out from any source but in-fact if any material has been used, it is used as the concept of original material taken from the web and all other references are mentioned for subsequent sections. It is further declared that we have completed our work on the basis of our personal efforts and under the sincere guidance of our teacher. If any part of this work is proved to be copied out from any source. We shall standby the consequences. No portion of the work presented in this report has been submitted in support of any application for any other degree or qualification of this or any other university or institute of learning.

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSWe bow our heads in deep gratitude before Allah Almighty for Blessing us with the wisdom and the capability and granting us the strength to accomplish this project. We are extremely grateful to our beloved parents for catering to all our needs, affording every facility, consoling us when we were fatigued, inspiring us when we started feeling that the project was getting beyond our grasp and praying day in and day out for our success. We are indeed also very appreciative of the contribution of our younger sisters and brothers who provided us the vigor and vitality and shared all our responsibilities towards our respective family during the course of this project. We are very thankful to our kind and competent supervisor, Mr. Salman Maalik for taking the time off his busy schedule in providing us the guidance and according us all the help right from the tricky stage of laying down the conceptual framework to the far more exacting stage of actual execution of this project. We are also thankful to all the employees of the Kohinoor Textile Mills for their kind cooperation.

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile MillsBACKGROUND OF STUDYThe global scenario that has emerged in the past few years has completely revamped the way business was conducted. Now companies have to take all the foreign competitors in account if they want to survive. Local manufacturers, which were at the beginning only concerned themselves with competitors emerging from the local market, are now struggling to make the place in face of international competition. Textile has always been among the solid industries of Pakistan, this emergence of global competition has also affected Pakistan. Kohinoor Textile has accepted the challenge from global competitors and has operated so efficiently throughout its career that it is not only among the strongest of textile groups locally but also a renowned name internationally, which exports yarn and garments to a considerable extent.

PURPOSE OF STUDYThe prime purpose of the study is to gain knowledge and practical field experience, by knowing that how do the strategic management process is actually implemented in an organization. Moreover we want to know how to make strategies in unseen circumstances.

SCOPE OF STUDYThe scope of this particular study and documented report is confined only to the Kohinoor Textile Mills Rawalpindi

LIMITATIONS OF STUDYKohinoor Textile is a very large organization with dozen of factories and offices throughout Pakistan. It would have been impossible for us to cover all of the organization in mere eight weeks, as it requires considerably large period of time. Furthermore, business organizations are very secretive, guarded and reserved when it comes to sharing their business functioning in all facts i.e. financial, Marketing, Human Resource etc. It requires a lot of guile and astute inquiry, not to mention personal contacts in the management of organizations, to get access to confidential or in some cases in non-confidential information. Managers and employees were very hesitant in providing us organizational information (not letting us directly interview frontline workers, strictly restricting video and voice recording interviews as being against their organizational policies) and we had to go through a tedious process to get adequate and sufficient information and we did our best with it.

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile MillsMETHODOLOGY OF STUDYI have completed my study with the aid of following data collection tools. PRIMARY DATA

Data compiled for the first time is called primary data. The main sources of primary data are my personal observations and my discussion with the management and staff members. SECONDARY DATA

Data Collected and compiled before hand for some purpose is known as secondary data. The main sources for secondary data are annual reports, website of Kohinoor Textile Mills ( and office records.

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter#01(INTRODUCTION)09 Group History Kohinoor textile mills International customers Chapter#02(MISSION AND GOALS)..15 Mission and Vision Statement Statement of strategic objectives Statement of Ethics and Business Practices Values Chapter#03(INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ANALYSIS)..19 SWOT analysis IFAS EFAS PORTER 5 FORCES ANALYSIS Chapter#04(LEVEL OF STRATEGIES)...25 Global Level Strategy Corporate Level Strategy Business Level Strategy Functional Level Strategy Chapter#05(ORGANIZATIONA STRUCTURE)28 Information about top level management Organizational Structure Chart Chapter#06(RECOMMENDATIONS)..31 Recommendations Conclusion APPANDIX REFRENCES

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report is based on the course of strategic management, which focuses on various strategies of organizations in both preplanned situation and in a totally unpredicted environment. We, as a study group and students of MBA, conducted a research on a big name in the textile industry of Pakistan and studied their strategies and know how Kohinoor deal with its internal and external environment and completed this project. Although the company representatives were very reluctant to share and impart information about their organizations (based on their organizational policies) but we did the best we could to convince them. In the first section, a little back ground about the company is given, to provide an insight to the reader about the scope of the company. The main body of the report entails all the details about the working environment and conditions of the company in both local and international environment and the varying standards and procedures (big or small). Well this project became so interesting when we got to know that Kohinoor has to deal with a situation where its competitors are its customers and more over when we know that it does not have the same strategy for all its products. It was also very surprising to know that textile output of Pakistan is now not of very good quality international the competition has became so intense and Pakistan has lost its good international reputation in textile industry. The last part of this report contains a brief conclusion and the recommendations section to display the knowledge we have gathered and interpreted based on our knowledge and wisdom.

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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile Mills




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Strategic Management Process of Kohinoor Textile MillsGROUP HISTORYThe Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group, formerly known as the Saigol group represents the golden era of history of industrial and commercial development in Pakistan, In 1947 when Pakistan gained independence there was hardly any infrastructure in Industry, Commerce and Banking. The field for development was wide open. Within a span of few years the Saigol Group helped to transform the Industrial and Business scene in Pakistan. The Group established industrial projects in the field of textile mills with spinning, weaving and finishing facilities, a chemical complex producing insecticide, caustic soda, and chlorine and acetate rayon yarn, a sugar refining unit, vegetable oil and paper mills. The group also entered into the field of construction, engineering and banking. Prior to Nationalization of the private sector industries in the early 1970s, the group was one of the largest in Pakistan. The Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group was born from trifurcating the Saigol group in 1976. It is now leading textile manufacturer in the country consisting of one composite textile unit, two weaving and one spinning unit. The Group is also involved in other industrial activities including cement and power generation.

KOHINOOR TEXTILE MILLS LIMITEDCOMPANY PROFILEKohinoor Textile Mills Limited was established in 1953, initially with 25000 spindles and 600 looms with further expansion in 1954. The company embarked upon a program of modernization and in the last decade, replacement and refurbishment has seen the installation of high technology processing, printing and finishing facilities. Commercial processing of customers, which was not originally envisioned, has also begun. Presently the unit comprises 151,856 1spindles along with complete processing capabilities for scouring and bleaching, mercerizing, dying printing and stitching. Weaving no longer exists at the plant which has since been relocated to two sist

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