RENEWAL: Capacity Strengthening and Communcations

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A decade of RENEWAL: Capacity Strengthening & Communications

A decade of RENEWAL:Capacity Strengthening & Communicationsby Noora Aberman

CS and Communications for Impact on Policy and ProgramsConvening regional workshopsMajor presence at international & regional conferencesDissemination of research results through NAPs & other in-country activitiesPublication of research resultsMentoring of graduate studentsResearch collaborationCS modules:Thematic knowledgeResearch methodsPolicy communications How can we have impact?Enlightenment model (Weiss,1977)Non-linear and complex (Keeley and Scoons, 2000)Iterative policy impactInfluencing the policy dialogue

DesignNetwork Structure promote ownership and support through In-reach3 Pillars:

Various levels & layers: International, regional, national, project specificFirst, enhanced impact. There are synergies between research, capacity and communications which, if exploited, may ultimately enhance and sustain impact. Ownership, local relevance and policy impact are strongly associated. Locally-prioritized research is more attuned to the national and regional setting, and the findings are thus more actionable. The reverse link is stronger too, with policy-relevant operational research priorities being generated in the process of implementation. Outreach, as such, becomes easier when research is embedded in local systems. In a sense, the process of "reaching out" has already been done before the study findings are known, through anchoring the research priorities in the local context. We call this "inreach".

4Review of Successes: Communications 2005 Durban ConferenceInfluencing international dialogue (UNAIDS, PEPFAR)Mainstreaming importance of ARVs & NutritionInput into National Strategic Plans Influencing high-level decision makers

Review of Successes: Capacity Strengthening Net-Map Workshops: Policy Communications TrainingsImpact of training modules with Africa Centre for Food Security

Review of Successes: Capacity Strengthening Some applications from the Uganda Net-Map Workshop:

The tools have improved my research supervision skills especially for graduate students on issues that have policy implications. I have also shared these tools with other research projects that I have interacted with such as SABRES funded by NIH.

(I) developed a series of policy (briefs) which have been found to have useful information relevant to the re-design of NAADS programme.

Already I have prepared 3 policy briefs with regard to key programme components in my organisation and how we can consolidate and or strengthen impact to achieve the desired objectives.

Learning for the past: future suggestionsDevelop strategic communications priorities & action plans for NAPs Strengthening capacity in the art of policy communucations: long-term collaboration for sustained and strategic impactPartnership with boundary organization?


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