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Rel. Anth . 9/25/2013. Verbal verse quizzers in the back. Written verse quizzers study quietly!. __ _____ 3:___-___. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rel. Anth. 9/25/2013Verbal verse quizzers in the back.Written verse quizzers study quietly!__ _____ 3:___-________is _____ to _____ ___ if ___are _____to __ ____?___ ____ if ___ ______ ______ for ____ is _____, you are ______.__ not ____their _____; do ___ be __________.But __ ____ _____ _______ ______ as _____.Punctuated EquilibriumDoes Punk Eek solve the problems with Darwins theory of Evolution?

On your smart devices, research the Cambrian Explosion. Class will explain what this is.Naturalist Quotes pp168-171More from our friend DawkinsClosed or Open system?Closed SystemCause and EffectScience can only consider blind, material forces.Open systemThe product of a Personal AgentIntelligence is an irreducible reality alongside natural forces.15 year old Christian p177In response to a new intense evolution curriculum at school.Religion is what you believe because you have faith. With science, you need evidence and need to back it up.Resurrection? Creation?BreakGenesis 1: InterpretationsHebrew: YomThere was evening and morningGenesis 1:1 - Creation ex-nihiloConcordismGen 1 v1: Literal Interp.God created the world in 7 consecutive 24 hour days.The world is only 5,700-10,000 years oldGen 1 v2: Gap Interp.Genesis 1:2 World was/became a formless void.In between the initial creation and the first yom of Genesis 1, there is an immense gap of time.Gen 1 v3: Day-Gap Interp.Each yom is a 24 hour period.In between each yom is a long period.Gen 1 v4: Revelation-Day InterpDays of Revelation to Moses (or whoever the author of Genesis 1 is).God reveals how He created in 7 days.Gen 1 v5: Literary FrameworkCREATION KINGDOMSCREATURE KINGSDay 1: LightDay 4: LuminariesDay 2: Sky/WaterDay 5: Birds/FishDay 3: Land/VegetationDay 6: Land animals/ManTHE CREATOR KINGDay 7: SabbathGen 1 v6: Functional CreationBara to create, or to set in order?Genesis 1:1 God makes matterThe rest of Genesis 1 is God imposing functionality or giving life and purpose to that matter.Gen 1 v7: Hebrew Creation MythMyth != Untrue; Myth = GenreA story meant to communicate theological truth about something.Written to contrast with other contemporary myths.Why all these theories?Literal, Gap, Day-Gap, Revelation-Day, Literary Framework, Functional Creation, Hebrew Creation Myth.Arguably all faithful to the text.The Theists Toolbelt.Discussion activityEach table has two views. Each person chooses one of the two views and tries to imagine the merits of the view and tries to defend why one would have that view.Study Guide for FridayBe able to explain what is the main factor that keeps evolutionist devotees.What bad evidence has been falsely advertised in favor of Evolution?What is punk eek and the Cambrian Expl?What are the main points of the different interpretations of Genesis 1, and why are they important to know?