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  • Fall 2015

    registration for your 2nd semester

  • How to find and use Berklee academic information online Which classes to take next semester

    Registration 2 things YOU SHOULD KNOW:

  • Online Academic informationStart here: Be sure to log in!

    Click here firstThen here


  • At the end of each major site, you can:Find the Major Grid for the majorReview courses offered by that major department

  • Major grids look like thisGrids are the curriculum for every class you need to take at Berklee, organized by major.

    You are expected to declare a major during your 2nd semester. The grids are a helpful framework.

    Since you started in the Fall 2015 semester, you are part of the Fall 2015 academic year. This is the grid you will follow until graduation.

    This link will take you to all the grids.

  • Look under courses* These provide helpful information on pre-requisites

  • Check out my.berklee.eduHere, you can: * Use My Degree Audit* Track your progress towards graduationHINT:Youll see a list of classes youre in this spring Earn any transfer credits? Thats here too!

  • my Degree auditSee which classes are remaining for graduationOver time, earned credit and grades will be listed on the right

  • Before your registration time: Find Course Info Online Use: BROWSE CLASSES

    Identify the times these classes meet. For each class, write down:

    Course Number (ex: ET-112)Section (ex: 002)

  • On the day of your registration time: Use: Search and Register for Classes

    Search is register is not available until your registration appointment time.

    This is how you register for classes.

  • What to register for:Fill out the Registration Worksheet.

  • #1. Add Performance CoreLab (ILxx)Ensemble (ENxx)50-minute Private Instruction

    All students must choose a 3 credit combination.

    The 50-minute lesson

    The 30-minute lessonORinclude all of the following:include all of the following:30-minute Private Instruction 2 credits1 credit1 creditEnsemble (ENxx)1 credit1 credit

  • #2. Add a 3-credit Liberal Arts (Degree Students)LiteratureHistory Social ScienceMath/Physical Science Art History Liberal Arts ElectivesChoose one (1) course from this listMusic and Society (LENG-201)(LHIS)(LAHS)(LSOC)(LMSC)(LMAS)(2 courses)These are the required categories of 3-credit liberal arts at Berklee.

    Refer to your Major Grid for specifics.

    Transfer student? Choose a category you havent taken from yet.


  • 2-Credit Liberal ArtsThis semester,Have you taken (or tested out of):

    Music Technology (2 credits) All studentsACI (2 credits) Degree students only

    If you havent completed these courses, please add them to next semesters schedule.

    * Note that students with a lot of transfer credit may be exempt from ACI.

  • Ear Training 1 (ET-111)Ear Training 2 (ET-112)Ear Training 3 (ET-211)Ear Training 4 (ET-212)Solfege 1 (ET-231)Solfege 2 (ET-232)Ear Training Arranging Arranging 1 (AR-111)Harmony 2 (HR-112)HarmonyHarmony 4 (HR-212)Harmony 3 (HR-211)OR#3. Add Core MusicMATMusic Application and Theory (PW-111)

    For Composition, Music Ed, Music Therapy majorsFor most majors

  • #4. Add Your Choice You get to choose the rest of your credits.

    To start,count the number of credits you already have planned for next semester.

    How many OPEN credits do you now have?

    Degree Students: Can take up to 16 credits Diploma Students: Can take up to 13 credits

  • #4. Add Your Choice Have a major in mind? Get ideas from: Intro Courses By Major Major Grids

    Option 1: Major Exploration

  • #4. Add Your Choice You need these to graduate anyway. Pick topics that interest you.Get ideas from: Courses Open to All

    Option 2: Electives

  • #4. Add Your Choice Minors can be applied towards general electives. Check out

    Option 3: Explore Minors

  • #4. Add Your Choice Try looking at these for ideas: - Instrumental labs- An additional Liberal Arts class- Your major grid

    Option 4: Get Ahead

  • Questions? Ask your Faculty Advisor to review your courses.

  • Helpful HintsWrite down your course numbers and sections. When you actually start to register, it can happen quickly!

    Identify several alternate options, in case the class (or section) you want is full.

    Use a calendar!

  • Important Dates

    Registration for Spring 2016:Make sure you know when you can register for Spring 2016. You will receive an email with that information.

    Change major, instrument, or program:* Before registration begins!* Deadline is the Friday of check-in week

  • Good luck!

    Heres to a successful 2nd semester!

    Presentation by the: Academic Advising Team Counseling and Advising Center 939 Boylston Street