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  • SWISS REVIEW / 03 2018

    IRegional Edition United Kingdom & Ireland


    EDITORIALWe are privileged to have five UK delegates in the OSAparliament representing us in Berne. Our five delegates arecommitted topublishing adetailed report for us covering allthe important issues for our community which have beentouched upon during the last main sessions. Their report isavailable on the FOSSUK website and I encourage you all toread it and send in any questions youmay have. Special thanks go toDaniel Pedroletti, hiswife Ester-Lou andto the entire outgoing committee for their effort andcommitment over many years to the New Helvetic Society and

    theSwiss community inLondon. I knowtoo thatmanyof you do the same in other parts of the country. I invite you all to keep writing to me andcontinue sending your news and ideas. Yourcontributions help us to keep alive the highlyvalued Continuity Dialogue recently under-lined byAmbassador Fasel betweenour cultureand the British. In this issue, you will find manyexamples of this active collaboration and I verymuch hope they inspire and encourage everyone!


    In February, at the 11th edition of the annualMusic Industry Awards, (the Swiss musicequivalent of the Grammys), the famousSwiss singer-songwriter and pianist, ElianeMller, was crowned Best Female Solo Act forher last album, Slowmotion.

    Elianes joywashuge after threenominations and four albums shehasfinallymade it! The27-year-old singer composed SlowMotionwithsongwriters from all over the world. Whilst writing the songs, Elianeexplored many new avenues and this has resulted in an incrediblycomplex album. In the fall of 2015, she spent half a year visitingNashville, New York, Berlin, and London, where she met several

    SWISS MUSIC AWARDS: Big emotions at Slow Motion, a Swiss-British production.composers with whom she wrote ad hoc songs. One of the artists shemetwas Julian Simmons, amusic producer, engineer,mixer andwriter,who runs the London-based (JP)has special connectionswith Switzerlandand so SwissReviewmetbothartists to find out how this winning Swiss-British collaboration cameupwith the songs that gained them the prestigious award.

    GP: Is it the first time that you have worked with a British producer?Whatwere themost positive vibes that you feltwhilstworkingwith Julian?

    ELIANE: Yes, it was the first timewith a British producer. I co-wrotewith several songwriters in Germany and also the United States butJulian Simmons is the only British producer Ive worked with so far.Imreallyhappywithourcollaboration,whichworkedwell fromtheveryfirst moment wemet. I appreciate that he is truly interested in whereI wanna head to and what my thoughts and ideas are and tries tocombine themwith his own style, current vibes and trends, so that theoutcome is something Eliane-like, but more modern and with morecourage. Forme thiswas definitelymore than satisfying!

    GP:Howdid you feelwhen two of the songs became Swiss national hitsand youwon at the SwissMusic Awards?

    ELIANE: Naturally I felt surprised on the one hand, but proud andgrateful on theother. Its a privilege forme toworkwith Julian Simmonsand to benefit fromhis know-how and experience in theUK.

    GP:Howdo youmanage to combine your Swiss originswith singing inanother language, that is, in English?

    ELIANE: Its hard to say. Maybe it is a kind of space I create betweenmyself (and my songs or lyrics) and the audience. Songwriting is

    Eliane and Julian Simmons.

  • MORE INFO:At the Swiss Music Awards three artists are nominated for eachof the ten categories at the annual ceremony. Decisions are basedon music sales and by jury and public vote.

    British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran won the Best Solo ActInternational award and Best International Hit for his singleShape of you. Imagine Dragons received the Best GroupInternational trophy and the Best Breaking Act Internationalaward went to the British band RagnBone Man.

    Eliane Mller: elianemusic.comJulian Simmons:

    SWISS REVIEW / 03 2018


    Julian SimmonsGP: How did you meetEliane and how did youstart yourmusic projects?

    JS: Actually Elianeand I met through afamily connection. My

    wife, Carla Maurer, is the minister at theSwiss Church in Londons Covent Garden,where Ive met lots of interesting Swiss folkfrom various backgrounds. Carla has a cousinwho is Elianes musical director and violinist/keyboard player (Michel Gsell, from Luzerne).Thanks to this special connection, Imet ElianeinZurich at the train station for a coffee,whilston one of my regular trips to Switzerland, andmade a plan for Eliane to come to my thenstudio in east London for three days ofwritingsongs and visiting London pubs in July 2016.

    GP: How did you make up the two songs?What inspired you andwhy?

    JS: The first song that we wrote togetheris called Slow Motion and became the titletrack for the recently released album. Theinitial idea was something Id been thinkingabout. As Eliane is a piano led pop singer-

    songwriter, I was thinking along the lines ofthe greats of this genre such as Ray Charles,Billy Joel and Elton John. I wanted to make asong thatwas timeless and classic, and I hopedthat by drawing on some of those influenceswe could in some way achieve that. ThenEliane came up with the idea of savouring themoment, something that these days is so hardtodowith theplethoraofdigitaldistractionsatour fingertips. This seemed to fit really wellwith the feel of themusic, andwe expanded itfromthere the concept being that itwouldbeamazing ifwecould see life in slowmotionandreally enjoy every second.

    GP:YoualsowroteanotherofElianes famoussongs together, Bittersweet. How did you getstarted onwriting it?

    JS: The second song we wrote was withMitsch Gsell too, about 9 months later.Eliane andMitsch came over for a few days tomy new studio in north Londons Crouch Endand we wrote Bittersweet. This is a songharking back to Elianes childhood, growingup in Switzerland. For this track we wereaiming to write something upbeat that could

    become a single (in fact SRF1 chose the songthemselves toplayontheradiowithout itbeingreleased as a single). Mitsch came up with theinitial piano idea, and we built the track andarrangement around that. Again, this is quite anostalgic song,withElianedescribingher timeat school staring out the window when sheshould have been focusing on the lesson. Itdoesnt look like being a dreamer has done hertoomuchharm!

    GP: What kind of projects are ongoing atthemoment?

    Luzia. Nextweek Ill be puttingmywritinghat on again, as I try andfinish a few songs thatIbegan inZurichandVienna lastmonth.Whilstin Zurich I began a track with an artist calledKlainKaroo,whohad a single out last year andisdoingwell.Hes alsoplayingatM4Music andlooks to be on a good trajectory, so we arehoping we will be able to work onmore stufftogether. I also work regularly over at the newWarner Music Group studio in High StreetKensington, where recently Ive beenworkingwith Liam Gallagher and Geri Halliwellamongstmany others.

    something very personal and sensitive, so it might sometimes be easierif the listener doesnt understand every single word directly. But thenI also think that English just sounds smoother and prettier thanGermanwithall its consonantsandsoon.And I love languages. I also singin Italian sometimes, the most beautiful language when it comes tomusic, I think. And lastly, you wouldnt want tomiss out on the chanceof giving concerts outside of Switzerland just because of a languagenobodywould understand

    GP: What are your future projects? Are you going to organise aconcert in the UK?

    ELIANE: My current projects are concentrated within Switzerlandwith a lot of private gigs and public concerts, which is ok for now. Atthe moment, Im planning a newwinter tour for November/December2018. But honestly, I consistently dream of giving concerts in otherplaces, other countries and travelling around with a band and a piano.I think Id love it!

    Eliane at Swiss Music Awards.


  • SWISS REVIEW / 03 2018


    The London-basedassociationNewHelveticSociety (NHS), willrenew its committeemembers in September.Daniel Pedroletti has

    been one of its hard-working presidents, and,along with his wife Ester-Lou, has presidedover anupsurge in the popularity of the club.

    Daniel Pedroletti was working at theEmbassy in London as a specialist in Swisssocial security for the Swiss ForeignOffice andfor Swiss people living abroad. He startedgetting involved in the clubs by becoming amemberof theUnioneTicinese in the late 80s.The committeeof theUnioneTicinese felt thatwith his last name, being a member was amust! As the cherry on the cake, themembersof the UT had many questions about the AVSbut did not like to go to the Embassy, so MrPedroletti as a member of the UT was able toeasily answer their questions on thematter.

    Members of staff at the Embassy wereencouraged to attend and support eventsby the Swiss clubs. The AGM of the NewHelvetic Society was coming up and theCultural Counsellor,whowas on the commit-tee of the Society, invited Daniel to attend.In the blink of an eye, Daniel foundhimself elected to the committee. That wasin the early 90s and was just the start ofthings! Around 2010 he found himself onfour different committees: the New HelveticSociety, the Unione Ticinese, FOSSUK andSNDL (SwissNationalDayLondon,whichwasan initiative of the Ambassador at the time,and on which Daniel and Marc, along withothers, were asked to work).

    A fully commited coupleAt that time Esther-Lou was working full

    time and looking after the family, so she couldnot attend Society e