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Regional Tourism Workshop Hotel Bellevue, Ohrid, Macedonia, September 23, 2008 Alexander Babinov RCI Bulgaria Quality Mark: Practical implementation Experience and results from Bulgaria

Regional Tourism Workshop Hotel Bellevue, Ohrid, Macedonia, September 23, 2008 Alexander Babinov RCI Bulgaria Quality Mark : Practical implementation Experience

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Text of Regional Tourism Workshop Hotel Bellevue, Ohrid, Macedonia, September 23, 2008 Alexander Babinov RCI...

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  • Regional Tourism Workshop Hotel Bellevue, Ohrid, Macedonia, September 23, 2008 Alexander Babinov RCI Bulgaria Quality Mark : Practical implementation Experience and results from Bulgaria
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  • Getting going Running the programme The costs of implementation Measuring Results Case Study
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  • Why did we do it? Increase competitive advantage Increase competitive advantage Attract a new type of tourist Attract a new type of tourist Tell travellers a business is professional & offers a true Bulgarian experience Tell travellers a business is professional & offers a true Bulgarian experience
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  • Benefits for Benefits for our tourism providers The systems behind the Quality Mark will help to improve quality Improve operators market position Improve profile & attract more profitable customers
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  • Began as a USAID programme Hired international consultants Later we set up a new independent industry body to own & manage the Quality Mark Set up a Licensing Committee Set up Assessment programme run by independent professional Assessors Scorecard & the feedback process Independent customer research Mystery checks How we started
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  • Awards of three grades. roses of distinction bronze, silver gold Grades to reward excellence
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  • The LOGO A modern rose of natural beauty & elegance A coin inspired of ancient Thrace A coin of precious metal evoking quality, substance & value
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  • Marketing Web site Print Guide Extensive media & PR activity: articles Famil Trip for 6 journalists direct mail Trade Shows and special exhibitions
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  • Marketing Launch ceremony Study Trip
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  • Governance From the beginning, how you understand your Quality Mark could be owned and managed for ongoing sustainability Once underway, begin to Research governance models Establish the best organisation and processes to protect your Quality Mark
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  • Options for running the programme Establishing an NGO, with a stand alone office, with a small team Led from within an exiting organisation (Tourism Agency) Some sort of joint-venture, or PPP (Private - public partnership) A not for profit organisation or an Association Company funded by the private sector (usually a risk as independence for important for credibility) The sorts of factors you will need to consider are: Governance Legal Status of organisation IP of Quality Mark, who owns it, who manages the programme Protection of protocols
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  • Running the programme Funding profile Relationship with donors / funders / partners Costs of running the programme Opportunities for self generated income Contractual agreements for the delivery of services Human Resource Number of Staff, roles and responsibilities Operations Delivering Business Plan Licensee systems, processes and services Assessors programme IP management Promotional campaigns, Services to licensees Establishing an Association
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  • Programme firmly established Assessors trained and robust Assessment programme Critical mass of licensees:with more applying 10 accommodations with Gold Award, 24 accommodations with Silver Award 36 accommodations with Bronze 70 Total Awards Roses of Distinction 15% failed 10 pending licenses Results a year on .
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  • Accommodation owners reported increase in higher paying guests Accommodation owners reported US$17,397, an average of 18% increase, as a result of introducing 11 new services and attracting 401 new tourists Business from local tourists (guidebooks were only distributed within the country) has increased by approximately 11% 11new jobs created, 67 sustained Increase in revenues
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  • All materials produced Attendance at 2 Fairs (Berlin & Hamburg)1 International journalists Famil trip High in-country publicity achieved, media articles published Created Internet Site (informational) Page Visits not monitored Marketing
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  • Training for Operators (workshops and materials) 10 day Study Trip to Slovenia & Croatia Accommodation owners reported benefits of training and capacity building Two tourism operators participated in EU standards certification programs, HACCP Training for Assessors (workshops and materials, ongoing training) Assessors learnt new skills and boosted revenues Training in organisational development Steering Group Licensing Committee Training & Skills development
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  • Fully functioning Non-profit organisation established, registered describe QM protected for IP Institution building / Governance
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  • Minimum one year is needed to have some impact It is suggested that 8 months is needed to lay the foundations for the program that will leave sustainable legacy going forward with a fully functional organization owning, managing and extending the programme Core in-country team of two people is recommended - one leading the programme and working with RCI advisors, one managing the Assessment and certification element of the programme and sub-contracts. (Note Assessors manage all of their own admin liaising with accommodations) Administration person is recommended. Many of the elements can be outsourced - branding and marketing, Assessment, and training. This can be managed through tenders, co-partners or NGOs Time & People resources
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  • Assessments (outsourced) - at least 50 assessments must be done in this period Cost recommended US$300 per assessment based on 1.5 days per assessment (4 hour assessment, 4 hour preparation and writing final Report, half day for travel TOTAL US15,000 Expenses (70 x US$50 =US$3500)Note consultancy - training for Assessors (some provided by RCI or outsourced but estimated at 13 days based on 2 days preparation, 3 days training, 3 days on road with Assessors, 2 days travel, 2 days auditing initial Assessor reports, 1 day report to Licensing Committee TOTAL US 3500 Costs
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  • Based on design of Quality Mark, corporate needs such as Folders for Information Packs for participants, Assessors, Media and stakeholders, Presentation stands Promotional materials: design and printing of general Flyer, Postcards, Car stickers, Certificates, Scorecards Quality Mark Print Directory (outsourced) (recommended to be sponsored to reduce costs) TOTAL COST US$32,000 Internet site with booking portal being provided by RCI, country can choose to create new site or work with existing provider such as local Tourism Organisation to reduce costs TOTAL COST US$19,000 Media / public relationsUS$2000 Launch Ceremony US$4,000 Discretionary International Fair participation (2 different fairs), where the Quality Mark was exhibited(US$27,000) Marketing materials (outsourced) Other
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  • web site
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  • Study Trip Study Trip (based on 10 days, 16 participants) Total USD 23,000
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  • Legal costs Protect the Quality Mark Check the protocols Legal CostsUS$2,500 Intellectual PropertyUS$2,500 Running office today Staff Revenue
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