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  • Reflexive Pronouns PronounsReflexive Reflexive Reflexive Reflexive Reflexive
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  • Os pronomes reflexivos so usados quando a pessoa ao mesmo tempo o sujeito e objeto de um verbo. So eles IYouHeSheItWeYouThey Myself Yourself Himself Herself Itself Ourselves Yourselves Themselves
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  • The cell itself was too small. So usados antes do verbo I myself gave the order. My friends themselves bought the farm. He himself solved those problems. She herself made a cake for her birthday. Para enfatizar o sujeito.
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  • I will take him to London myself. I will take him to London myself. So usados no final de uma orao She had sent the document herself. My cousins bought the tractor themselves. Her uncle solved those problems himself. Mary made a cake for her birthday herself. Para enfatizar o sujeito.
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  • The butcher cut himself with that knife. The butcher cut himself with that knife. So usados aps o verbo O sujeito faz e recebe a ao. They hurt themselves with the broken glass. The actress killed herself last week. We are serving ourselves with that spoon.
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  • You confessed you had committed the murder by yourself. So usados aps a preposio "by" significando "alone (sozinho) Para expressar que o sujeito realizou a ao sozinho. He killed those peopleby himself He killed those people by himself. I did everything by myself. She is studying by herself for the test.
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  • The old man was talking to himself. So usados aps uma preposio. Neste caso o pronome reflexivo funciona como objeto da preposio e se refere ao sujeito da orao. Those girls are looking at themselves in the mirror. He's just interested in himself. She is dancing with herself.
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  • So usados com sentenas imperativas. Please Paul! Make yourself understood! My friends ! Suit yourselves ! John! Help yourself ! Peter! Prepare yourself for the test ! Expressa pedidos ou ordens nas segundas pessoas do singular e do plural.
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  • Answer the questions with the reflexive pronouns: a)Are you studying Portuguese with that man? No, Im studying by______________. b)Is he interested in those matters? No, he' s just interested in__________. c)Did she have any help to fix the car? No, she fixed the car by____________. d)What are you doing? We are serving _______________. e)Do they always wash the dishes? No, sometimes their sisters ____________ wash them. myself himself herself ourselves themselves
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  • f)What is happening there? That old man is trying to kill____________. g)Why are those people bleeding? They hurt_____________ with a knife. h)Should your father help you with those documents? No, it isn't necessary. I_________organize them. i)Did your brother help you? No, I did everything by___________. j)What are those girls doing? They are looking at_____________in the mirror. himself themselves myself myself themselves
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  • Teste 1 (Faculdades Integradas Curitiba) - Assinale a alternativa correta para a sentena: The girl hurt__________when she fell. a)itselfb)themselvesc)herselfd)himselfe)ourself x
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  • He likes to work by_________. A lacuna preenchida por: a)itselfb)herselfc)himselfd)itselvese)ourselves Teste 2 x
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  • (U.E. Maring) A alternativa que melhor completa a sentena abaixo : A cow fell into a drain and hurt____________. a)themselvesb)himselfc)myselfd)herselfe)itself Teste 3 x
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  • (UESC -SC) Choose the reflexive pronoun that completes the blank below. that completes the blank below. I cant wash_________if I dont have any water. a)himselfb)myselvesc)herselfd)myselfe)n.d.a. Teste 4 x
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  • (ITA) The alternative that completes the sentence below is: She_______made a cake for________birthday. a)herself hers b)herself - her c)himself - her d)himself - his e)n.d.a. Teste 5 x