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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 1/6</p><p>Inquiry Paper Reflection</p><p>1. How does this inquiry paper stack up against other papers youve</p><p>written in the past?</p><p>Believe it or not, Ive actually enjoyed writing this inquiry paper, for any</p><p>reasons. In the past, all the essays and papers I have ever written in school</p><p>have !een a!out an assigned topic fro the teacher. "ost of the tie, it is a</p><p>topic that !ores e to death. #lso, the paper was given a iniu word</p><p>length or iniu page length. $his really took y ind even farther off</p><p>the topic and caused e to focus strictly on eeting that required page</p><p>length or word count. $his ade everything, e%cept for ay!e the first</p><p>couple of paragraphs, !s. Ive learned to appreciate this year, writing papers</p><p>with no !s. &amp;irst of all, this inquiry paper was a!out a su!ject that I loved. I</p><p>was a!le to finally write a!out soething that !asically consued y whole</p><p>entire life, aviation. 'o, this paper was !etter against other papers Ive</p><p>written !ecause this paper, in y opinion, was ore structured. I !elieve the</p><p>reader could find a nice, easy flow to the paper and not get !ored. Ive</p><p>learned an invalua!le skill !y knowing how to gra! the attention of the</p><p>reader and then keeping it throughout the paper. Ive used that skill here, in</p><p>this inquiry paper.</p><p>(. )hat do you think youll carry away fro this project into other</p><p>projects into the future?</p><p>I think Ill carry away the structure that Ive learned to write with. *rior to this</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 2/6</p><p>+nglish class, y sentences were kind of openended, and y paper over all</p><p>would not feel coplete or not flow in a way that would interest the reader.</p><p>Ive learned how to structure y sentences and y paragraphs to help ake</p><p>the paper flow easier and help keep the readers attention. #lso, I think Ill</p><p>carry away that research never stops, which is true. Ive never really thought</p><p>a!out that until y professor !rought it up in class. )hen you pick a su!ject</p><p>and start researching and talking a!out a su!ject that you really enjoy, the</p><p>research is endless. -uring the course of this project, I think Ive delved into</p><p>a su!ject, aviation, which I thoroughly enjoy and pro!a!ly could research</p><p>until the day that I die. I also think that I going to carry away no !s. ddly</p><p>enough, I think Ill carry away the love and general appreciation for writing.</p><p>*rior to this class, I can confidently say that I hated every aspect of writing</p><p>research papers, or just essays in general. )hether it was the planning, pre</p><p>writing, research, etc., I hated it all. $here is soething a!out this year in</p><p>+nglish, ore specifically this project that has ade e appreciate writing.</p><p>Ive really enjoyed e%pressing yself and talking a!out soething I love.</p><p>/. How is your inquiry paper related to your 0ot it? How is it different?</p><p>Its su!ject relates y inquiry paper to y 0ot it. In y 0ot it essay, I</p><p>talked a!out y alternative literacy in aviation, and how y love and</p><p>appreciation of anything and everything related to aviation developed. In y</p><p>inquiry paper, the su!ject was a!out the only unsolved hijacking in #erican</p><p>history, and the an !ehind the event, -.B. 2ooper. f course, the story of</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 3/6</p><p>the hijacking directly relates with the topic of aviation. $hough it is not a</p><p>pleasant su!ject to talk a!out, I was fascinated !y everything that Ive</p><p>learned. $he inquiry paper is different fro the 0ot it essay in the sense</p><p>that the inquiry paper e!odied a su!ject that was not directly related to</p><p>e. $o ela!orate on this, I was not personally affected !y the hijacking, nor</p><p>did I know all the details of the hijacking. I had to research and find out a lot</p><p>of inforation a!out the hijacking !efore I could effectively write an essay</p><p>a!out it. In y 0ot it essay, like Ive stated !efore, it was a!out y</p><p>alternative literacy of aviation. $he events and e%periences I e%pressed in</p><p>that essay were y own, and I had to do no research on the we! or in the</p><p>li!rary to coplete that essay.</p><p>3. How is your inquiry project connected to the larger thees in your life?</p><p>#ny!ody that knows e personally, or any!ody that has read y 0ot it</p><p>essay and y inquiry essay, know that y life revolves around aviation.</p><p>#fter looking !ack onto the researching and writing part of y inquiry</p><p>project, I reali4ed that I think that this was the ost tie Ive spent</p><p>researching a specific topic. I think this conclusion speaks directly to how y</p><p>inquiry project is related to the larger thees in life. )hen I was given the</p><p>opportunity to research soething that Ive enjoyed, I got really e%cited.</p><p>Halfway through the whole writing process, I found that I was devoting ore</p><p>tie on this project that Ive ever done on any project in the past. If we are</p><p>talking a!out how the su!ject of y inquiry paper, a hijacking, connects to</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 4/6</p><p>the larger thees in y life, I would say !ig risk, !ig reward. "eaning, -.B.</p><p>2ooper took a huge risk when he decided he was going to hijack an airplane</p><p>and e%tort 5(66,666, which at the tie, was the largest aount of oney</p><p>ever deanded in a hijacking. $hough I dont approve of any!ody ever</p><p>hijacking an airplane, the way he planned it out and the way he e%ecuted his</p><p>plan gave hi !ig rewards. +ven though we dont know if he survived the</p><p>jup or not, I think knowing that you just ripped off the governent and got</p><p>away fro this is a pretty !ig reward. In y life, I take huge risks everyday,</p><p>knowing that the result could !e very good or very !ad. However, when I</p><p>take that huge risk and I get a huge reward, it is the greatest feeling in the</p><p>world.</p><p>7. How would you descri!e yourself as a writer? How does it help or hurt</p><p>your writing process?</p><p>I would descri!e yself as a reflective writer, eaning, I think I do !etter</p><p>when I reflect on certain topics or ideas. ver the course of this seester</p><p>though, I honestly think Ive developed into a research writer of sorts. I can</p><p>appreciate that the word 8research9 was !anned fro the classroo,</p><p>!ecause I know when the word 8research9 is attached with an essay, it</p><p>involves a lot of !s. I think e !eing a research writer helps y writing</p><p>process. By aking sure that I gather all of the correct facts and that there is</p><p>no false stateents akes y writing ore factual. $he downfall of this</p><p>though is just aking sure there is not plagiaris and that I dont take any</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 5/6</p><p>credit for any inforation that is not ine. Heck, if I accidently forgot to cite</p><p>a quote or soething, I just plagiari4ed. I guess plagiaris is not always</p><p>done on purpose.</p><p>:. How are you going to carry on without a writing class in your life?</p><p>I !elieve its going to !e quite siple, just live every day and forget a!out</p><p>writing essays. It sounds sipler than it see. $hough I wish I could just live</p><p>to forget, I think Ive developed and appreciated the necessary skills to</p><p>survive in a world where that one (76word paragraph selling yourself to an</p><p>eployer can change your life. I know in the workplace, there are going to</p><p>!e plenty of ties when I have to research and;or write a paper for a !oss. I</p><p>think to effectively carry on and to effectively keep the skills that Ive</p><p>learned throughout the course of this year, I need to actively write in a</p><p>journal or soething&lt; just do soe reflective writing.</p><p>=. )e took a long tie writing this essay, fro idea to copletion, and</p><p>took any steps along the way. )hat steps along the way &gt;drafts, in</p><p>class 8gaes9 or !rainstoring, li!rary and coputer visits did you</p><p>find ost useful in your copleting the project?</p><p>&amp;or soe reason, the step that helped e the ost was the li!rary and</p><p>coputer visits. I really enjoyed this !ecause I was surprised as to how uch</p><p>inforation I found out a!out -.B. 2ooper. I had so any sources with so</p><p>any perspectives, it really helped e construct a thorough essay.</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Reflective Writing - Inquiry Paper</p><p> 6/6</p></li></ul>