Reflection and Self- Evaluation. Topics  Reflective Learning  Self-Evaluation

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Text of Reflection and Self- Evaluation. Topics  Reflective Learning  Self-Evaluation

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  • Reflection and Self- Evaluation
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  • Topics Reflective Learning Self-Evaluation
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  • Where will you be in five years?
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  • Whats the point of University? More than training you to complete tasks More than a guide to todays software Much of what you learn now will be obsolete in 5 years! Develop the skills and strategies to help you continually develop over your professional career
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  • Learning through doing More than just a training course Stop and think Demonstrate what you have learned Not enough to just do have to understand
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  • Progress
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  • Reflective Learning Schn (1983) suggests that the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning was one of the defining characteristics of professional practice.
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  • Learning Spiral
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  • Applies in many contexts Practical work Assignment work - especially when things go badly Marks and feedback
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  • Self Evaluation
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  • How did last weeks presentation go? What did you learn?
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  • How would you grade your work? Why do we ask? Get you to look at mark guidelines Reflect on what you have written Do you have time for a re-write to do better? Students often realistic at this task
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  • What went wrong? Do Be honest Point out problems Reflect on what you accomplished and how you could improve Dont Trot out the old faithful Better time management Be evasive Be vague Ignore the issues
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  • Marking self-evaluation Not an attempt to get you to confess to a bad assignment! If there are marks for evaluation, you will gain the marks by being Honest Reflective Constructive These are marks to be gained not lost!
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  • Not just a strategy Actively seek to improve each time You will improve with practice Pay attention to the marking scheme and the assignment brief