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Reel Movies Movie/DVD app. Charlotte Jenkins Student no: 21122635 Web Design 13 November 2012. Project idea…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Movie/DVD app

Reel MoviesMovie/DVD appCharlotte JenkinsStudent no: 21122635Web Design

13 November 2012Project idea

My final project is an iPhone app based on a mash up website I am building that provides up to date purchasing information on new movie/DVD releases. It will contain movie and actor information, trailer previews, critic and audience reviews and details on how to buy the DVD. I will then extend this application to provide the same services for new music and book releases as well making it complete for a range of genres. Research elementAn important quality attribute of any application is its usability

I feel traditional usability evaluation methods do not apply to the particularities of touch screen applications and the interactive, physical user interface they incorporate.

Main Question :How to measure and optimise the usability of a touch screen app?

Possible Complications.. If the movie structure is weak or doesnt go to plan will affect the rest of the project

If I spend too long perfecting the movie part that the rest of the project will be a rush

That if I run into a serious complication e.g. in testing, that delays my schedule I may not have time to complete both the music and book sections

I leave enough time to build the portfolio to a high standard as would be a waste to put all that hard work in and then not present it well.