Redesigning your website why you need to think about seo from the start

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You might have taken immense efforts and dedication to work up your website from the start endeavoring on a redesigning spree.


<ul><li><p> Redesigning Your Website? Why You Need to Think About </p><p>SEO from the Start-CDOTNET Infosystem Canada </p><p>You might have taken immense efforts and dedication to work up your website from the start </p><p>endeavoring on a redesigning spree. With all the glam designs and glitzy hues your website is </p><p>just looking perfect to grab eyeballs. But before you starts reveling about the new way you are </p><p>set to bag the attention of your clients have you thought about the SEO part? For, although the </p><p>flashy garb may tempt visitors to your website a poorly tuned website will only make them stay </p><p>and turn away from the door without taking any interest to dig deeper. In fact, Search Engine </p><p>Optimization should reign among the foremost things to consider when redesigning your </p><p>website. ` </p><p>Why is SEO Necessary? </p><p>Consider this- the aesthetics that you have endowed your revamped website with may be </p><p>stunningly appealing. But if your targeted customers are not driven to your website or find it </p><p>difficult to navigate through the ostentatious pages, the much glamorous design fails to serve </p><p>your purpose. Just like a house without a proper foundation comes of no use even if you spruce it </p><p>up with the best of furniture and splash its walls with lovely hues the same holds true for your </p><p>website. </p><p>As pointed out by SEO professionals one of the biggest mistakes which online business </p><p>entrepreneurs make while venturing on an e-commerce revamping endeavor is to hire </p></li><li><p>professionals much later in the redesigning process. This means having to start from the scratch </p><p>on many areas and thereby involving greater amount of money than would have been required </p><p>had you incorporated SEO from the very beginning. So before you go on to chalk out the design </p><p>of your new website, spare some time out to consider the following points. </p><p>Audit Your Present Website: You want your new redesigned website to appeal to the audience </p><p>more than your existing one does. So before you bring the demolishing equipments to do away </p><p>with your old website take a close peek at the areas where it has been faltering or requires </p><p>improvement. Your self-audit should encompass the number of visitors who are crawling to your </p><p>website on an average, the pages that receive traffic, inbound linking domain numbers and of </p><p>course the keywords in your niche which have been showing exceptional results. </p><p>Relevance of Content: Is your present content relevant to the genre you are serving? If not, what </p><p>are the changes you need to make? Instead of stuffing those with keywords pick out the top </p><p>ranking ones which would do good to drive your customers to your website. But SEO friendly </p><p>does not mean you center your content only on what is creating flurry in the search engine world. </p><p>Create crisp, comprehensive content that tickles the taste buds of your customers and appears </p><p>informative and specific to your industry. </p><p>When all the above things have been taken care of and are in the right place you can gear up for </p><p>some terrific decking of your new website. </p><p>CDOTNET Infosystem </p><p>Adress : 32 Chrysler Crescent, Toronto, M1R 2L8, Ontario, 2L8, Canada </p><p>Tel: +1-647-529-8854 </p><p>Email : </p><p>Web : </p><p>Redesigning Your Website? Why You Need to Think About SEO from the Start-CDOTNET Infosystem CanadaWhy is SEO Necessary?</p></li></ul>