Red Pyramid. Have You Ever Wondered When Ancient Egypt Ended ?

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  • Red Pyramid

  • Have You Ever Wondered When Ancient Egypt Ended?

  • If it ever endedDid it ever end?

  • PSu

  • Meet SadieResidence: London England, East End, Grans flat Never seen without: headphones and combat boots and ofCourse Muffin (her cat.)Why so special: good with Hieroglyphs andNatural born spell-caster

  • Meet CarterMeet CarterResidence Residence: The world's airports, hotel rooms, and dig sites.Never seen without: Dad's mysterious work duffel.Why so special: Encyclopedic knowledge of history, especially Ancient Egypt.

  • Have been separated for 6 years More like cousins than siblings.Have been separated for 6 yearsMore like cousins than siblingsOnly get to see each other twice a year

  • Why you ask?

  • Because when Sadie and Carters mother passed away their grandparents accused their father for her death, and after 6 lawyers, 2 fistfights, and a near fatal attack with a spatula their grandparents took Sadie because she was only six and they didnt have enough room for Carter -at least that was their excuse- and Carter got their father.

  • Sadie: Raised as English school girl known as trouble makerCarter: Raised hopping around the world at dig sites, airports, and hotel roomsLiving Different lives

  • But now

  • Sadie and Carters father Julian Kane- mysteriously disappears when they go to the British museum.

    Its up to Sadie and Carter to save the day.

    But how, theyre just regular kids, nothing too special.

  • Or are they?

  • The two sibling soon find out that they are ancient Egyptian gods living inside of them. I know, freaky on so many levels but having a god live inside of you doesn't make your life any easier, it actually makes your life much harder.

  • Now, remember what I said about Ancient Egyptians liking to follow patterns, well get ready to be tornadoes into the story because Rick Riodan the author takes a rusty old story about Ancient Egypt into a humorous, action packed story.

  • In the red pyramid Sadie and Carter have to stop the evil Egyption god Set god of chaos.

  • What is Set after you ask?

  • Read the book to find out!

  • Will they defeat Set?

  • Will they save tWill they save their father?

  • Will they live?

  • Read the book

  • Red Pyramid

  • Erika is happy to Loan the bookto you!

  • Oh, one more thing