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Red leotard, pink footless ballet tights, no - Ballet ... 171426$2018... Hayley specializes in Classical Ballet , Modern and Cont emporary Dance. Zoey Sweeney (Assi stant Pri nci pal

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Text of Red leotard, pink footless ballet tights, no - Ballet ... 171426$2018... Hayley specializes in...

  • EN RO

    LLM EN

    T PA CK

    A G


  • Classical Ballet Classical Ballet is a traditional, formal style of ballet that adheres

    to classical ballet technique. It is known for its aesthetics and rigorous technique. It’s graceful, flowing with precise movements

    and ethereal qualities

    Modern Dance Modern Dance is very similar to Ballet, combining classical

    technique with freedom, fluidity and emotion. It is expressive, subtle and dynamic and focused on conveying emotion through


    Contemporary Dance Contemporary Dance is a form of dance which incorporates

    elements of both Classical and Modern Dance. It permits a greater range of movement that goes beyond the strict body lines of Ballet

    and is much more interpretive.

    Jazz Jazz is a form of dance that arranged to popular music with fast

    beats. It is a physical movement that requires high energy.

    Hip Hop Hip Hop is a broad conglomerate of artistic forms that originated as a specific street sub-culture that started in South Bronx, New

    York. This style is usually danced to RnB music

    ..Entertainment Musical Theatre combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.

    Stretch and Cardio

    These classes are very important for a dancer as it strengthens and stretches the muscles which helps prevent injury. It combines Yoga,

    Pilates and stretch techniques. These classes help condition a dancers general fitness levels.


    Acro is a form that combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.


    Tap is a form of dance in which the rhythm variation is audibly tapped out with the toe or heel wearing a special hard sole shoe

    with taps attached.

    Repertoire  Students will learn excerpts from famous ballets. including solos &

    groups routines from sleeping beauty, coppelia, Giselle and alike.

    C la

    ss es

  • -  10 yrs & UNDER Ballet & TINY dancers - Red leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

    Hair must be in neat bun.

    - 10 yrs & UNDER Modern and Contemporary - Red leotard, pink footless ballet tights, no

    shoes. Hair must be in neat bun.

    - 11 Years & Over Ballet - Black Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Hair

    must be in a neat bun.

    - 11 yrs and over Contemporary and Modern - Black leotard, pink footless ballet tights, no

    shoes. Hair must be in neat bun.

    - 10 yrs & UNDER Jazz - Red leotard, black shorts, tan jazz shoes. Hair in

    slick pony tail.

    - 11 Years & Over Jazz - Black leotard, black shorts, tan jazz shoes. Hair

    in slick pony tail.

    - Hip Hop, Cardio and Stretch - Black t-shirts, black shorts or pants, tanned

    shoes. Hair in slick pony tail.

    - Tap - Black or Red leotard, black bike shorts and tan

    tap shoes

    No jewellery is to be wornD R ES

    S C

    O D


  • G EN

    ER A L

    R U

    LE S • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times.

    • Students need to be picked up promptly after classes.

    • Class uniform is to be worn at all times.

    • All hair must be done neatly as listed in the dress codes below.

    • No food or drinks to be in the studio or bathrooms.

    • Chewing gum is NOT permitted.

    • Mobile phones are NOT allowed in the studio.

    • Parents are NOT to enter studio without permission. A waiting room is provided.

    • Students are to arrive at least 10-15 mins before class so that they are warmed up and prepared.

    • Bullying will NOT be tolerated what-so-ever. We want to keep ODC a fun and friendly environment.

    • Consistent attendance and effort is key to improvement.

    • Students must attend class regularly or they may fall behind in the class level.

    Parents: If you do not wish for your child to participate in eisteddfods throughout the year,

    please inform the class teacher at the start of the year.

  • Eisteddfod


    & RULES * Students who commit to perform in an eisteddfod group must be

    available for all rehearsals and eisteddfods during the year. Parents must also be committed to bringing their child/children to all scheduled rehearsals and all eisteddfod and performance dates.

    * Students must all attend a regular Jazz or Ballet class in order to take part in the Eisteddfod

    *Parents must be willing to pay for eisteddfod costume fees at the beginning of the eisteddfod season as well as concert costume fees

    towards the end of the year.

    * This rule has been implemented to avoid absences and students leaving without notice during the eisteddfod season:

    If a student is absent from an Eisteddfod or Rehearsal without discussing the matter with Miss Hayley at the beginning of the year may result in a $100 fine and the student involved may be removed

    from the eisteddfod team for the remainder of the year. In the event of sickness on a scheduled rehearsal or performance

    day you must contact Miss Hayley BEFORE the rehearsal. Exceptional circumstances (Funerals and emergencies) must be discussed with

    Miss Hayley to avoid the fine. The fine has been implemented to cover additional work and time

    required to removed the absent student from the group.

  • T EA

    C H

    ER S

    Hayley McKernan (Principal) Hayley started ballet at the age of 8 and was trained right here in Dubbo before

    moving to Sydney at 15 to continue full time training at Tanya Pearson’s Classical Coaching Academy.

    Her first job was at age 17 with the Queensland Ballet Company where she was quickly promoted to soloist within a year of joining. At age 21 she moved to London where she danced with the Royal Ballet Company for 2 years. She then moved on

    to the USA and danced with the San Francisco Ballet Company where she remained for the following 6 years. After moving back home to Australia she worked at Marie Walton Mahon’s National College of Dance in Newcastle for 3 years as a

    choreographer and teacher and completed her Certificate IV in training and assessing before settling back in Dubbo.

    Hayley has worked with many famous choreographers such as William Forsythe, Helgi Tómasson and Wayne McGregor and has danced for dignitaries from the

    Queen to the President of France. Hayley specializes in Classical Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance.

    Zoey Sweeney (Assistant Principal) Zoey was trained here in Dubbo and started dancing at the age of 6 learning Ballet,

    Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and National Character. She completed advanced examinations in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and National Character.

    At 14 Zoey was accepted into the British Ballet Organization scholar program for Ballet and Jazz which involved training at McDonald College and Urban Dance

    Centre in Sydney. At 15 Zoey began teaching Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Modern in Dubbo and produced award winning solos and troupes for students of all

    ages. At 21 Zoey moved to Toowoomba QLD, where she taught Ballet and

    Contemporary. She was also part of 2 performance crews of selected dancers who performed at sporting games, functions and other events in southeast QLD.

    Zoey has been teaching for 12 Years and specializes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, ACRO and Musical Theater.

    Sascha Wykes Sascha began dancing when she was 8 years old after her Mother grew sick of

    watching her spin around in the kitchen. She immediately fell in love with Jazz and Tap and they remain her favourite styles to this day. At 12, she moved to Adelaide,

    SA where she was selected into the special interest dance program at Golden Grove. Here she had the opportunity to participate in many major performances across South Australia including 'Candance for a cure' and the "Arts around the

    world tour" where along with a select few Sascha travelled to America to perform. Due to family circumstances however Sascha and her family moved back to Dubbo.

    At the beginning of 2016 Sascha joined the Dubbo Theatre Company and the Dubbo drama club where she has been fortunate enough to so far play the role of

    'Belle' from Beauty and the beast, 'Ariel ' from the little mermaid. Sascha specialises in Jazz, Tap and Entertainment.

  • FEES Orana Dance Centre's Fees are charged per term

    Payment options include: Cash, direct deposit (manual), Direct debit (Automatic withdrawals weekly/monthly)

    Tiny Dancers - 1 Class Per Week - $120 Per Term

    1 Class Per Week - $130 Per Term

    2 Classes Per Week - $260 Per Term

    3 Classes Per Week - $360 Per Term

    4 Classes Per Week - $460 Per Term

    Unlimited Package - $680 Per Term

    The Unlimited Package means you are able to attend as many classes as you want for a set price each term. This

    includes rehearsal fees.

    If fees are paid in full in the first 2 weeks of term you get a 10% discount off your fees.

    There is a $30 registration fee required at the time of enrollment.

  • Please Select Classes Below Please print and return with enrolment form

    R.A.D. Ballet Grades [] Pre-Primary Ballet/ Tiny Dancers (2 to 4 Years) [] Primary Ballet (6 Years & Under) [] Grade 4 Ballet (8 Years & Under) [] Grade 5

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