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    CD 1 TRACK 2

    TEST 1

    Now open your question paperand look at Part 1. Youll hearpeople talking in eight differentsituations. For questions 18,choose the best answer A, B or C.

    One. You hear a woman talkingabout her job. How does she feelabout it?

    A Its boring.

    B She likes it.

    C She finds it difficult.

    Before I came here I worked in salesand really I found the monotonygetting to me. Every day wasessentially the same. So I took acomplete change of direction,retrained and here I am. Its beenalmost 4 years now and I canhonestly say that no day is like theone before. Whats particularlyrewarding is that Im helping peoplewho find themselves in difficultsituations, due to any number ofreasons health problems,unemployment, to name just two.Whats great is that, more often thannot I can make some sort ofdifference to their lives.


    Two. You overhear a man telling afriend about a film he sawrecently. What type of film was it?

    A a romance

    B an action film

    C science fiction

    Well, it was OK I suppose. But to behonest, if youve seen one, youveseen them all. And the final scenewas just awful. Theyre looking up atthe stars with far away looks on theirfaces, when suddenly all theserockets and fireworks start explodingin the sky. Hes a tough New Yorkcop and shes an investigativereporter, and at the beginning theyhate each other, but youve guessedit, he saves her from a professionalkiller and its not long before theyrerunning into each others arms in acrowded subway station.


    Three. You hear a man telling hiscolleague about his holiday. Whatwas the problem with it?

    A He became ill.

    B He argued with his partner.

    C He couldnt see all the things he wanted to see.

    F So how was it?

    M It wasnt exactly the best twoweeks Ive ever had. On thefirst night we went out to a localrestaurant and by the time wegot back to the hotel Beth wasfeeling sick and dizzy. The hoteldoctor had a look at her andsaid it was food poisoning.

    F How awful!

    M It wasnt so bad. It meant that Icould just sit around the pooland relax while she wassleeping, instead of draggingme around to see everymonument and museum likeshe usually does.

    F Youre terrible!

    M Dont worry; she got herrevenge on the second week. Ijust wanted to relax but we hadto see as much as we could inthe time we had left weended up shouting at eachother in the middle of anancient convent and then didntspeak until we got home. Its allOK now though. Were both justglad to be back.


    Four. You overhear a conversationin a supermarket. What are theydiscussing?

    A Returning an item.

    B Breaking an item.

    C Buying an item.

    M There you are. I was beginningto worry.

    F Sorry. I was just looking at oneof those vases on sale. Theyrereally cheap and I thought itwould look good on the TV. Andif it didnt I could just bring itback with the receipt and get

    my money back. But just as Iturned it over, the handle cameoff in my hand. So I just put itdown and came back here. Ihope nobody noticed me.

    M Well, lets just pay for all thisstuff and get out of here assoon as we can.


    Five. You hear an advertisement onthe radio. What is being advertised?

    A a festival

    B a new music album

    C a cake

    All this week in Abbey Road Parkyou can sample locally madebiscuits, cakes and dessertsincluding last years prize winningcarrot cake. Dozens of rides andstalls for all the family as well asmusic on the main stage from 8.Local band Freddy and thePacesetters will be performing songsfrom their new album Phenomenal.Tickets cost 8 pounds for adults, 4pound for under 16s.


    Six. You overhear a woman talkingon the phone about her new boss.What is she worried about?

    A Losing her job.

    B Being given extra work to do.

    C Her boss is inexperienced.

    I know, but thats not really thatimportant shes only my age andhasnt been doing this very long, butmanagement seem to think shesquite capable, and I suppose theymust know what theyre doing. Itsmore that with all these cuts sheproposing most of the junior staffwill be out of work and will have tolook for other jobs, and whos goingto do their share of the work here?Youve guessed it Ill be stuck withit and expected to finish everythingon time as always.


    Seven. You hear an actor talkingon the radio about his new film.What does he say about preparingfor the role?

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    Recording scripts

    CD 1 TRACK 3

    Youll hear a talk about anendangered species. Forquestions 9-18, complete thesentences. You now have 45seconds to look at Part 2.

    The most endangered cat species isthe Iberian Lynx, sometimes calledthe Spanish Lynx. Should thisspecies die out it would be the firstfeline extinction since the Smilodon,commonly known as the Sabre-Toothed Tiger, 10,000 years ago.Recent studies estimate the numberof surviving Iberian lynx to be as fewas 100, which is around 400 lessthan there were in 2000. What doesan Iberian Lynx look like? Theirleopard-like spots particularlydistinguish it from its cousin, theEurasian Lynx and it is also smaller,with a head and body lengthbetween 85 and 110 centimetres.Males can weigh between 12.9 and27 kilograms, which is about half theweight of the average Eurasian Lynx.The lynx can live up to a period ofthirteen years. The Iberian Lynxssize means that it typically hunts foranimals no bigger than rabbits orhares. Rabbits would account formore than 70% of the Lynxs food,but due to Spains declining rabbitpopulation, the lynx has been forcedto attack larger mammals such asyoung deer or roebuck. The IberianLynx hunts alone and follows its preyeven up to distances of 100kilometres. Or it lies in wait for itsprey for many hours. It uses the foursets of whiskers on its ears and chinto sense its victim. They are active atnight. They stay active in winter andtheir fur becomes thicker and paler.In extreme weather, they take shelterin caves or trees. The Iberian Lynxwas once widespread all over thepeninsula but it is now restricted tovery small areas, mainlymountainous areas covered withvegetation. Its recent drastic declineover recent decades is due to loss ofhabitat, reduction in prey and highnonnatural mortality from road kills,predator control and hunting,although it is under legal protectionand it is no longer legal to hunt them.It was recently thought that the onlybreeding Iberian lynxes were in theDoana National Park in Anduluca,southern Spain, but in 2007 apreviously unknown population wasdiscovered in Castilla-La Mancha incentral Spain. In March 2005, for thefirst time Iberian Lynxes managed to

    breed in captivity. 3 healthy cubswere born at a breeding centre inDoana. In 2009 it was announcedthat 3 more cubs had been born inthe same centre. Typically a motherwill give birth to 3 cubs after agestation period of 60 days. IberianLynx conservation is now under waythrough political campaigning andlobbying from individuals andorganizations such as SOS Lynx.Important progress has been madein a number of ways. The foundationof the breeding programme inAndaluca, prevention of furtherconstruction in areas the Iberian lynxlives, and the halting of proposals fornew roads in problematic areas, suchas the new motorway that had beenplanned between Ciudad Real in LaMancha and Cordoba in Andaluca.Despite these successes, challengesand conflicting pressures remain.The World Wildlife Foundation hasbeen urging Spanish authorities forover two years to close a road whichcrosses the Doana national park, asCallum Rankine of the WWF says,With such a small population, theaccidental loss of just one individualon the road brings the species closerto the brink of extinction.

    Thats the end of Part 2. Now turnto Part 3.

    CD 1 TRACK 4

    You will hear five different peopletalking about holidays they havehad. For questions 19-23 choosefrom the list A-F how each personfeels about the holiday. Use theletters only once. There is oneextra letter which you do not needto use. You now have 30 secondsto look at Part 3.

    Speaker 1

    It came as a complete surprise. Rightout of the blue she came home andtold me shed been made redundantfrom work and said why didnt we justtake off for a year and travel aroundthe world. Well, it just all seemed tomake sense. I wasnt enjoying mywork at the time and was thinkingabout doing something else. Hercompany had given her quite agenerous redundancy package andalso we could rent out our house forthe year; that would give us enoughto live on for the year as long as wewere careful with our money. And Impleased to say that we were, apart

    A He had to learn a new skill.

    B He did lots of research.

    C It was physically challenging.

    It seemed like quite a challengewhen I heard about the project; Imean playing somebody like BusterKeaton who performed all his ownstunts... having to jump from a horseonto a train its a bit too much forme, I cant even ride a horse. Butafter reading the script I was relievedto see that wasnt necessary at all.Its mainly focused on his personallife and so I wouldnt have to facesuch physical torments. Instead Ispent hours every day, for aboutthree months in fact, watching DVDsof his old films, studying hismannerisms and facial expressions.And to be honest with you, Im morethan a little proud of the result.


    Eight. You overhear two peopletalking about a car. Why are theytalking about the car?

    A Its the mans first car.

    B Its a brand new car.

    C It has broken down.

    F So I know youre dying to tellme hows the car?

    M To tell you the truth, Imbeginning to think I should havewaited a bit longer. I may havemade a mistake and rushedinto buying i