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The Alumni Magazine of JCCC

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  • ReconnectThe Alumni Magazine of JCCC

    Spring 2011


  • 4 Career Development Centertransforms an iceberg into a tornadoStudents make the Career Development Center one of their first stops to self-evaluate, explore majors and discover career options.

    6 JCCC is a leader in HITECH trainingThe Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Actmandates that every U.S. citizen have an electronic health record by2014. JCCC is poised to do its part by training the next generation ofhealth care and IT professionals.

    7 Passing it onAlum Nick Gentry wants to teach what he learned at JCCC.8 College grads come to JCCC to continue their education

    Having a bachelors degree doesnt mean you cant come to JCCC for continuing education training and certificates.

    9 Space to connectNew student spaces open at JCCC, encouraging interaction andlearner engagement.

    10 JCCC offers services to veteransThe college puts into place a network to assist veterans.11 ECAV Radio has a new general manager

    Want to know whats happening on campus? Check out JCCCs Internetradio station, ECAV.

    12 Sustainability reaches a watershed moment JCCC completes its $700,000 green stormwater treatment project onthe southeast corner of campus, paid for in part by stimulus money fromthe American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

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    CoverRenee Arnett directs the CareerDevelopment Center on the second floorof the Student Center.


    ReconnectThe Alumni Magazine of JCCC

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  • 14 Meet Kate AllenKatherine Allen heads the JCCC Foundation as the executive director of institutional advancement.

    15 New association helps JCCC employees and retirees stay connectedAnyone who has retired from Johnson County Community College or is a college employee over the age of 55 is invited to join a newgroup to stay in touch and explore new opportunities.

    16 Foundation AwardsJCCC Foundation honors three for outstanding work on behalf of the college.

    17 Small businesses start up with help from JCCCThe Kansas Small Business Development Center at JCCC increaseseconomic prosperity in Kansas by helping entrepreneurs and smallbusiness owners start and grow their businesses through professionalconsulting, training and resources.

    18 Some Enchanted EveningThe Johnson County Community College Foundation celebrated its 24th annual Some Enchanted Evening gala and named its JohnsonCountian of the Year.

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    Spring 2011 | 3

    CalendarSave the DateMarch 4Opole, Philharmonic of Poland Under thedirection of Maestro Boguslaw Dawidow, the orchestrawill undertake its first transcontinental tour of the U.S.

    March 5Hot Tuna Blues Big Rock n Roll Hall of FamersJorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane),blues icon Charlie Musselwhite and two-timeGrammy-winner Jim Lauderdale have been carrying onan affair with rock and the blues for almost 40 years.

    March 12Janis Ian Unwind and relax with folk icon JanisIan and enjoy an intimate concert in Polsky Theatre.

    March 24An Evening with Vince Gill Country musicsuperstar Vince Gill will perform hits from his 30-yearcareer backed by a live band.

    April 2The Joffrey Ballet Come see why The JoffreyBallet is one of the most revered and recognizable artsorganizations in America and one of the top balletcompanies in the world.

    April 4Bla Fleck, Zakir Hussain and EdgarMeyer Three masterful genre-benders and theleading virtuosos on their respective instruments joinforces for a night of magical music.

    April 15Dollars for Scholars Hosted by JCCC friends,alumni, faculty, staff and students at JCCC, theauction includes hundreds of items, ranging fromvacation getaways to sports memorabilia.

    May 1Spamalot This Tony Award Winner for BestMusical in 2005, lovingly ripped off from MontyPython archives, assures a Spamtastic time!

  • 4 | Reconnect

    The Career Development Center wasformerly the last place a studentstopped when leaving JCCC a place tolook for a job, write a rsum andpractice an interview. Now, the Center isone of the first places a college studentneeds to visit a place to do self-evaluation, explore majors and explorecareers.

    Formerly called Career Services, theCareer Development Center, located inSC 252, opened under its new name infall 2010 with an official open house theweek of Nov. 15, National CareerDevelopment Week. Changes to theCenter were implemented as the result ofa career services summit involving 20members from across campus in fall2009.

    Renee Arnett, director/career counselorof the Career Development Center, usesmeteorological metaphors to summarizethe Centers shift in focus.

    Before the Center was an iceberg withonly the jobs portion visible above thewater, and underneath was the careerdevelopment piece, Arnett said. Now Isee the Center as a tornado where theopen end of the funnel cloud is where thecareer planning process begins. As anindividual goes through the process oflearning more about themselves, lookingat college majors and educationalprograms and participating in volunteerwork and clubs, the process starts tofunnel down into a decision about ajob.

    Arnett says the Center was formerlyenabling students instead of teachingthem skills to navigate a lifelong careerplanning process.

    Statistics indicate that during a lifetime,an individual will have two to threecareers, five to seven career transitionsand 10 to 12 jobs. You cant make adecision and be set for life. The process isongoing, Arnett said.

    So the summit set the goal of teachingskills to decide on a college major,research and select a career, and learnhow to find a job. The top priorities in2010-2011 are reaching undecidedstudents, developing relationships withliberal arts faculty and initiatingoutreach across campus. The Centerserves students, alumni, prospectivestudents, faculty and staff.

    In spring 2009, 12 of the centers staffwent through 13 weeks of intensivecareer development facilitator trainingtaught by the University of Wisconsin-Madison to become eligible ascredentialed career developmentfacilitators.

    The transformed center is turning itswebsite into a virtual front door wherestudents can be guided through thecareer decision-making process. TheCenter offers fee-based formalassessments (like the Myers-Briggs TypeIndicator Profile) and many free

    CareerDevelopmentCenter transformsan iceberg into atornadoRenee Arnett directs the Career Development Center on the second floor of the Student Center.

  • informal assessments. Since January2009, the Center has tripled the numberof offerings of its no-cost ChoicesWorkshop to college or high schoolsecond-semester juniors or seniorsbetween ages 17 to 35 as a starting pointfor decisions about college majors andcareers.

    Sometimes students come in and say, Iwant to take that test that tells me whatI should do, what I should be. There isno such test, Arnett said. These testsgive basic information about interests,personality, values, skills and strengths.

    JCCC data has shown that as many as66.6 percent of students are in somephase of deciding about a college majoror career goal and could benefit fromcareer development intervention. A senseof direction about majors and careersincreases students retention andachievement, according to Arnett.

    The website also directs students to 20

    CareerSpots videos, five-minute videosthat give tips on topics from interviewmistakes to the perils of socialnetworking. For the last three years, theformer Academics Major Fair,showcasing college majors and transferschools, has been part of the fall CampusKickoff in order to integrate the entirecollege experience.

    Our career counselors are not going towait in their offices for students, Arnettsaid. We are going to make intentionalconnections through Campus Centerworkshops and collaboration with ourpeers across campus.

    At the end of the funnel cloud is the jobdecision. Students can visit the CareerDevelopment Center to learn job-searchskills, explore job listings, meet with on-campus recruiters, research internships,receive a rsum critique and schedule amock interview.

    Students who are witnessing the in-

    crease in unemployment are much moreaware of how important it is to succeedwith their career goals, Arnett said.Were seeing more students who are de-termined to go to school and find a careerthat has longevity and one that satisfiestheir interests, values and supports theuse of their natural talents.

    Spring 2011 | 5

    The Career Development Center isopen 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursdayand 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday on thesecond floor of the Student Center.

    Contact the Center 913-469-3870.

    Last fall, Ron Frigault, counselor, taught a Career and Life Planning class in the Career Development Center, where students could learn about its manyresources.

  • 6 | Reconnect colleges are expected to train 10,500students each year for the next five yearsto meet requirements by the HealthInformation Technology for Economicand Clinical Health Act, which mandatesthat every U.S. citizen have an electronichealth record by 2014.