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    NOVEMBER 2012ISSUE 06-2012 area: Constantia, Claremont, Newlands, Bishopscourt, Lansdowne, Rondebosch

    A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODSThere is an increasing interest in nutrition not only from health professionals, but also the general public. When educating about foods, it is important to raise concerns about the sideeffects of genetically modified (GM) foods.

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    Showcasing Green Businesses Focussing on instituting

    energy change; broadening environmental awareness and affecting individual behavior by

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    A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODSThere is an increasing interest in nutrition not only from health professionals, but also the general public. When educating about foods, it is important to raise concerns about the sideeffects of genetically modified (GM) foods.As recently as September 2012, a study was published where rats were fed genetically modified corn for two years and developed massive mammary/breast tumours, kidney and liver damage and other serious problems like immune function decline. The extension of evidence from animal studies to humans is accepted practice in medical science. However, we need to understand that rats live only a few years and humans live around eighty years.Human observations of the effects of GM foods are only about 10 years old, so we may still be decades away from knowing its true effect. This is the strongest evidence to date to exercise precautionary measures against GM foods as previous studies declaring GM foods as safe were only conducted for a few weeks, with the longest study being about three months. It is difficult to precisely know how much GM foods we consume since there is no legislation in place for food labelling informing the public of this. Most diets contain at least 10% of genetically modified foods and if you eat processed foods, the chances are that the content is a lot higher.

    Many of us are consuming GM foods from Day 1, as many infant formulae contain GM ingredients! Furthermore, a recent Norwegian study lasting 10 years, found that GM corn products caused obesity. In addition, the structure of the intestines was altered so that it was less able to digest and absorb proteins. This makes the body less able to produce amino acids which are the necessary building blocks for proper cell growth and function.

    Studies have also shown a strong link between GM foods and cancer, particularly breast cancer.What is probably the scariest implication of GM foods in the diet, is that it has been found that the altered genes found in GM foods are absorbed by the intestine and found in human blood, muscle and liver tissue. The impact of this unnatural introduction of foreign genes into the human body will not be known for another generation or two! Unless we take notice of the evidence from the animal studies we are now aware of that isStart lobbying for food labelling which identifies GM ingredients! Food-manufacturers are still able to bypass this loop-hole by labelling GM tainted foods as natural or all-natural as no legislation exists to the contrary!DO WE REALLY HAVE TO WAIT 50 YEARS TO SEE WHAT GM FOODS WILL DO TO THE HUMAN HEALTH AND LIFE-SPAN?(nb: references available)

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    CK No. 2000/030436/23Our Companys establishment has been based on trying to put to use energy saving methods by any means, whereby the consumer can reduce their energy consumption and automatically reduce the cost.

    We have now introduced the LED (light emitted diodes) lighting. This product has been introduced into the market about 5 years ago and has taken the world by storm.