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  • Recommended reading for research chemists CONCISE, INFORMATIVE LITERATURE O N ARMOUR'S

    Wliethcr you make cosmetics or germicides, crayons or ruse preventatives, synthetic detergents or printing inks, polishing waxes or paints, carbon papers or plasticizers . . . you'll want to know more about Armour's versatile "Chemicals from Fats."

    Write for the following free booklets to see how these high molecular weight aliphatic chemicals can help you.

    Armeens*-Fat ty Amines

    The Armeens, high molecular weight aliphatic amines having alkyl chain lengths of 8 co 18 carbon atoms, and their water-soluble acetate salts, the Armacs*, are used extensively as ore

    flotation reagents and also as a base for many of the new high potency quaternary salt germicides. Their many other uses include cationic emulsification, synthetic detergents, penetrants and repellents.

    Armids* Fatty Amides

    The Armids are high molecular weight aliphatic amides having alkyl chain lengths of 8 t o 18 carbon atoms. These high-melting, -wax-like nitrogen contain-ing chemicals are used in printing inks

    as "all weather" anti-scratch materials. Other uses include emulsion stabilizers and thickeners, dye solubilizers for carbon paper, anti-blocks for plastics, chemical synthesis.

    Arquads*Quaternary Ammonium Salts

    The Arquads are Armour's alkyl trimethyl ammonium chloride chemicalsranging from water soluble to oil soluble. They have excellent: germicidal properties and surface active properties; are effective

    also as cationic textile softeners and ore flotation reagents. Other uses include anti-static polishes for waxes, detergents, and alkaline cleaning compounds.

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    Ethomeens*Ethomds* Ethofats*

    The Etho-chemiails are polyethylene glycol derivatives of fatty amines, fatty amides and fatty acids. These cationic and non-ionic chemicals have proven themselves particularly valuable as wet-

    ting agents, detergents, emulsiliers (and emulsion break-ers), and as chemical intermediates.

    The Chemistry of Fatty Amines

    This twenty-page booklet gives detailed information on the fatty amines and includes sections on synthesis, saturated and unsaturated fatty amines, solubility, handling, quaternary ammonium salts,

    as well as on chemical coordination and substitution re-actions, and cationic surface activity.

    Technical Information Bulletins

    Other informative bulletins are also avail-able. Among them are: Bulletin *\ B, "Armine Retarders and Anti-Scorching Agents"; Bulletin #2D, "Arneels as Plasticizers"; Bulletin *7E, "Sanitizing

    in the Frozen Fruit Concentrate Industry"; Bulletin 5F. "Compounding Detergents with Ethofat 242/25"; Bulletin 201, "Armid H.T. in Printing Ink"; Bulletin -202. "Armeens and Armacs as Cationic Emulsihers"; Bulletin #203, "Armids as Mutual Solvents for Waxes and Plastics": and Bulletin ,f204, "Armowax."

    *ReR. Trademark U. S. Pat. Off.


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    The Chemistry of Fatty Amines

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