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  • 7/30/2019 Recipes - Cupcake Recipes


    A Is for Apple Cupcake

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    Make a cupcake shaped like an apple.

    Ingredients 1 cupcake

    Red frosting

    1 mini pretzel stick

    Melted chocolate

    1 green gumdrop leaf

    1 gummy worm

    Instructions1. Unwrap the cupcake and ice it with the red frosting.

    2. Dip the pretzel stick in melted chocolate, allow it to harden, then insert it for the stem.

    3. Add the gumdrop leaf (or make one with green frosting and a leaf tip). Cut a small "bite"

    out of the cupcake and insert the worm or just half of one!
  • 7/30/2019 Recipes - Cupcake Recipes


    B Is for Baseball Cupcake

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    Make a cupcake shaped like a baseball.

    Ingredients 1 cupcake

    White frosting

    Red whip licorice

    Chocolate frosting

    Instructions1. Frost the cupcake.

    2. Using the stitching of a real baseball as your guide, recreate the pattern with the red

    licorice (or with red frosting and a writing tip).

    3. With chocolate frosting and a writing tip, sign the ball with the name of your child's

    favorite player.
  • 7/30/2019 Recipes - Cupcake Recipes


    Basketball Cupcakes

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    Score big with resident hoop fans by making a batch of these tournament-time treats.


    Mini white cupcakes (ours is 1 inch tall) White frosting

    Orange decorators' gel

    Sugar cookies (ours is 3 inches in diameter)

    Mini basketball chocolates (available at candy stores or online at

    Instructions1. For each basket, trim the cupcake flush with the wrapper's edges, if needed. Frost the

    cupcake and pipe a ring of decorators' gel around the edge.

    2. For the backboard, frost half of a cookie, then add decorators' gel details. Keeping the

    cookie flat, dab frosting where the basket will go and gently press the cupcake in place.

    3. Use another dab of frosting to secure a chocolate basketball. Let the treats set for at

    least a half hour before standing them up.
  • 7/30/2019 Recipes - Cupcake Recipes



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    Ingredients Cupcakes

    White frosting

    Brown sugar or graham cracker crumbs Green Jujyfruits

    Red Jujyfruits


    Instructions1. Coat your favorite cupcakes with white frosting, then dip them in "sand" (brown sugar or

    graham cracker crumbs).

    2. Skewer green Jujyfruits onto toothpicks, leaving a bit of each pick exposed. Use another

    toothpick, cut in half, to add a red Jujyfruits flower atop one of the arms, then stick acactus into each cupcake.
  • 7/30/2019 Recipes - Cupcake Recipes


    Cub Cakes

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    Your cubs will make tracks for the kitchen when they spy these paw-print cupcakes. Beware --

    cub cakes walk away from kitchens fast.

    Ingredients Cupcakes

    White or light chocolate frosting

    Mint patties

    Junior mints or chocolate chips

    Instructions1. To make these treats, frost your favorite cupcakes with white or light chocolate icing (for

    a furry paw, mix the frosting with grated co