ReCAP Shelving Facility Research Collections and Preservation Consortium

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  • ReCAP Shelving FacilityResearch Collections and Preservation Consortium

  • The RECAP Consortium MembersColumbia UniversityThe New York Public LibraryPrinceton University

  • ReCAP Location

  • ReCAP Aerial View

  • ReCAP Phase 1Capacity 7.5 million items3 modules with high density shelvingFilm vault (color and acetate film)Processing center (accession &retrieval)High density shelving by size & barcode

  • Shelving Modules3Modules (Phase 1)Each module70 feet X 210 feet2.5 million items6 aisles of high density shelvingSet points at 50oF / 35%RHWet sprinkler system

  • Film Vault1,000 square feetThree aisles of shelvingSet points at 35o / 25%RHColor and acetate film

  • Processing Center20,000 square feetProcessing center includes7 Size sorting stations3 Data entry stations3 Verification stationsRefile / ReshelvingElectronic Document DeliveryTray making room3 Truck docks / 2 Van docks

  • Office Area

    Reading Room (Onsite Consultation) for 8 peopleConference Room for 12 peopleOffices and Open Office Areas

  • Phase 1 + Module 4

  • Processing Center / Office Area / Loading AreaFebruary 2001

  • Film Vault Set points at 35o / 25%RH

  • Module 2 - Super Flat Floor

  • ReCAP Facility January 2002

  • ReCAP Processing Center & Modules

  • Processing Center

  • Module 1:Order Pickers and Shelving

  • Module 1 Shelving Aisle

  • Columbia Load-inDuring first 6 years 2.5 Million items

    During the first 3 years Approximately 70,000 items per month

  • ServicesNext business day deliveryTo library circulation desks by 12 noonElectronic document delivery on the Web Shared access among member collectionsOn-site consultation in reading room

  • Transportation for AccessionColumbia and The New York Public Library will be cooperating on transportation for accession.In approximately 2 week blocks of time Clancy-Cullen will provide the moving service

  • Requesting ItemsRegular Mode RequestingLink in CLIO to Columbias ReCAP Request SystemPatron/Staff member places online requestRequest automatically transmitted to ReCAPRequest processed at ReCAP

  • Delivery to Columbia LibrariesBohrens provides Courier ServiceReCAP Courier delivers totes to CUL Shipping & Receiving Deliveries to Individual Libraries by CUL Shipping & Receiving staff, guaranteed by 12 noon.Separate delivery to Columbia Law School

  • Circulation WorkflowCirculation staff in Each Library Check tote manifestCharge items to Offsite pseudo-patronScan book barcode for cunix form (patron email notification & print request data) Check manifest & Insert printout in bookApply ReCAP sticker to spine of itemPut volumes on hold shelf.

  • Ideas for Future ActivitiesExtending shared access to collections through BorrowDirectCollaborative collection development initiativesPreservation and conservation activitiesDigitizing projects

  • Anticipated Development by 20309 Modules

  • Full Development 15 Modules

  • ReCAP Shelving FacilityResearch Collections and Preservation Consortium