Reasons for Sharing Photos With Friends

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<ul><li><p>Reasons for Sharing Photos With Friends </p><p>By Smith J Chen </p><p>As known to all, people like to share their individual photos with friends on the Internet. We usually use </p><p>Facebook, Twitter or Digg these kinds of blog sites to express our feeling and publish photos. But have </p><p>you ever think about why we often share photos with friends? In my point of view, there must be </p><p>several reasons that you have never realized. </p><p>The first and foremost reason is appreciation. Your friend is the best person to understand your idea and </p><p>no matter your photos are good or not, he or she will put forward the right view and give you some </p><p>feedback. If it is good, you bask in glory and if it is bad, you could do it the right way next time, and </p><p>maybe you will go for shooting with your friend together, thus with his or her company photos will be </p><p>better than before. </p><p>The second important reason is that you must be in deep emotional mood. Even though on the Internet </p><p>is not as good as face to face communication, photos sharing may evokes our friends deep emotions, </p><p>either positively or negatively. Either way, it is basic human nature that eager to share deep emotional </p><p>experiences, and is a strong reason why people share photos. Sometimes photos hold much power than </p><p>words. </p><p>The third reason is that your photos may encourage your friend who feels so hurt, so neglected in this </p><p>world and sharing what is good about them and makes a real difference. He or she could be smile or </p><p>entertained by your hilarious or beatific photos. If you are a member of Facebook or Twitter, share with </p><p>your friends what God has put on your heart. You never know how you can effect others with your </p><p>photos. It cannot be denied that everyone needs encouragement. </p><p>The last but not the least reason is that this kind of action could keep your loved ones informed about </p><p>what is happening in your life. This is a really fun thing to do. It engages your friends and family in your </p><p>every day life, and is a great way to stay connected. In fact, no matter you and your friends live together </p><p>or not, it is easy and free to share your recent life with them. You publish your photos, the one you love </p><p>or your loved one will get to know how you living, and feel happiness or not directly. It is important to </p><p>preserve such memories so as not to lose touch with your friends. </p></li><li><p>In addition, some people share their photos just for show-off. Yes, they like to show-off. The biggest </p><p>reason for them to share is arguably to create awe between their friends and they want to flaunt. </p><p>To sum up, no matter what reason you are, your friends love to hear about what is going on in your life, </p><p>so don't need to feel inappropriate or shy. If you have a particular photos you want to share, just go </p><p>ahead and share with your friends! </p><p>Visit this websites for Hilarious Pics </p></li></ul>