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  • 8/20/2019 Real Books Index


    Song Title Page No.Volume

    The Real Books Master Index (eight volumes)


    Ablution 1Real Book, Vol. 2Tristano, Lenny

    Actual Proof 1New Real Book, Vol. 3Hancock, Herbie

    The Aerie 3New Real Book, Vol. 3Stern, Peggy

    Affirmation 1New Real Book, Vol. 1Feliciano, Jose

    Affirmation 2Real Book, Vol. 2Feliciano, Jose

    African Flower 8Real Book, 9th EditionEllington, Duke

    Afro Blue 9Real Book, 9th EditionColtrane, John

    Afro Blue 9Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Coltrane, John

    Afro-Centric 1New Real Book, Vol. 2Henderson, Joe

    After the Rain 3New Real Book, Vol. 2Coltrane, John

    After You 1Real Book, Vol. 3Stern, Mike

    After You've Gone 5New Real Book, Vol. 2Creamer & Layton

    After You've Gone 2Real Book, Vol. 3Creamer & Layton

    Afternoon in Paris 10Real Book, 9th EditionLewis, John

    Ain't Misbehavin' 6New Real Book, Vol. 2Waller & Brooks & Razaf 

    Ain't Misbehavin' 3Real Book, Vol. 3Waller & Brooks & Razaf 

    Ain't Misbehavin' 13Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Waller & Brooks & Razaf  Ain't That Peculiar 5New Real Book, Vol. 3Holland & Whitfield

    Airegin 11Real Book, 9th EditionRollins, Sonny

    Airegin 2New Real Book, Vol. 1Rollins, Sonny

    Airmail Special 3Real Book, Vol. 2Christian, Charlie

    Aisha 538Real Book, 9th EditionTyner, McCoy

    Aja's Theme 10New Real Book, Vol. 3Zito, Torrie

    Alanjuneally 6Real Book, Vol. 3Werner, Kenny

    Alfie's Theme 4Real Book, Vol. 2Rollins, Sonny

    Alice in Wonderland 12Real Book, 9th EditionFain & Hilliard

    Alice in Wonderland 15Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Fain & Hilliard

    All Alone 5Real Book, Vol. 2Waldron, Mal All Blues 13Real Book, 9th EditionDavis, Miles

    All Blues 17Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Davis, Miles

    All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 6Real Book, Vol. 2Kahn & Kaper

    All in Love is Fair 14Real Book, 9th EditionWonder, Stevie

    All in Love is Fair 19Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Wonder, Stevie

    All My Tomorrows 15Real Book, 9th EditionCahn & Van Heusen

    All My Tomorrows 23Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Cahn & Van Heusen

    All of Me 16Real Book, 9th EditionSimons & Marks

    All of Me 21Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Simons & Marks

    All of You 17Real Book, 9th EditionPorter, Cole

    All of You 25Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Porter, Cole All or Nothing at All 429New Real Book, Vol. 1Altman & Lawrence

    All or Nothing At All 4Real Book, Vol. 3Altman & Lawrence

    All the Things You Are 18Real Book, 9th EditionHammerstein & Kern

    All the Things You Are 27Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Hammerstein & Kern

    Almost Like Being in Love 12New Real Book, Vol. 3Lerner & Loewe

    Alone Together 19Real Book, 9th EditionDietz & Schwartz

    Alone Together 29Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Dietz & Schwartz

    Along Came Betty 7New Real Book, Vol. 2Golson, Benny

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  • 8/20/2019 Real Books Index


    Song Title Page No.Volume

    The Real Books Master Index (eight volumes)


    Along Came Betty 7Real Book, Vol. 3Golson, Benny

    Altoitis 7Real Book, Vol. 2Nelson, Oliver

    Always and Forever 8Real Book, Vol. 3Metheny, Pat

    Always There 5New Real Book, Vol. 1Laws & Jeffrey

    Am I Blue 31Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Clarke & Akst

    American Gothic 13New Real Book, Vol. 3Berg, Bob

    Ana Maria 20Real Book, 9th EditionShorter, Wayne

    Ana Maria 7New Real Book, Vol. 1Shorter, Wayne

    And It All Goes 'Round and 'Round 15New Real Book, Vol. 3Ighner, Bernard

    And Now, The Queen 22Real Book, 9th EditionBley, Carla

    And On the Third Day 23Real Book, 9th EditionGibbs, Michael

    Angel Eyes 24Real Book, 9th EditionDennis, Matt

    Angel Eyes 9New Real Book, Vol. 1Dennis, Matt

    Angel Eyes 33Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Dennis, Matt

    Angela 9Real Book, Vol. 3Jobim, AC

    Another Star 17New Real Book, Vol. 3Wonder, Stevie

    Another Star 8Real Book, Vol. 2Wonder, Stevie Another Time 19New Real Book, Vol. 3Broadbent, Alan

    Anthropology 25Real Book, 9th EditionGillespie, Dizzy

    Anthropology 11New Real Book, Vol. 1Gillespie, Dizzy

    Appointment in Ghana 21New Real Book, Vol. 3McLean, Jackie

    April 10Real Book, Vol. 2Tristano, Lenny

    April in Paris 26Real Book, 9th EditionDuke, Vernon

    April in Paris 35Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Duke, Vernon

    April Joy 27Real Book, 9th EditionMetheny, Pat

    April Skies 9Real Book, Vol. 2Collette, Buddy

    Arietas 24New Real Book, Vol. 3Hubbard, Freddie

    Arise, Her Eyes 28Real Book, 9th EditionSwallow, Steve Armageddon 30Real Book, 9th EditionShorter, Wayne

    Armando's Rhumba 10Real Book, Vol. 3Corea, Chick

    Around Again 22Real Book, 9th EditionBley, Carla

    As Time Goes By 31Real Book, 9th EditionHupfeld, Herman

    As Time Goes By 37Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Hupfeld, Herman

    ASA 9New Real Book, Vol. 2Djavan

    Ask Me Now 12Real Book, Vol. 2Monk, Thelonious

    Au Privave 32Real Book, 9th EditionParker, Charlie

    Autumn in 3 12Real Book, Vol. 3Werner, Kenny

    Autumn in New York 33Real Book, 9th EditionDuke, Vernon

    Autumn in New York 39Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Duke, Vernon Autumn Leaves 36Real Book, 9th EditionKosma, Joseph

    Autumn Leaves 12New Real Book, Vol. 1Kosma, Joseph

    Autumn Leaves 41Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Kosma, Joseph

    Autumn Nocturne 13Real Book, Vol. 3Gannon & Myrow

    Autumn Serenade 27New Real Book, Vol. 3Gallop & DeRose

    Avalon 13Real Book, Vol. 2Rose, Vincent

    Avalon Place 14Real Book, Vol. 3Zucker

    Avancé 11New Real Book, Vol. 2Ferrante, Russ

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  • 8/20/2019 Real Books Index


    Song Title Page No.Volume

    The Real Books Master Index (eight volumes)


    Ay, Arriba! 34Real Book, 9th EditionBalcomb, Stu

    B-Sting 29New Real Book, Vol. 3Fields & Childs

    Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are 20Real Book, Vol. 2Monk, Thelonious

    Baby, Come to Me 33New Real Book, Vol. 3Temperton

    Baby, I Love You 13New Real Book, Vol. 1Shannon

    Baby, It's Cold Outside 13New Real Book, Vol. 2Loesser, Frank

    Bachafillen 506Real Book, 9th EditionBrown, Garnett

    Backstage Sally 510Real Book, 9th EditionShorter, Wayne

    Backstage Sally 35New Real Book, Vol. 3Shorter, Wayne

    Backstage Sally 14Real Book, Vol. 2Shorter, Wayne

    Bag's Groove 16Real Book, Vol. 2Jackson, Milt

    Bags and Trane 15Real Book, Vol. 2Jackson, Milt

    Baja Bajo 15New Real Book, Vol. 2Patitucci & Corea

    Ballad for Anita 15Real Book, Vol. 3Fraser

    A Ballad for Doll 38New Real Book, Vol. 3McLean, Jackie

    Ballad for Trane 16Real Book, Vol. 3Werner, Kenny

    Ballad for Two Musicians 39New Real Book, Vol. 3Zawinul, Joe Ballet 37Real Book, 9th EditionGibbs, Michael

    Barbados 17Real Book, Vol. 2Parker, Charlie

    Barbara 18Real Book, Vol. 2Silver, Horace

    Basin Street Blues 15New Real Book, Vol. 1Williams, Spencer

    Basin Street Blues 19Real Book, Vol. 2Williams, Spencer

    Bass Blues 17New Real Book, Vol. 2Coltrane, John

    Batterie 38Real Book, 9th EditionBley, Carla

    Baubles, Bangles and Beads 43Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Borodin & Wright & Forrest

    Be My Love 18Real Book, Vol. 3Cahn & Brodzky

    Beautiful Friendship 17Real Book, Vol. 3Styne & Kahn

    Beautiful Love 39Real Book, 9th EditionYoung et al Beautiful Love 16New Real Book, Vol. 1Young et al

    Beautiful Love 45Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Young et al

    Beauty and the Beast 40Real Book, 9th EditionShorter, Wayne

    Beauty and the Beast 20New Real Book, Vol. 2Shorter, Wayne

    Bebop 21Real Book, Vol. 2Gillespie, Dizzy

    Beethoven's Blue 3rd 20Real Book, Vol. 2Kaiser

    Beneath It All 41Real Book, 9th EditionAnderson

    Bernie's Tune 17New Real Book, Vol. 1Miller, Bernie

    Bernie's Tune 24Real Book, Vol. 3Miller, Bernie

    Beside Myself 18Real Book, Vol. 3Stephens

    Bess, You Is My Woman Now 22Real Book, Vol. 3Gershwin Bessie's Blues 42Real Book, 9th EditionColtrane, John

    Bessie's Blues 21New Real Book, Vol. 2Coltrane, John

    The Best Thing for You Is Me 25Real Book, Vol. 3Berlin, Irving

    Better Git It In Your Soul 26Real Book, Vol. 3Mingus, Charles

    Better Git It In Your Soul 22Real Book, Vol. 2Mingus, Charles

    Bewitched 43Real Book, 9th EditionRodgers & Hart

    Bewitched 47Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Rodgers & Hart

    Beyond All Limits 23Real Book, Vol. 2Shaw, Woody

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  • 8/20/2019 Real Books Index


    Song Title Page No.Volume

    The Real Books Master Index (eight volumes)


    Beyond the Bluebird 27Real Book, Vol. 3Flanagan, Tommy

    Beyond the Sea 49Vocal Real Book, Vol. 1Lawrence & Trenet

    Big Nick 44Real Book, 9th EditionColtrane, John

    Big P 404Real Book, Vol. 2Heath, Jimmy

    Bill's Hit Tune 405Real Book, Vol. 2Evans, Bill

    Billie's Bounce 24Real Book, Vol. 2Parker, Charlie

    Bird Food 18New Real Book, Vol. 1Coleman, Ornette

    Bird of Beauty 43New Real Book, Vol. 3Wonder, Stevie

    Birdland 26Real Book, Vol. 2Zawinul, Joe

    Birk's Wor