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READING Modern Architecture. I.Pre-reading 1.Tell whether the following pictures are modern or classical

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Text of READING Modern Architecture. I.Pre-reading 1.Tell whether the following pictures are modern or...


    Modern Architecture

  • I.Pre-reading1.Tell whether the following pictures are modern or classical

  • 2.Look at the following pictures carefully and tell what they look like.

  • 3.Look at the pictures and the title of the text and read the sentences below.Do you think the text will be about the following topics? Write Y between the brackets if you do, or N if you dont.1.The text is about the classical Chinese architecture.( )

    2.Some modern architecture takes examples from nature.( )

    3.The text is about parks and gardens( )NYN

  • II.Reading:1.Read the text quickly and try to find the words in bold.Try to find what they refer to.them




    the buildings that look like boxes with flat floors,sharp corners and glass walls that act as mirrors.the idea that nature doesnt have any straight linesAntonioGaudithe new Olympic Stadium in Beijing

  • 2.Read again and find out who are mentioned in the passage and what inspired them1) Fran Lloyd Wright,inspired by Japanese seashells2) Antoio Gaudi,inspired by fish,dragons3.What do people call Beijings New Olympic Stadium? Why? Its called The Birds Nest.Because it looks as if the Stadium is covered by a gray net of steel,and it looks like a birds nest made of tree branches.4.What materials are used to build modern and classical builings?Modern buildings are made of modern materials:steel,glass, and concrete ( others: iron,copper,)Classical buildins are made of classical materials :earth,bricks, stone and wood(others:reed,bamboo,clay,marble)

  • 5.Read the text again and try to find answers to the questions; why do some people think modern buildings look unnatural, and why do they experience them as cold and unfriendly?6.Choose the best according to the text.1).Buildings,streets,squares and parks are in different styles because_____A.they were all designed by different architectsB.different ideas of beauty are expressed in themC they are part of man-made living environmentD.they are built out of modern building materials

    2).Which of the following is NOT true about modernism?______A.It has existed for 70 years or so.B.Steel,glass and concrete are used as modern architecture materials.C.All the buildings in the developing countries belong to modernismD.Sometimes traditional materials are used in modern architecture.BC

  • A3).According to the text, most people think modern buildings are_____.A.huge B.beautiful C.friendly D.welcoming

    4).Antonio Gaudi________.A.was a traditional architectB.invented modernism in order to change societyC.preferred steel,glass and concrete to natural materialsD.knew that there arent any straight lines in nature

    5).Which of the following will NOT probably make people think about nature ?_____A.The Opera House in Sydney.B.All are museums in New York.C.The 2008 Olympic Stadium in BeijingD.Most of Gaudis works in and around Barcelona


  • 7.Expain the following key words and expressions


    act as:despite:



    fill up with:vt,have a favouable effect on sb n,impressionperform the role or function of

    prep,without being affected by eg,Despite what others say,I think he is a good boy

    vt,fill sb with thoughts,feelings or aimsEg:What he said at the meeting inspired me.vt,look at/watch sth carefully

    make or become completely full

  • 8. Language focus 1). Usage of words:complete the following words(1)We have both red and white wine. Do you have a p_________ for one or the other?(2)The a________ showed several designs for the new theatre; but none was satisfactory.(3)The couple only moved into the new flat recently and they havent got much f_______(4)Can I t________ a piece of that cheese to see what its like?(5)Pollution is one of the major problems in the m________ world.(6)It isnt c__________ to talk at the moment ;Im in the middle of a meeting.(7)These shoes have gone out of s________, but I like sticks.(8)Early houses were c___________ out of mud and sticks.(9)Ann is always trying to i_________ people with her new clothes.10)Our hotel room had a b_______ __where we could sit and look at the lake.


  • 8.2) Usage of phrases: Fill in the blanks using the following phrases

    far from compare with close to act as belong to in and around fill up set aside go against pull down

    (1)The man we met on the plane to Tokyo was kind enough to _________our guide.(2)Dont take anything that doesnt__________ you.(3)There weret many people at first but then the room________ (4)Have you ______ some money for your childs education?(5)Martha ___________her parents wishes and married a poor artist.(6)The old cinema has been ____________and married a poor artist.(7) ---Did you enjoy your holiday?- ---No,__________it.It was terrible (8)_ ______________the village where I grew up, the city is really exciting. (9)It was__________midnight when Dad came back from work. (10)More trees have been planted________________the village.

    act asbelong tofilled upset asidewent againstpulled downfar fromCompared withclose toin and around

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