Reading Log Homework 4Th Grade

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4th grade requires 100 weekly reading minutes. Minutes are assigned on a Monday and due the following Monday. Resource created by Sean Nakamura on TPT.


<p>Reading Log</p> <p>4th Grade Reading LogName ______________ Date Assigned: ____________ </p> <p>Due Date: ________________As homework, you are to read at least 100 minutes per week. </p> <p>Day Date</p> <p> Book Title</p> <p> Pages TimeMon.</p> <p>Tues.</p> <p>Wed.</p> <p>Thurs.</p> <p>Fri.</p> <p>Sat.</p> <p>Sun.</p> <p>Totals:</p> <p>I, ______________________________________ have read for at least 100 minutes per week as part of my reading homework. </p> <p>________________________________________</p> <p>(your signature)</p> <p>My son/daughter ________________________________ has read for at least 100 minutes per week as part of his/her reading homework._________________________________________</p> <p>(parent signature)</p> <p>Make sure to complete ALL parts of your reading log neatly, including all signatures and chart (date, book title, pages, time read, totals) to receive full credit.Read</p> <p>Silently</p> <p>Read</p> <p>Aloud</p> <p>What kind of books may I read for reading homework?</p> <p>Chapter books (fantasy, mystery, adventure, etc.). Non-fiction books (biography, history, etc.).</p> <p>Picture books read aloud to younger siblings or younger friends (no more than twice per week can count towards your 100 minutes of reading).</p> <p>Chapter books or non-fiction books read to your parents or older siblings.</p> <p>Once during the week, you may read something lighter. For instance: a favorite magazine, newspaper, or comic book.</p>