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<ul><li><p>Reading Levels for Brand New Readers</p><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-1204-7 Beep! Beep! It's Beeper</p><p>Beeper Paints C</p><p>Beeper Counts C</p><p>Beeper Bakes C</p><p>Beeper Flies C</p><p>978-0-7636-1244-3 Beeper's Friends</p><p>Beeper and Honk C</p><p>Beeper and Winky C</p><p>Beeper and Stomp C</p><p>No One Home C</p><p>978-0-7636-1316-7 Bravo, Kazam!</p><p>Kazam's Birds D</p><p>Kazam's Cards D</p><p>Kazam's Scarf D</p><p>Kazam's Wand D</p><p>978-0-7636-1141-5 Busy Dinah Dinosaur</p><p>Dinah's Walk C</p><p>The Pretty Rock C</p><p>Muddy Dinosaurs B</p><p>Good Night, Dinah B</p><p>978-0-7636-2334-0 Eddie the Raccoon</p><p>Eddie in a Jam C</p><p>No Eggs For Eddie C</p><p>Eddie and Little Skunk C</p><p>Eddie Digs a Hole B</p><p>978-0-7636-1556-7 Edna Elephant</p><p>Edna Dances C</p><p>Edna's New Coat D</p><p>Edna Bakes Cookies E</p><p>Edna's Flowers D</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-1092-0 Ethan At Home</p><p>Ethan Sneezes B</p><p>Ethan Cleans B</p><p>Ethan Goes To Bed B</p><p>Ethan and The Snow C</p><p>978-0-7636-1099-9 Ethan Out and About</p><p>Ethan's Cat C</p><p>Ethan's Bike C</p><p>Ethan's Birds C</p><p>Ethan's Lunch C</p><p>978-0-7636-2457-6 Fish and Frog</p><p>Fish Swims C</p><p>Hide-and-Seek C</p><p>Jumping Game C</p><p>Fish Makes Faces C</p><p>978-0-7636-1065-4 Funny Ruby</p><p>Buzz Buzz Buzz C</p><p>Ruby Jumps B</p><p>Ruby Eats Hay B</p><p>Yuck! B</p><p>978-0-7636-0772-2 Here Comes Tabby Cat</p><p>Mouse Hunt C</p><p>Tabby Cat's Scarf D</p><p>Tabby Cat At Night B</p><p>Where Is Tabby Cat? C</p><p>978-0-7636-0800-2 Hey, Tabby Cat!</p><p>The Chase C</p><p>Hungry Cat D</p><p>Bump! Thump! Splat! D</p><p>Cat Bath C</p><p>978-0-7636-1127-9 Hurray for Rosa</p><p>Happy Birthday, Rosa B</p><p>Rosa at the Beach C</p><p>Rosa at the Farm A</p><p>Rosa's Sandwich C</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-1310-5 Kazam's Magic</p><p>Where Is Kazam? D</p><p>Kazam's Coins D</p><p>Kazam's Rabbit D</p><p>Kazam All Wet D</p><p>978-0-7636-2722-5 Lucy and Bob</p><p>Flies For Lunch D</p><p>Hopping Up And Down C</p><p>Look At Me Fly B</p><p>Tag You're It C</p><p>978-0-7636-2964-9 Larry and Rita</p><p>Larry and the Crab C</p><p>Larry and Rita Dance C</p><p>Rita at the Fair C</p><p>Rita Blows Bubbles C</p><p>978-0-7636-0773-9 Monkey Business</p><p>Happy Birthday C</p><p>Monkey, where Are You? C</p><p>Monkey The Mummy E</p><p>Monkey's Loose Tooth C</p><p>978-0-7636-0771-5 Monkey Trouble</p><p>Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop B</p><p>Monkey Flies Away B</p><p>Monkey Eats Worms B</p><p>Monkey, Watch Out! B</p><p>978-0-7636-1352-5 Mouse Goes Out</p><p>Puddles B</p><p>The Big Fish C</p><p>Camping C</p><p>Snow Mouse B</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-1358-7 Mouse Has Fun</p><p>Cat and Mouse C</p><p>Picnic C</p><p>It's Super Mouse C</p><p>Pizza C</p><p>978-0-7636-2922-9 Otter Everywhere</p><p>Otter Goes Swimming C</p><p>Otter Makes Bubbles D</p><p>Otter's Apples C</p><p>Otter's Picnic C</p><p>978-0-7636-1327-3 Piggy and Dad</p><p>Piggy's Pictures B</p><p>Piggy's Bedtime B</p><p>Piggy's Sandwich C</p><p>Piggy's Bath B</p><p>978-0-7636-1333-4 Piggy and Dad Play</p><p>Lemonade For Sale D</p><p>Water Balloons C</p><p>Play Ball! B</p><p>Sledding D</p><p>978-0-7636-1121-7 The Rosa Stories</p><p>Rosa Plants a Tree C</p><p>Rosa Loves To Walk C</p><p>Rosa Catches A Fish C</p><p>Here Is Rosa B</p><p>978-0-7636-3901-3 Termite Tales</p><p>Termite Helps C</p><p>Termite In A Canoe D</p><p>Termite Measures D</p><p>Termite Taps E</p><p>978-0-7636-2573-3 Termite Trouble</p><p>Termite Eats B</p><p>Termite Bounces D</p><p>Termite Bites B</p><p>Termite Flies D</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-2350-0 Three Little Bears</p><p>It's Snowing C</p><p>Lick, Lick, Drip, Drip B</p><p>Oh No, No Shorts! C</p><p>Limbo, Limbo D</p><p>978-0-7636-4230-3 Three Little Bears Play All Day</p><p>Three Little Bears Build C</p><p>Three Little Bears Eat C</p><p>Three Little Bears Juggle C</p><p>Three Little Bears Jump C</p><p>978-0-7636-1147-7 Well Done, Worm!</p><p>Worm is Stuck B</p><p>Drip Drip Drip C</p><p>Worm Paints C</p><p>Worm Smells B</p><p>978-0-7636-0774-6 Winnie All Day Long</p><p>Winnie's Bedtime C</p><p>Winnie's Walk C</p><p>Winnie Wakes Up D</p><p>In and Out C</p><p>978-0-7636-0673-2 Winnie Plays Ball</p><p>Winnie's Birthday C</p><p>Yucky Ball B</p><p>Catch B</p><p>One More Ball C</p><p>978-0-7636-1153-8 Wow, It's Worm!</p><p>Just Right C</p><p>Worm Watches D</p><p>Worm Is Hot D</p><p>Worm Builds C</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>Sesame Street Brand New Readers</p><p>978-0-7636-5793-2 Bert and Ernie Go Camping</p><p>Sesame Street Ernie and the Tracks C</p><p>Bert and Ernie Go Hiking D</p><p>Bert and Ernie at the Pond C</p><p>Ernie and The Nighttime Noises B</p><p>978-0-7636-5148-0 Big Bird at Home</p><p>Sesame Street Big Bird Cleans C</p><p>Big Bird Shares a Snack C</p><p>Big Bird and the Artist C</p><p>Big Bird and Grover Move C</p><p>978-0-7636-5777-2 Cookie Monster's Busy Day</p><p>Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cleans Up C</p><p>Cookie and Elmo Eat Their Colors C</p><p>Cookie Monster and the Parade D</p><p>Cookie Monster's Bed C</p><p>978-0-7636-5147-3 Elmo and His Friends</p><p>Sesame Street Elmo's Shoes C</p><p>Elmo Gets Dressed C</p><p>Elmo and the Cookies C</p><p>Abby Flies C</p><p>Brand New Readers Box Sets</p><p>978-0-7636-2061-5 Blue Set</p><p>Play Ball! B</p><p>Piggys Bath B</p><p>Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop B</p><p>Monkey Eats Worms B</p><p>Worm Is Stuck B</p><p>Worm Smells B</p><p>Good Night, Dinah B</p><p>Little and Big B</p><p>Its Super Mouse! C</p><p>Picnic C</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-2599-3 Green Set</p><p>Camping C</p><p>Puddles B</p><p>Edna Bakes Cookies E</p><p>Yuck! B</p><p>Winnies Bedtime C</p><p>Catch B</p><p>Sledding D</p><p>Worm Builds C</p><p>Worm Is Hot D</p><p>Worm Watches D</p><p>978-0-7636-2598-6 Orange Set</p><p>Cat and Mouse C</p><p>Pizza C</p><p>Dinahs Dream A</p><p>Dinah Likes to Eat C</p><p>Kazams Birds B</p><p>Kazams Coins D</p><p>Where Is Tabby Cat? C</p><p>Cat Bath C</p><p>Monkey the Mummy E</p><p>Monkey Flies Away B</p><p>978-0-7636-3367-7 Purple Set</p><p>Termite Bounces D</p><p>Termite Bites B</p><p>No Eggs for Eddie C</p><p>Eddie and Little Skunk C</p><p>Hide-and-Seek C</p><p>Fish Makes Faces C</p><p>Lick, Lick, Drip, Drip B</p><p>Its Snowing C</p><p>Where Is Kazam? D</p><p>Kazams Cards B</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>978-0-7636-2062-2 Red Set</p><p>Tabby Cat at Night B</p><p>The Chase C</p><p>Snow Mouse B</p><p>The Big Fish C</p><p>Water Balloons C</p><p>Piggys Bedtime B</p><p>Edna Dances C</p><p>Ednas New Coat D</p><p>Yucky Ball B</p><p>In and Out C</p><p>978-0-7636-5061-2 Summer Fun! Set </p><p>Camping C</p><p>Drip Drip Drip C</p><p>Lemonade For Sale D</p><p>Otter Goes Swimming C</p><p>Otter's Picnic C</p><p>Picnic C</p><p>Play Ball! B</p><p>Termite In a Canoe D</p><p>Water Balloons C</p><p>Worm Is Hot D</p><p> 978-0-7636-5072-8 Winter Fun Box</p><p>Beeper And Stomp C</p><p>Eddie In a Jam C</p><p>Edna Bakes Cookies E</p><p>Edna's New Coat D</p><p>It's Snowing C</p><p>Monkey The Mummy E</p><p>Otter Makes Bubbles D</p><p>Sledding D</p><p>Tabby Cat's Scarf D</p><p>Worm Watches D</p></li><li><p>ISBN Title</p><p>Guided </p><p>Reading </p><p>Level</p><p>The Brand New Readers Classroom Box</p><p>978-0-7636-4383-6 Classroom Box </p><p>Eddie and Little Skunk C</p><p>Fish Makes Faces C</p><p>Good Night, Dinah B</p><p>Hide-and-Seek C</p><p>Its Snowing C</p><p>Its Super Mouse! C</p><p>Kazams Cards B</p><p>Lick, Lick, Drip, Drip B</p><p>Little and Big B</p><p>Monkey Eats Worms B</p><p>No Eggs for Eddie C</p><p>Picnic C</p><p>Piggys Bath B</p><p>Play Ball! B</p><p>Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop B</p><p>Termite Bites B</p><p>Termite Bounces D</p><p>Where Is Kazam? D</p><p>Worm Is Stuck B</p><p>Worm Smells B</p><p>Books were leveled by Fountas &amp; Pinnell or a by a hired reading specialist.</p></li></ul>


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