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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Reading 4th Medio How_cr</p><p> 1/2</p><p>4 th Medio How to read a newspaper</p><p>Text Miners</p><p>underground POST-READING</p><p>Activity 1: Read the text again and by</p><p>scanning answer the following</p><p>Read the headline. Guess if a-h below aretrue (T) or false (F).</p><p>a. The miners were trapped undergroundfor a little under two months. T / F</p><p>b. It took almost a day to bring all of the</p><p>miners to the surface. T / F</p><p>c. None of the miners had any medicalproblems when they came up. T / F</p><p>d. The article says more people watchedthe rescue than the World Cup. T / F</p><p>e. There were a few problems with therescue which delayed things. T/ F</p><p>f. No one has spent longer so deepunderground and survived. T / F</p><p>g. Chiles president said the miners foughttoo much while underground. T/ F</p><p>Activity 2 Multiple Choice</p><p>All thirty-three miners trappedunderground in Chile for 69 days havebeen rescued.One by (1) ____, over a tense 22 hours, themen emerged into freedom afterspending over two months 700 metresunderground. The men were (2) ____ withwild applause and hugs from rescuers andfamily before being put on a (3) ____and taken to hospital for two days ofmedical checks. They were all in (4) ____good health, although one had pneumoniaand several had dental problems. Theirstory had gripped the world since the minecollapse in August. Their rescueattracted a TV audience (5) ____ a par withNeil Armstrongs first steps on the</p><p>Skill ReadingComprehension</p><p>Schedule 4 hours</p><p>Expecting Learning</p><p>Students</p><p> show comprehension of theinformation itself and thecommunicative intension of the</p><p>message using linguistic andtextual keys and tips.</p><p> Identify communicative intention ofa text</p><p> Find information through focusedreading (scanning)</p><p> Recognize the functional value ofthe text, relating its informativecontent with real situations</p><p> Apply inferring strategies</p><p> Shows comprehension following thelogical order of the ideas</p><p> Show comprehension of the learnt</p><p>topic through creating a short pieceof new</p><p> Express opinion</p><p>Linguistic ContentFunctionHow to face a newspaperGive information, give opinion about aread piece of new.</p><p>Morphosyntactic</p><p>Report Speech</p><p>Verbal FormPassive VoiceSimple Past Perfect</p><p>PRE- READING</p><p>Activity 1a.- Student will receive differentnewspaper.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Reading 4th Medio How_cr</p><p> 2/2</p></li></ul>


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