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RCGC Spring 2016 EOF

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  • Spring 2016, Volume X, Issue II

    EOF Staff: Audreen E. Pittman EOF Director 856-415-2278 [email protected]

    James Rodia EOF Program Coordinator 856-681-6237 [email protected]

    Tevin King EOF Recruiter 856-468-5000, ext. 6365 [email protected]

    Lawrence Robinson EOF Technician 856-415-2208 [email protected]

    Make an Appointment 856-415-2208

    College Center, Room 210

    The en re EOF Staff was present at this Springs RCGC open house event. What a successful night it was! The recruitment table was extremely busy throughout the en re evening with

    dozens of incoming students interested in the wonderful academic support services offered by the program. Parents and students were educated on the programs eligibility requirements, as well as the applica on process. The upcoming 2016 Summer Ins tute also began taking shape, with a recruitment list of incoming freshman who are interested in the pre-college experience.

    The en re staff is looking forward to a bright future for our incoming students!

    EOF Club Toy Drive

    This Spring, the EOF Club held a toy drive dona on benefi ng the children of Kennedy Hospital. This ac vity was one of most successful in club history. The toy drive was so well received

    campus-wide, it was extended to a mul ple-day event. The amount of toys donated exceeded all expecta ons and brought countless smiles to the hospitals smallest pa ents.

    Thank you to all who donated for your kindness and generosity.

    Spring Open House

  • 1400 Tanyard Rd., Sewell, NJ 08080 856-468-5000

    EOF Club News Club meeting dates for remainder of Spring 2016 Semester (all meetings are at 12 p.m.):

    April 20

    May 4

    Stop by the EOF Club Office, located on the first floor of the College Center, for up-to-date meeting locations and news. All students are welcome to join.

    Spring 2016 College Workshop Tour Rutgers University

    Date and Time to be announced: Check in EOF Office for more informa on

    Spring 2016 EOF Student Leadership Update Cassandra Taylor: Head of SGA fundraising and bulletin board committees, head 3D origami art gallery and SGA President elections Spring 2016

    Shannon Carvalho: Member of DECA Club, Business Club, and AAWCC

    Demi Borgesi, Nija Fleming, Elijah Brown, Courtney Esposito, Taylor Melodick-Robinson: Inducted into the PTK National Honor Society

    Patrycja Gielarowiec: Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Certificate of Achievement 1st Place winner in Fingerprint Ridge Count contest

    Alyssa Cross: EOF and Rowan Choice student, featured on cover of latest RCGC Magazine.

    EOF Club Members: New Board elected for 2016, mock Presidential elections and Kennedy Hospital toy drive

    27 EOF graduates will be receiving EOF Academic Achievement Awards from the State of NJ. This is a program record!

    Multiple EOF students have also received Presidents and Deans List recognitions this academic year. Congratulations!

    EOF Spring 2016 Recruitment Ac vi es Around Campus

    Congratulations to EOF Director Ms. Pittman who was nominated for the

    Thomas H. Kean EOF Alumni Award The EOF Club conducted a very

    successful Easter Basket Fundraiser RCGC EOF was present at this

    Springs 42nd Statewide Conference

    RCGC Publica ons/CRCM0416

    Whats Happening Around EOF

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