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Rate Card 2014. DAILY SUN. SUNDAY SUN. SUNDAY SUN AT A GLANCE. 176,692 (Circulation). 80% Own Homes. 1,033mil Households. R12,727 Average Household Income. 2,646mil (Readership). 34 Average Age. R197billion Value p/a. 55% Male. 95% Black. 76% Urban. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rate Card 2014


SUNDAY SUNSUNDAY SUN AT A GLANCE176,692(Circulation)1,033milHouseholds2,646mil(Readership)R197billionValue p/a95%Black(81%) OR 2,141milLSM 6-1080%Own HomesR12,727Average Household Income34Average Age55%Male76%Urban1.177milWorking

Source: ABC Q3 2013; AMPS 2013 BAPrimedia UnlimitedTesting the efficacy of advertising in the Daily Suns Vusi Vuzela comicConsumer research resultsJanuary 2010

16ContentsBriefMethodologySample demographicsResearch resultsKey learnings

17BriefBACKGROUNDPrimedia Unlimiteds comic Vusi Vuzela appears in the Daily Sun every Tuesday.Primedia Unlimited has approached FGI to conduct an independent study that will measure the efficacy of advertising in the Vusi Vuzela comic.

OBJECTIVESMeasure advertising recall of brands advertised in the Vusi Vuzela comic;Gauge how Vusi Vuzela is perceived as a South African sports hero;Establish what would make Vusi Vuzela more exciting for readers.18MethodologyA random sample of 357 was drawn during the period 19-28 January 2010;Face-to-face (intercept) interviews were conducted at selected convergence points Johannesburg;Interviews were conducted in English with vernacular explanations by interviewers, when required;The sample comprised 100% black respondents.19

Research results20Sample demographicsGendern: 357Age groupn: 35721Employment statusn: 357

22Stories/supplements read in the Daily SunWhich of these regular stories/supplements in the Daily Sun do you usually read? [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY]n: 35723Vusi Vuzela Reading behaviourThinking about the Vusi Vuzela comic in the Daily Sun now, which of these statements best describes you in terms of reading the comic? [SELECT BEST 1]n: 357Vusi Vuzela readerNon-Vusi Vuzela reader24Reasons for reading Vusi VuzelaYou said that you read Vusi Vuzela in the Daily Sun, why do you read this comic? [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY]n: 242Added logic: Only answered by Vusi Vuzela readers25Unprompted advertising recall in the Vusi Vuzela comicStill thinking about the Vusi Vuzela comics, what brands do you remember being advertised in this comic? [NAME TOP 3 - UNPROMPTED]n: 24226Unprompted advertising recall in specific product categoriesThinking about specific product categories now, I am going to call out a product category to you and Id like you to tell me whether you remember seeing a brand being advertised in this category in a newspaper. For example, if I call out Motor Vehicles you must call out the motor vehicle brands that you clearly remember seeing advertised in a newspaper. If you do not remember seeing an advertisement in a newspaper for a brand in a category, just say I have not seen a brand advertised in this category. Well then move to the next category.Added logic: Only answered by Vusi Vuzela readers27Canned foodn: 24228Confectionary (chips, sweets, biscuits)n: 24229Fast-food outletsn: 24230Personal hygiene/Toiletriesn: 24231Prompted advertising recall in the Vusi Vuzela comicCombination of recall in the Vusi Vuzela comic32Vusi Vuzela advertisements influence on purchase behaviourThinking about the brands that they advertise in Vusi Vuzela, are you more likely to buy a brand that is advertised in this comic?n: 35733Reasons for strong purchase influenceWhy do you say this?n: 311Cross-tabbed against those who said that theyre likely to buy products advertised in the Vusi Vuzela comic (87%)34What would make Vusi better?[SHOW CARD: Vusi comic] I am now going to show you a Vusi Vuzela comic - do you have any cool ideas on how the Vuzi Vuzela story can be improved? [UNPROMPTED]n: 242Answered by Vusi Vuzela readers35Key learningsThere is a high readership of the Vusi Vuzela comic amongst Daily Sun readers 68%;There is a high loyalty amongst Daily Sun readers, 65% of the respondents to the research study indicated that they read Vusi Vuzela regularly;There is a high prompted (avg 20%) and unprompted (avg 17%) recall of adverts flighting in the Vusi Vuzela comic.There is extremely high brand purchase propensity 87% of comic readers would buy the products advertised in the series.


Specs & DatesENTERTAINMENT PLATFORM: PRESSFull page material deadline: 7th of each monthSOCCER WARRIORMonthly 16 -24 page Comic Book InsertSunday SunADVERTISING PACKAGE INVESTMENTRATE PER MONTH12 MONTHSFull Page Advert:198mm (w) x 265mm (h) with 5mm bleed.

Max 6 - 8 SponsorsFull Page AdvertsProduct PlacementBrandingR 108 900R 1 306 800Please Note: Above rates exclude VAT and agency commission.Trade exchange value: either R60 000 cash or specified value in products for the annual period (amortized over sponsorship period)On Street dates Monthly: last Sunday of the month , Weekly: every Tuesday

Weekly Comic Strip260mm (w) x 100mm (h)Daily Sun

Includes:Soccer WarriorComic StripRATE PER WEEK52 WEEKSN/ATRADE EXCHANGE2014