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  • Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandals ARTS, COMMERCE AND SCIENCE COLLEGE,

    JINTUR - 431509 (M.S.)

    Track ID: MHCOGN10761


    RE-ACCREDITATION (2014 2015)



    Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandals, Arts, Commerce and Science College,

    Jintur -431509 Dist. Parbhani. Maharashtra. Email : [email protected] Web :

    Phone no: 02457 220232 Fax No. 02457 220643

    Submitted to : The Director,

    National Assessment and Accreditation Council, P. O. Box 1075, Nagarbhavi,

    Bangalore - 560072, Karnataka ( India)

    mailto:[email protected]://

  • DSMJ/SR/31/2014-15/ Date : 30/11/2014 To, The Director, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Post Box No. 1075, Nagarbahvi, Bengolore-560072, Karnataka. (India.) Subject : Submission of the Self Study Report ( SSR ) for Re-accreditation (2nd Cycle.) Sir,

    With reference to the subject cited above, I am here with submitting the Self Study

    Report (SSR) of our college for the Institutional Re-accreditation (2nd Cycle) along

    with the CDs. The same has been uploaded on our college website.

    Kindly accept the report. Thanking you.

    Yours sincerely,


    Dr. S. L. Sadawarte Principal

    Copy to, 1. Director, BCUD SRTMU, Nanded.


    Academic Year 2014-2015 1 Dr. S. L. Sadawarte Chairman

    2 Dr. S. M. Kolhe Co-ordinator

    3 Dr. M. S. Sable Member

    4 Dr. S.G. Bhombe Member

    5 Dr. S.S. Paigavan Member

    6 Dr. S.S. Jadhav Member

    7 Prof. S.S. Rudrawar Member

    8 Dr. Sow. S.G. Dudhgaonkar Member from Management

    9 Shri B.R. Pawar Member from Local Society

    10 Mr. N.M. Shinde Alumni

    11 Mr. B. P. Tarte Student Representative

    12 Shri Mukund Sawaji Kalamkar Industrialist

    13 Mr. U. M. Shelke Administrative member


    Sr. No. Name Nomenclature

    1. Dr. M. S. Sable Coordinator

    2. Dr. P. B. Vajir Member

    3. Dr. B. K. Shinde Member

    4. Dr. S. M. Kolhe Member

    5. Prof. S. G. Bhombe Member

    6. Dr. S. S. Paigavan Member

    7. Dr. D. P. Kotwal Member

    8. Dr. A. S. Kadam Member

    9. Dr. S. S. Jadhav Member

    10. Dr. S. K. Gore Member

    11. Mr. U. M. Shelke Member


    Sr.No. Item Page No. Preface 1

    A Executive Summary The SWOC Analysis of the Institution


    B Profile of the Institution 11

    C Criterion-wise Analytical Report Criterion I: Curriculum Aspects 20

    Criterion II: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation 29

    Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension 48

    Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources 68

    Criterion V: Student Support and Progression 83

    Criterion VI: Governance, Leadership and Management 100

    Criterion VII: Innovations and Best Practices 107

    D Evaluative Report of the Departments

    1. Department of Marathi 126 2. Department of Hindi 132 3. Department of English 139 4. Department of Economics 145 5. Department of History 152 6. Department of Sociology 158 7. Department of Political Science 164 8. Department of Commerce 169 9. Department of Physics 178 10. Department of Electronics 184

  • 11. Department of Computer Science 190 12. Department of Zoology 195

    13. Department of Fishery Science 201 14. Department of Botany 208 15. Department of Chemistry 214 16. Department of Mathematics 220

    E Post-accreditation Initiatives 226

    F Declaration of the Head of the Institution 232

    G Certificate of Complaince 233

    H Annexure I-VIII

    i. 2(f) UGC letter 234 ii. 12(B) UGC letter 235 iii. 12(B) UGC letter 236 iv. Name change letter from UGC 237 v. Affiliation letter of the University 238 vi. NAAC Peer Team Report 239 vii. Accredirtation certificate by the NAAC 258 viii. XII Plan General Development Grant Letter from

    UGC 260

  • Self Study Report for Re-Accreditation Cycle 2 7

    Local Management Council

    1 Adv. Ganeshrao Dudhgaonkar President

    2 Dr. S. L. Sadawarte Secretary

    3 Dr. Sandhyatai Dudhgaonkar Member

    4 Shri Mukund Sundarlal Kalamkar Member

    5 Shri Bharatrao Ambadasrao Dudhgaonkar Member

    6 Adv. Babanrao Ghuge Member

    7 Dr. S. M. Kadam Member

    8 Dr. M. S. Sable Member

    9 Dr. D. P. Kotwal Member

    10 Shri .U. M. Shelke Member

  • D.S. Mandals Arts, Commerce and Science College, Jintur (M.S.)

    Self Study Report for Re-Accreditation Cycle 2 1


    Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal, Parbhani was founded in 1983 by

    Hon. Adv. G. N. Dudhgaonkar, Ex-minister for Technical Education, Maharashtra

    State as well as Ex-M.P, Parbhani constituency, to provide education to the rural

    students. In June 1983, the society has established the college at Jintur, the taluka that

    is regarded as hilly and educationally backward region. Initially, the college has

    started with Arts and Commerce faculties, but to keep pace with the growing demand

    and to develop scientific temper in the rural society, the science faculty was added to

    the college in1992. The institution has 2(f) as well as 12(B) recognition since 1988.

    At present, there are 34 permanent faculty members, and 07 faculties are

    appointed on temporary C.H.B. basis. The college has 26 number of supporting staff,

    working in different departments and administrative office. With this, college offers 3

    U.G. courses (B.A. B.Com. and B.Sc), which are run with the help of 16 different

    departments ( Arts-07, Comm.- 01 and Sci.-08). The college has 16 faculties

    recognized by SRTMU, Nanded as the research supervisors for Ph.D. degree, under

    their guidance, 20 candidates are working for their Ph.D. degree.

    Most of our students belong to economically poor and socially backward rural

    society. The college responsibly develops the self-confidence and social awareness

    along with self-dependence in the students. For this the formal education

    programmes are run along with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    In January, 2004 the college had successfully faced the first cycle of NAAC

    accreditation by securing B Grade. The recommendations made by the peer

    committee are successfully implemented for the development of college. Now with

    the submission of the present report, we expect a positive response from NAAC and

    request to send the peer committee for assessment of our college as early as possible.

    With thanks and greeting.

    Dr. S. L. Sadawarte PRINCIPAL

  • D.S. Mandals Arts, Commerce and Science College, Jintur (M.S.)

    Self Study Report for Re-Accreditation Cycle 2 2

    Executive Summary with the SWOC Analysis

    The vision Aa no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishwataha( Let noble thoughts come to us from every side) and the mission, we provide education for enlightenment and intellectual advancement of the rural students, to pursue the excellence in higher education and the goals and objectives of the college offer right direction and guidance to all the efforts. The college is pursuing these through its various activities. The summary of the efforts is given below.

    Criterion I : Curricular Aspects

    The college has clearly defined its activities and programmes to achieve its goals and objectives. Initially the college has the traditional programmes of B.A. and B.Com. but with changing environment it went on including B.Sc., with applied subjects like computer science and electronics. The college attempted to introduce BCA, Functional English and certificate course like Journalism as job oriented courses. For the need of career oriented course, college included short term course like Internet and communication training programme. The college has taken initiatives in restructuring, the curriculum at University level. The college has established its academic leadership; the teachers of this college are on board of studies, member of faculty, chairman of BOS and member of academic council in this university. Presently 09 teachers are elected as BOS member, 04 are member of faculty of science, 01 is member of faculty of commerce, 01 is member of faculty of social sciences, 02 are Copt member on BOS, 03 are chairman of BOS and 03 are member of academic council, also 02 are member of management council. In addition to this some teachers are invitee member on BOS for restructuring curriculum. In current academic year university introduced CGPA and CBCS system for entry year.

    SWOC Analysis Strengths:

    Traditional as well as applied and job oriented courses. Major contribution of faculty in curriculum designing and

    restructuring. Introduction of soft skill and personality development program at entry

    year. Weaknesses:

    Hilly and tribal area. Limited number of courses in campus. Huge unemployment leading to lack of motivation for education.


    To start post graduates courses in different subjects. To start NCC unit in campus. To start career oriented self financing courses.

  • D.S. Mandals Arts, Commerce and Sc