Rapid Prototyping for Computer Systems Final Presentation Spring 2011.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Rapid Prototyping for Computer SystemsFinal PresentationSpring 2011</p> <p>LOGO, </p> <p>hci-&gt; information, organization, and visualization -&gt; ling pipe - &gt; external apps -&gt; mobile workers -&gt; iso layer -&gt; done21/24/11</p> <p>Human Computer Interaction TeamPhase 3</p> <p>Shoshana HoltzblattMarcus PerezDavid RandallNicole FernandezRay LuongVikram ChatterjiChung-Yi Chi04/27/2011223</p> <p>Professional InterviewsSix professionals involved in distributed workLiterature ReviewAcademic Interviews with Social ScientistsRobert Kraut and Niki KitturJim Herbsleb and Laura DabbishIn-Class PresentationsDavid KrackhardtRamayya KrishnanGathered Research4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201134</p> <p>Finding Experts is Hard Corporate MemoryVisibility of Interruptability &amp; AvailabilityNotification &amp; ConfirmationDigital PresenceCommunication and CollaborationLack of Informal Communication Lack of Personal ConnectionKey Findings: The Problems4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201145</p> <p>6</p> <p>Finding an expertFinding a new projectMonitor my teamThe Three Visionary Scenarios4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201167</p> <p>Low FidelityMedium FidelityFinal Mock-upsStatus StoneMobilePrototype Development4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201178</p> <p>9</p> <p>10</p> <p>Interactive Prototype Testing10 users from across campusCogToolHeuristic EvaluationTesting4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111011</p> <p>Kiva Time: 70 secondsPinquu Time: 15 seconds</p> <p>Cog Tool Findings4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111112</p> <p>Availability was a challengeClickability was tough to determineVisibility of forums/QA SystemsNavigation Breadcrumbs would be helpfulUser Testing Findings4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111213</p> <p>Team Screen/IM integrationForums/QA DevelopmentImprovements to Wall of ProjectProject ProjectionsReal-time coding supportAvailability NotificationStatus Stone changesFuture Development4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201113141/24/11</p> <p>Information Organization &amp; VisualizationPhase 3</p> <p>Paul ChoSuongsun HongJaejoon LeeRachita ChandraAjay GhadiyaramPaul CaravelliJiHoon Kim04/27/2011141415</p> <p>Who we are</p> <p>Process </p> <p>DevelopmentOverview4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111516</p> <p>Information OrganizationWhat to showProjects, People, Document, Comments, Status, etcHow to organizeProject page, User profiles, Search Result</p> <p>Who We Are4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201116</p> <p>17</p> <p>VisualizationHow to showGraphs, Charts, Grid, ListLocationClick redirection</p> <p>Building a GUI</p> <p>Who We Are4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111718</p> <p>Interaction with HCI groupMockups and requirementsProcess4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111819</p> <p>Interaction with ISO groupXML Specifications, Requests, and ResponseProcess4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20111920</p> <p>Testing and ImprovementsDevelopment4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20112021</p> <p>System IntegrationSearchsearch by selected categoryDocument SharingUpdate relevant pages (recent activities, project page)Lingpipe Development4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/2011211/24/11</p> <p>External Applications</p> <p>Skylar RoebuckYumin WongCassie LiYiling TayPo HuangIvan Lee22</p> <p>Brief Description of Teams</p> <p>Features and technical infoFlowchart Process</p> <p>Screenshots of Usage</p> <p>Overview234/27/2011</p> <p>Instant Messaging</p> <p>24</p> <p>Deployment of Openfire Server to implement XMPP protocol</p> <p>MYSQL database to synchronize data with server</p> <p>Chat client of choice: Spark(Windows and Linux), Adium(Mac)</p> <p>Instant Messaging Team254/27/2011</p> <p>Openfire is a java based server implementation</p> <p>XMPP protocol is open sourced and secure</p> <p>Future improvements on server capabilities possible through plugins</p> <p>Setup relies on a dual database configuration </p> <p>Automatic user synchronization with ISO database </p> <p>Features and Technical Info264/27/2011</p> <p>Flow Chart ProcessISODATABASEOPENFIREDATABASEOPENFIRESERVERIM CLIENTIM CLIENTIM CLIENT274/27/2011</p> <p>Screenshots of Usage</p> <p>284/27/2011</p> <p>Screenshots of Usage</p> <p>294/27/2011</p> <p>Document Sharing</p> <p>30</p> <p>Use of iFolder to implement secure online storage</p> <p>Ease of file synchronization and retrieval across computers</p> <p>Cross platform solution</p> <p>Document SharingTeam314/27/2011</p> <p>ChallengesUpdate iFolder Users with Kiva UsersIdentify File-path associated with each user's shared folder</p> <p>SolutionUsing iFolder's UserCmd.exeUser Bash ScriptFile-path Bash Script</p> <p>Features and Technical Info324/27/2011</p> <p>Flow Chart Process</p> <p>33</p> <p>Screenshots of Usage</p> <p>34</p> <p>Screenshots of Usage</p> <p>354/27/2011</p> <p>361/24/11</p> <p>Isolation Layer TeamPhase 3</p> <p>Kendra Garwin Andrew YiSkanda MohanDavid WangSkanda Mohan</p> <p>04/27/2011363637</p> <p>What is Iso-Layer?The layer that isolates the database from other modules.Incorporated later after being recommended by Eric Rose.</p> <p>Reason:Better modularity. Hence, better structure.Overview4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20113738</p> <p>Statistics: Packages and their handlers: 10 classes, 85 packages, avg ~ 50 SLOC/package</p> <p>External Packages Programs: Dispatcher, Commands class, Diagnostic UI etc.</p> <p>Connecting to other modules: External Applications, IOV, Infrastructure</p> <p>Composition4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20113839</p> <p>CompositionClassPackageAnalysis ClassClass, Group, User and ExpertiseClass ClassAdd, Remove, Files, Groups etcFile ClassCreate, Destroy, Get, InfoFriends ClassAccept, Add, Ignore, List etc.General ClassFile, Link, Meeting, Post etcGroup ClassAdd, Remove, File, Info etc.Meeting ClassAdd, Create, Date/time, File etcUser ClassConnect, Disconnect, Expert, Get StatusWeb ClassCreate, Destroy, InfoWhiteboard ClassFile-path, Meeting, Users4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20113940</p> <p>Working (Request)DispatcherData BaseBLACK BOX</p> <p>USERPackageCommand HandlerXML commandRequestIso LayerXML command XML command parametersSQL commandrequest 4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20114041</p> <p>Working (Response)DispatcherData BaseBLACK BOX</p> <p>USERPackageCommand HandlerXML commandResponseIso LayerXML command XML command parametersSQL commandResponse 4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20114142</p> <p>A diagnostic GUI provided (with major modifications).Testing</p> <p>4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201142431/24/11</p> <p>Database and Content AnalysisPhase 3</p> <p>Rohith SalimJason LeiSteve Luminais</p> <p>04/27/201143</p> <p>Interaction Architecture</p> <p>4/27/201144</p> <p>04/27/201144</p> <p>What is LingPipe4/27/201145A toolkit for processing text using computational linguistics</p> <p>Used to do tasks likeFind names of people, organizations etc in newsAutomatically classify Twitter results into categories (Topics)Annotating Databases of Information</p> <p>04/27/201145</p> <p>Input to Output4/27/201146Fed it three documents regarding Sensors</p> <p>Topics GeneratedSensors, Voltage etc.</p> <p>Generated through Linear Discriminant Analysis AlgorithmClustering of words</p> <p>ConclusionNeed a larger sample set</p> <p>04/27/201146</p> <p>How we use it4/27/201147Use LingPipe on existing Database to create topics from the documents and posts uploaded</p> <p>Create a People-Web whereby different people are linked together if they have common expertise</p> <p>04/27/201147</p> <p>What is BirdEye4/27/201148Open source Information Visualization and Visual Analytics library for Adobe Flex</p> <p>Community ProjectEnables users to create multi-dimensional data visualization for analysis and presentation of information</p> <p>04/27/201148</p> <p>How we use it4/27/201149Represent the data extracted by LingPipe in a visually appealing manner</p> <p>04/27/201149</p> <p>Overall Design4/27/201150Isolation layer gets information from database </p> <p>Sends Information as an XML file to LingPipe</p> <p>LingPipe extracts the meaningful words(topics) out of these words</p> <p>BirdEye then uses this information to create a visual, interactable representation</p> <p>04/27/201150</p> <p>Final Progress4/27/201151LingPipe+BirdEye+Apache on Work machine</p> <p>Connected With the Kiva Database through Isolation layer to obtain files</p> <p>Created a People to Expertise model </p> <p>Created an easy way for people to filter certain topics</p> <p>Created a shell script to automate the entire topic generation process</p> <p>04/27/201151521/24/11</p> <p>Mobile Workers and InfrastructurePhase 3</p> <p>Thomas TzouDaniel LinRohit BanerjeeChristopher JoRika NakaharaRantao ChenVeeren Mandalia</p> <p>04/27/20115253</p> <p>Hardware Architecture</p> <p>Supported Technologies</p> <p>What is doneWhat is being done</p> <p>Q &amp; A</p> <p>Overview4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115354</p> <p>Hardware Architecture4/27/2011SW Server Database / Desktop ComputerRouterPC LaptopWiimote/ IR PensWebcam w/ Built-in MicPhonePico ProjectorProjectorKeyDevelopmentWork RoomMobile WorkerWired Connection802.11 WirelessBluetooth WirelessWebcam w/ Built-in MicStatus StoneAndroid App(Mobile Pinquu)</p> <p>04/27/20115455</p> <p>Status Stone</p> <p>Virtual Whiteboard</p> <p>Pico Projector</p> <p>-External Apps - AndroidSupported Technologies</p> <p>4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115556</p> <p>-Wired and (potential)Wireless Communication (over Bluetooth to host); sends status updates to Kiva Database</p> <p>Motivation: Quick way to change user status without spending precious time looking around in a chat client for the status change icon</p> <p>Physically rotate device to change user status</p> <p>2 LEDsGreen: Available StatusRed: Busy StatusStatus Stone</p> <p>4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115657</p> <p>Built from Johnny Lees Cheap Whiteboard</p> <p>Motivation: Marker-less method to share information during business meetings, even across a network, with automatic saves</p> <p>Uses IR Pens to draw on any surface with a video outputProjectorPico ProjectorComputer ScreenTV</p> <p>Wiimote captures IR Pen inputUses Bluetooth to transmit data back to host machineVirtual WhiteboardProjection surfaceUser with IR PenWiimote454/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115758</p> <p>Portable laser projector</p> <p>Motivation: Enable access to Mobile Conference room and even a Mobile Virtual Whiteboard</p> <p>Always in focusPico Projector</p> <p>4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115859</p> <p>Mobile Version of Pinquu built on Android Platform</p> <p>Essentially a mobile website with links to Kiva database backend</p> <p>Able to login, post to Kiva etc.Android Application</p> <p>4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20115960</p> <p>Status StonePhysical device built (circuits) with flip actionConnects wirelessly with host computer (Bluetooth)Able to send information (email + network)</p> <p>Virtual WhiteboardJohnny Lee Cheap Whiteboard vanilla functionality workingMultiple IR pen tracking to imitate mouse pointerMS Paint3 Versions of IR Pen</p> <p>Pico ProjectorTested video with iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2What is done</p> <p>Wiimote-Android Application -Mobile Version of Pinquu GUI which links to Kiva Database4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/20116061</p> <p>Questions??4/27/2011</p> <p>04/27/201161</p>


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