Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup

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  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    S.O.S e - Voice ForJustice- e-news weeklySpreadingthe lightof humanity & freedom

    Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.08..Issue.48........30/11/2013

    Role of Vaiko !arunanidhi in Ra"i# assassination not pro$ed%

    he chief in#estigating officer of the Ra"i# 'andhi assassinationcase ! Ragothaman has alleged that the then ()! leader Vaiko asa prosecution witness turned hostile and escaped the charge forper"ury at the $ehest of the former S* chief ( R !arthikeyan.*n his $ook +onspiracy to kill Ra"i# 'andhi , from +* files%Ragothaman said that during the in#estigation more than // #ideocassettes were sei0ed including a cassette titled *n tigers ca#e%

    re#ealing Vaiko%s clandestine #isit to the 12 area in Jaffna.34e was speaking #ulgarly a$out Ra"i# 'andhi and spitting #enomon Ra"i#. *t is also found that he met 5ottu 6mman when he wasintroduced to him $y 5ra$hakaran. Vaiko was not 7uestioned onthis. 6lso he was made witness to speak a$out his con#ersationwith 5ra$hakaran while he was kept in the 6shoka 4otel prior tosigning of *ndo-Sri 1anka accord8 Ragothaman wrote.(uring the trial Vaiko refused to admit #oice on a #ideo clip of ameeting secured $y in#estigators in which he is heard saying thathe told 5ra$hakaran o#er the intercom in 6shoka 4otel that Ra"i#'andhi sta$$ed him in the $ack and the proposed accord was not

    the solution for achie#ing amil 2elam.% Soon after the meeting$etween 5ra$hakaran and Ra"i# 'andhi on the *ndo-Sri 1ankaaccord Vaiko had a talk with 5ra$hakaran on intercom.Ragothaman has also dragged ()! patriarch !arunanidhi whoa$ruptly cancelled his meeting at Sriperum$udur on )ay 9: :;;:to the centre of contro#ersy. Ragothaman wrote 3

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    #ehemently refuted the charges authored $y his own team mem$er.34e is flogging the dead horse. >o way can any$ody 7uestion theintegrity of an in#estigation and nothing remains to $e done. 6ll theaspects were e=plored $y the ?/-mem$er team 9/ years ago and S*had recei#ed words of appreciation from two "udicial commissions

    on record. he Supreme +ourt placed on record appreciation for myleadership8 !arthikeyan told 2=press.

    S(5* demands re-opening of pro$e into Ra"i# 'andhi%s assassinationcase

    hopal@ he Social (emocratic 5arty of *ndia AS(5*B has demandedthe re-opening of the pro$e into former 5rime )inister Ra"i#'andhi%s assassination case after 9: years following a sensationaldisclosure that a crucial #ideo of the assassination was suppressed$y the then * A*ntelligence ureauB +hief and now arayanan had $een 3allowed togo scot-free8 $y the S* chief (. R. !arthikeyan.Similarly the statement said that 6d#. S. (oraisamy who pleadedfor >alini one of those con#icted in the Ra"i# 'andhi assassination

    case has written a $ook claiming to unra#el the mysteries and nailthe $ungling $y the S* chief !arthikeyan. he soon-to-$e pu$lished$ook tentati#ely titled 3)ysteries and Secrets ehind the Ra"i#'andhi )urder8 alleges a larger conspiracy.S(5* chief wondered that a nation%s leader is assassinated and e#enthat has to $e suppressed. 3So much for freedom of speech ande=pression and national security. (ig deeper you will get to know$eyond 12 in Ra"i#%s assassination. here are too many loop

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    holes con#enient decisions taken in finishing Ra"i#%s case in orderto frame 12 and put a full stop. )any facts were not properlyin#estigated. )any issues were suppressed as the $ook says $y>arayanan and !arthikeyan. Ra"i# 'andhi was killed not only $y the1ankan amils $ut also allegedly $y some +ongressmen8 he added.

    4e pointed out that the alleged manipulation according toRagothaman was meant to erase #ideo e#idence of the kind ofpeople (hanu had interacted with at the #enue there$y sparingem$arrassment to the +ongress party in the middle of the :;;: 1okSa$ha elections. he author asked@ arayanan ha#e dared3to damage the goal of the +ongress party irrespecti#e of hispersonal affiliation to Ra"i# 'andhi%s familyC8 6s such >arayanan%sconnections are of dou$tful nature and can $e pro$ed into tounra#el the truth.4e said that 6d#. (oraisamy who reportedly in an inter#iewremarked@ 3* ha#e the e#idence to pro#e that Ra"i# 'andhi murder

    was an inside "o$. ut the S* headed $y then *nspector 'eneral of5olice !arthikeyan ne#er pushed the in#estigation in the rightdirection8 re7uires a serious attention and should not $e wishedaway.)r. 6$u$acker said that in #iew of the re#elations made in the two$ooks the unpleasant facts should not $e swept under the carpet$ut thoroughly in#estigated to unmask the real conspirators and theculprits so that the people at large know the faces who eliminatedthe former 5rime )inister for their #ested interests.Following the assassination of Ra"i# 'andhi mysterious forces like 5.V. >arsimha Rao took the top slot of *ndian administration. Since

    Rao%s era *ndia%s cooperation with *srael has increased manifolds atthe cost of struggling 5alestinian%s woes. he influence of theDnited States of 6merica also increased on the *ndianadministration he added.

    Ra"i# 6ssasination , Dnanswered 7uestions

    Ra"i# 'andhi assasination , lea#es many unanswered 7uestions ,Dnsol#ed pu00les. For whom did Ra"i# 'andhi got assisinated CSudhangan raised #arious 7uestions which didn%t get answers till

    9//;. 4ere are those 7uestions that are unanswered@:B On 9: -)ay-:;;: Ra"i# gandhi started from (elhi for electioncampaign and reached +hennai through the route Orissa and 6ndra5radesh. 4ow did he accepted that midnight meeting atSriperam$uthur which was not in the agenda of amil>adu +ongresscommitte. C9B *s there any plan made somewhere to $ring Ra"i# 'andhi toSriperam$athur some how C

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    EB he Security official )r O.5.Sagar was there with Ra"i# 'andhiwhen he campaigned at hu$aneshwar and Vishakapattinam. ut hedidnt come to chennai along with Ra"i#.

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    was not happy with Ra"i# for the a$o#e reason C:B 5alestinian >ational 6uthority president )r. asser 6rafatinformed to the indian prime minister during the time )r.+handrasekar that Ra"i# 'andhi%s life is under threat%. From wheredid 6rafat got this information C

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup



  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    1i$eration igers of amil 2elam from $eing called the conspirators$ehind Ra"i#%s killing. *n this inter#iew with rediff.com%s Vicky>an"appa Ragothaman speaks a$out the conspiracy and the hurdlesthat were faced in a pro$e in which many aspects were hushed up.4ow has your $ook $een recei#edC

    hat is too early to tell. *t is "ust out $ut is under de$ate. 1et uswait and watch.ou write that (ra#ida )unetra !a0hagam chief ) !arunanidhi%s *mages P scheduled pu$lic meeting in Sriperum$udur on )ay 9::;;: the day Ra"i# was killed was a$ruptly cancelled.!arunanidhi was to address a meeting at QO clock that e#ening twohours $efore Ra"i#%s meeting. he police had made allarrangements. hen there was a telegram from the 6nna 6ri#alyampostal office "urisdiction that the meeting was cancelled.* pro$ed the sender of that telegram. * was told to ask !arunanidhia$out the same. 4owe#er * could not in#estigate him directly.

    1ater * was told $y my superiors that the matter was $eing lookedinto and * should remain 7uiet.* was also told that it was a director general of police Rangaswamywho had ad#ised that the meeting $e cancelled. 4owe#er when *looked at the Rangaswamy affida#it it read that he had ordered asmuch police force as possi$le in #iew of this meeting.* also attended the Jain commission in7uiry in which !arunanidhiwas e=amined. 4e had said then that it was the then go#ernorhishma >arayan Singh who had told him to cancel the meeting.1ook at the contradictions.

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    Vaiko sought to meet him $ut he was not allowed to do so. 4econ#ersed with 5ra$hakaran on the intercom during which thelatter told him 36nna this Ra"i# has $etrayed me. * feel likecommitting suicide as he is sealing my fate. ut * cannot kill myselfas * need to fight for my people.8

    Vaiko wrote a $ook later in which he mentions that 5ra$akaran hadthought of committing suicide.ell us more sir

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    source. !ittu incidentally was 5ra$hakaran%s right hand man. 6n12 man could ne#er ha#e $een a R6< mole and e#en (r Swamyhad termed this as a$surd.arayananC6 #ideo taken at the meeting on that ill-fated day in which there

    were images of (hanu was ne#er made a#aila$le to the +*. heassassination team was waiting for nearly two hours in a sterilearea. he original #ideo reached >arayanan.he go#ernment had decided to conduct an in#estigation in thisregard and this case was registered with the Special *n#estigatingeam and the +*. 4owe#er it was $uried. )y 7uestion is why noaction has $een taken for suppressing e#idence.*t was $eing said that (hanu had $arged into the meeting $ut this#ideo clearly shows that they were waiting for a long time. (4* 6S6SS*>6*O> +6S2.where-in only the tools of the conspirator%s were punished where asthe conspirators are roaming free. i ha#e raised this topic ofine7uity tra#esty of "ustice and sought a fair proper en7uiry& trial at #arious forums. $ut to no a#ail.the conspirators were distur$ed $y this and tried to silence me $y

  • 8/13/2019 Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Coverup


    threatening me physically assaulting me and e#en