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Torticollis with self help tips. Things you can do at home to help!

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  • Neck Pain?More than just waking upon the wrong side of the bed

    Torticollis 'twisted neck'affects 1 out of 5 AmericansSigns youmight haveTorticollis: Stiffness ofthe neck Neck musclespasmsspasms One side of the neck hurts more to tilt than the other The pain continues to getmore severe as time passes

    Seek Professional HelpRight away!


    (800) 280-1339Physical Therapy in Murrieta, CA

    Go to www.neck-pain.us or on yourphone go to theApp store installQR Code ReaderThen Scan thiscode to receiveFFree First TimeAdjustment

    Use a Heating padPut a washcloth inthe dryer for a fewminutes to warm.Apply heat andgently pull acrossthe athe area that hurts.

    ExerciseLay down on theedge of a bed.Have your neckand tops of yourshoulders overthe edge. the edge.

    Gently bendyour neck backand slowly bringit up. Repeat asnecessary.

    Try these simple tips to help