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OIE Global conferenceon Rabies control

Assuring quality and sustainability of rabies dog vaccination programme:vaccination rabies surveillancepost vaccination monitoring

7 - 9 September 2011Incheon-Seoul, KoreaFlorence Cliquet Jacques Barrat

European Union Reference Laboratory for Rabies

Nancy Laboratoryfor Rabies and Wildlife WHO Collaborating Centrefor Research and Managementin Zoonoses Control

OIE Reference Laboratoryfor Rabies

European Union Reference Institute for Rabies Serology

OIE Global conference on Rabies control - 7 - 9 September 2011 - Incheon-Seoul, KoreaAssuring quality and sustainability of rabies dog vaccination programme: vaccination rabies surveillance - post vaccination monitoring# 1Key pointsFinal objective of control measures: prevention and elimination of the disease in Humans.Mass vaccination of dogs is the most successful method for control and possibly elimination of dog mediated rabies (WHO, 2005). The theoretical level of vaccination coverage should be at least 70% (WHO, 2005) to lead to an average 0 incidence in both humans and animals.Given the high turnover of many dog populations, all dogs should be vaccinated, puppies (