QUICK START GUIDE - Paleo ?· SAVE – TIME, EFFORT & MISTAKES Get Lean with Paleo QUICK START GUIDE Learn How to Get Lean with Paleo Food Your 1st Step toward Your Natural Healthy

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    Get Lean with Paleo


    Learn How to Get Lean with Paleo Food

    Your 1st Step toward Your Natural Healthy

    and Lean Body

    Nils and Carin


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    Copyright 2014 by www.paleo123.com. All Rights Reserved. The Paleo Diet QUICK START GUIDE

    Introduction Thanks for downloading our new quick start guide for the paleo diet.

    Congratulations on taking one important step toward starting eating paleo.

    Because if youve been looking to have a secret edge to get a lean and firm

    body, this could be the most important step you have ever taken. And heres why:

    If you are anything like we were, you struggle to keep your body fit and trim but

    still for some reason after the day you turned 30 your body started to slide. You

    read health magazines and books, you workout, you eat healthy according to the

    latest recommendations, and still you lose some muscle tone here and you gain

    some fat there. You know pretty well what a miserable experience that is. First of

    all, if you cant get a lean body with what you are doing right now, your body will

    probably continue to slide as you get older. You will get more overweight as the

    years pass and you will have less energy to do the things you dream about.

    On the other hand though, if you use our method to get a lean and healthy body

    right now, your life will become better in ways its hard to even imagine. You will

    be able to keep your lean body for the rest of your life and never again have to

    worry about gaining weight. Think about it, how much energy are you actually

    wasting thinking about your health, weight, what to eat etc. Imagine how it would

    be if you never had to think about these things again, how much more energy

    would that free up for you? When you lose weight you will look better and feel

    good about yourself. That is something we are immensely thankful for today, we

    feel more attractive as well as more positive and we have much more meaningful

    relationships with our friends and family today.

    The reason why we are giving this guide away for free is to share our success and

    help you to reach your health goals and get the lean body you were born to have.

    To this day we remember exactly how we felt after reading about the paleo diet

    for the first time, it all made sense to us and we were excited to have stumbled


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    Copyright 2014 by www.paleo123.com. All Rights Reserved. The Paleo Diet QUICK START GUIDE

    upon this wonderful fast track to health but we were still confused about how this

    could fit in our everyday life and how to get started. That is exactly why we have

    written this guide, to share our best tips and make starting eating paleo the best

    decision you have ever made for your health!

    We are truly happy that you have downloaded this guide and our most sincere

    THANK YOU for doing so. We just love to help you on starting your path to

    reclaim your lean body. Please dont hesitate to contact us and tell us how we

    could improve this guide to help others, and of course tell us your success story -

    we would love to hear from you! Please stay in touch and let us know how things

    are working out for you.

    Please remember to download our free bonus paleo food chart as well because it

    is an important tool that will help you get started so that you get your lean body

    as fast as possible.

    E-mail us at any time at info@paleo123.com

    To Your Success,

    Nils and Carin


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    Copyright 2014 by www.paleo123.com. All Rights Reserved. The Paleo Diet QUICK START GUIDE

    Start Eating Paleo and Start

    Losing Weight You are about to learn about the Paleo diet and why paleo is so important to get

    you on track to your lean and healthy body. Let me tell you about the Paleo Diet

    so that you can understand how it will work for you to lose 18 pounds in 92 days

    or less (as I did. /Nils) so you improve health and energy and set up your life so

    that you dont ever again have to worry about your weight, which keeps you from

    using your full potential in all areas of your life.

    The basic idea with paleo eating and health is to provide your body with optimal

    food and nutrition, the very best food and nutrition that your body can easily

    digest and utilize for all the important processes going on in your body. The paleo

    diet is the way nature intended us to eat, if you want you could say its the natural

    way to eat, its the food that your body was made for. During our human

    evolution here on earth our bodies evolved to use the food that was available in

    our surroundings in the best possible way. That means that your body is designed

    to eat certain food items, while other, often more recent, food items are bad for

    the body. In other words, the human body has not adjusted to take advantage of

    these recent food items yet.

    The paleo diet (or Paleolithic diet, also referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age

    diet and hunter-gatherer diet) is the new current day way of eating as we did

    during the Paleolithic era, a period of about 2.5 million years duration that ended

    around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture.

    When humans started to range cattle and grow their own food, new food items

    were introduced to the diet, for example milk and other dairy products, grains,

    legumes, and refined sugar. However, our genetics did not keep up with this fast

    change in diet and several health conditions were introduced. The human race is


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    Copyright 2014 by www.paleo123.com. All Rights Reserved. The Paleo Diet QUICK START GUIDE

    still genetically adapted to the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors and the food that

    resembles this diet is optimal for our health.

    When studying archeological findings and modern-day hunter-gatherers

    researchers have found that these populations did not suffer from overweight.

    They did not show any evidence suffering from many of our modern day diseases

    either, for example high blood pressure, stroke, ischemic heart disease and


    New research has shown that when eating a paleo diet the following happens:

    weight loss, slimmer waist, reduced blood pressure, and reduced risk for stroke

    and heart attack.

    When eating modern food that your body never has adjusted to, you risk

    gaining weight and you also risk a lot of health problems like high blood pressure,

    type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

    So What Makes It All Work? Researchers have found that the paleo diet gives both weight loss and a leaner

    body with a slimmer waist. Among various indigenous people that live in a

    hunter-gatherers society, where almost all food is obtained from wild animals and

    wild plants, overweight is virtually nonexistent. These people basically eat the

    same food as our cavemen ancestors have done for hundreds of thousands of


    How can that be? What makes the paleo diet so effective in keeping the body fit

    and lean? The reason is simple; the food that makes up the paleo diet is the food

    that the human body was designed for. It is the food that humans can easily

    digest and it is the food that contains plenty of important nutrients without being

    loaded with empty calories. Think about it, if the food we ate would make us fat,

    would a fat caveman even stand a chance to survive in a dangerous and


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