Quick Release Locking Mechanism U.S. Patent No. For .FOLDRite Template Master: B-9 Author: foldfactory page 1
Quick Release Locking Mechanism U.S. Patent No. For .FOLDRite Template Master: B-9 Author: foldfactory page 2

Quick Release Locking Mechanism U.S. Patent No. For .FOLDRite Template Master: B-9 Author: foldfactory

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  • Grain Bin Rescue SleeveEasy Carry | Rapid Deployment | Affordable

    Think SafetySave Lives

    At Turtle Plastics, we feel that even just one grain entrapment accident is too many. We believe that The Turtle Tube is the best tool available today for rapid response horizontal grain bin entrapment accidents.

    Weve developed this educational brochure to raise awareness about potentially hazardous environments one may encounter.

    7400 Industrial Parkway DriveLorain, OH 44053

    440-282-8008 or 1-800-437-1603www.turtleplastics.com


    TT0319182018 Turtle Plastics. All rights reserved.

    This brochure is provided for general information purposes only. Please consult applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding agricultural operations for additional information and requirements.

    FEATURES Developedspecificallyforuseingrainhandling

    at food processing plants, breweries, elevators and grain transport vehicles

    Designed,developed,testedandbuiltbyfarmers and firefighters, working together to better save lives








    Part # Product Wgt

    TUTU-1 Turtle Tube 8.16 kg/18 lbs

    We stay on top of our industry by keeping you safe in yours

    U.S. Patent No.D809,210

    Quick Release Locking Mechanism For Rapid Deployment

  • THINK SAFETY SAVE LIVES TURTLE PLASTICSWHY QUICK RESPONSE IS CRITICALThe effort required to pull someone from grain is a major hindrance to quick rescue.A person buried to the waist in grain requires a force equivalent to their own body weight plus 160 pounds to free them. The force required to remove a person buried under grain can exceed 1,300 pounds.

    ENTRAPMENT | GRAIN FLOWIt takes just five seconds for a person to become engulfed by flowing grain; it takes 60 seconds to become completely submerged and risk death by suffocation.Responsetimeiscritical,andhavingtheproper equipment to facilitate a speedy rescue is crucial.

    ENTRAPMENT CATEGORIESEntrapment in a grain bin is a leading cause of injury or death for farm workers. You can become entrapped in flowing grain in many ways.

    165 lb.person




    =325 lbs.

    165 lb.person




    =625 lbs.


    165 lb.person




    =800 lbs.

    165 lb.person




    =1500 lbs.

    0 15 30 45 60Elapsed Time (seconds)


    Based on a 10-inch auger unloading at a rate of 4,086 bushels per hour.

    Chart Sources : Purdue University, Iowa State University

    Unloading Entrapment

    The most common entrapment, caused when an individual becomes engulfed in flowing grain that is being unloaded from a bin.

    Bridging Entrapment

    An individual falls through crusted grain into a cavity created as a result of unloading a portion of the grain.

    Avalanche Entrapment

    Canhappenwhenverticallycrusted grain becomes dislodged and engulfs the individual (one person died in just 12 inches of corn.

    Grain Transport Vehicle (GTV) Entrapment

    A danger when an individual becomes engulfed in grain while located in a grain transport vehicle.

    The Turtle Tube is easily deployed around the entrapped person to create a barrier against added pressure from the grain, as well as from the rescue workers.