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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Quick Reference

    Before Initial Use

    � Insert the batteries

    1 Turn off the device and position your thumbs on the arrows on the batterycompartment cover located on the bottom of the device. Push the cover in the direction of the arrows to remove the cover.

    2 Insert the two attached AAA size batteries and make sure that their poles(+ and -) are correctly aligned. Install the battery cover again.

    � Reset device

    1 Press Reset on the bottom of the device.Open the device cover and adjust the display angle for the best visibility. 2 A message that reads "システムを初期化しますか?/是否要初始化系统?/Doyou want to reset?". To initialize the system, select "Yes" and press


    3 A message that reads "タッチスクリーン補正 をスタイラスでタップしてください"(Touch screen calibration. Please tap mark) appears on the display. With the stylus pen, tap the four at the corners and then they will be disappeared.

    4 After the display for the battery type setting and for the contrast adjustmentsetting, the menu is displayed, and the device is ready for use. � Switch display language At the Setup menu screen, the display language can be switched among Japanese, English and Chinese. The Setup menu screen can be found on the Menu screen. (Select contents from the menu screen Refer to P.283.)

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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Key Functions

    Quick Reference




    • Input hyphen (-) • Select 4 tones in pinyin input. • Check a tick box in Wordmemo, Study contents and Audio Book. • Input * or ? in wild card search. • Input & to link words in example search. • Insert space in Memo.

    Backlight Key

    Register / Delete key


    Menu Key2

    Multiple Search / Wordmemo Key3

    4 • Bookmark words/phrases in main text screen. • Underline the selected text in Wordmemo. • Create/edit Memo

    • Refer to common expressions, compound words, fixed expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms.

    • Shift search method between single and Multi-Key Search. • Shift input method in the Memo edit screen.

    • Select words in Jump, TTS and Maker functions. • Run spell checker in the spell input field.

    • Alter display font size • Zoom one character

    • Display the previous History of searched words in the current dictionary.

    • Show some hints in the Study Contents.








    Shift Key


    Cursor key (screen/line scroll)





    17 • Eng-Jpn / Jpn-Eng • Press and then for Audio Book.


    • Enter/Translate • Example sentence key


    Return Key

    Previous/Next entry headword key

    On/Off Key

    • Pronunciation Key • Press and then to start voice comparison and

    voice recording.

    Daijirin / Chinese Usage Index

    • Chn-Jpn / Jpn-Chn • Press and then for Chinese Dialect Link.

    MP3 Player / Voice Recording Key

    22~33 1515~1919


    5~10 12~13






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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Quick Reference

    Basic Operations

    � Turn the power on Open the device cover/Press

    Either open the device cover or press to turn on. The last viewed screen appears on the display.

    The device can also be turned on by pressing any of following keys: .

    The initial screen of the selected content appears on the display.

    � Turn the backlight on Press to the backlight to enable reading in poorly lit environments.

    � Turn the power off Close the device cover/Press When the device is power on, close the device cover or press turns the power off. If the cover is closed during MP3

    playback, playback continues with the cover closed.

    The unit itself will automatically turn off to save energy in case keys have not been pressed for a certain period of time.

    � Select contents from the menu screen

    1 Press to display the menu screen. Select a content category by moving thecursor with / . After selecting a category, move / to select the desired content.

    2 Press to display the search screen.*Content can also be selected by pressing the alphabet key of the letter at the head of the displayed content.

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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Quick Reference

    My The content names which can be registered at “My Menu” Chn1 Chinese-Japanese Japanese-Chinese CHU-NICHI DAI-JITEN

    XianDai Chinese-Chinese OXFORD Chinese-English OXFORD English-Chinese JapaneseChinese PC Chn-Jpn Dictionary of New Words Jpn-Chn-Eng Electronic Terms Chinese Usage Index

    Chn2 Daily Chinese Conversation Chinese Conversation Chinese Reading Guide of Japanese Name Shanghaiese for the Beginners Taiwanese for the Beginners Cantonese for the Beginners E-mail Expressions in Chinese Chinese Dialect Link

    Eng Genius Unabridged English-Japanese Genius Japanese-English OXFORD OALD OXFORD Thesaurus OXFORD Phrasal Verbs OXFORD Idioms Royal English Grammar English Business Letter and E-mail English Expressions Database 1200 New TOEIC® Test Mastery 2000

    Jpn Super Daijirin Kanjigen Consise Katakana PC Encyclopedia Listen Daily Chinese Conversation Shanghaiese for the Beginners Taiwanese for the Beginners

    Cantonese for the Beginners English Expressions Database 1200 New TOEIC® Test Mastery 2000 Write Dictation: Word (Chinese) Dictation: Example (Chinese) Dictation: Word (English)

    Dictation: Example (English) Tools Multiple Search Wordmemo MP3

    Voice Recording USB Dictionary Calculator Setup Setup Backup Card Card Menu

    Category of each content

    � Search words/phrases/sentences

    1 Move / to select an input field. Enter a search word or phrase with thecharacter keys. 2 A list of matched words/phrases will be displayed on the left side. A preview ofthe chosen headword is displayed on the right side. 3 Move / to select the appropriate word/phrase on the list and press to display the main text screen for the selected word/phrase.

    * Press to change the font size.

    * Select from the selection list, enter a list or icons by tapping with the stylus pen.

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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Quick Reference

    � Scroll screen ・ Arrows ( or ) indicate that the contents of the screen cannot be fully displayed. Press / to scroll up or down

    one line at a time.

    ・ In the search result list, press (or tap ) to scroll up by screen or press (or tap ) to scroll down by screen.

    ・ In the main text screen for the searched word, press (or tap ) to scroll down to the next screen or press (or tap ) to

    scroll back to the previous screen of the text.

    ・ In the main text screen for the searched word, press to display the previous entry or to display the next entry.

    � Display example sentences, references or lists When , , or appear on the main text screen, press to display example sentences,

    references or lists. Press again to close.

    � Return to search result screen While the main text screen is displayed, press to return to the search result screen.

    � See dictionary guide Move / in the search screen, select and press to refer to the guide.

    � Tree structure list < Descriptions of and > in front of an item on the tree structure list indicates that the item contains sub-items. Select an item with in front of

    it and then press the or key to display the list of sub-items.

    Press the or key to return to the condition before the sub-items were displayed. in front of an item indicates

    that no sub-items are contained for the items. *When using the stylus, tapping an item displays a list of sub-items. Tapping the same item again returns to the condition before the sub-items were


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    Q u ic k R e fe re n c e (E n g lis h /

    中 文)

    Quick Reference

    � Data backup This feature saves the dictionaries, environmental settings, bookmarks, memo and other data of this device on a SD Memory Card.

    1 Load an unlocked SD Memory Card into the device. Select "バックアップ" (Backup) from the settings and press .Select "バックアップの開始 " (Start backup). 2 Enter a name for the data file in the file list. File names can be up to 8 numericalcharacters long. Press . 3 Select "はい " (Yes) to confirm file backup and press to start databackup.

    *Unlock the SD memory card before starting the data backup.

    *Do not eject the SD Memory Card or turn the power off while backing up data.

    Backup is complete when the message "バックアップが正常に終了しました" (Backup was successfully completed.) appears on the display.

    � Write data from SD Memory Card Data