Questioning Strategies Module 4

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Questioning Strategies Module 4. Housekeeping Dinner Sign-in gather your materials on table Update on Tech. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Questioning Strategies

    Module 4

  • Housekeeping

    Dinner Sign-in gather your materials on table Update on Tech

  • Research shows that in the home, children initiate significantly more than half of all questions. Though school is supposedly designed to offer a rich language and learning environment, Tizard and Hughes showed that children ask less than 5% of the questions at nursery school. This percentage doesnt improve much with time, with students in high school asking less than 15% of all questions, most of these being lower level questions



  • To think about

    How are effective questioning strategies used with students to help guide and model inquiry based learning in the classroom?

  • Find a partner at your table Compare a rubber band to questioning Share ideas Define question Base of question is quest What is a quest?

  • Do we ever take the quest out of questioning as teachers and parents?

  • Fostering a Classroom Culture That Values Questions?

    Provide opportunities to think and question

    What is it?Brainstorm questions with a partner to start thinking about this item.

  • Old Friend Bloom

    Tons of sites if your interested in developing good questions

  • If you did this with kids

    What types of questions would they ask?

    Would it be beneficial to label types of questions for them to see?

  • Questioning Strategies: Modeling FOR Students

    Case of the Rental House Questions Blooms?

  • To modify for our kids


  • What questions would you ask now?

    What was learned about Goldilocks?What makes you think that?What are the key ideas in the story?What other stories have you read that the main character behaved in an unsafe way?Is it ever ok to go into a strangers house?

  • Reflection

    How could this strategy help students to go beyond recall and facts?

    Would this work with you students?

    Are there benefits that can be gleaned from teaching kids to ask and identify these types of questions?

    How could you use this strategy?

  • Questioning Strategies: Questioning WITH Students

    How does good questioning model and guide kids toward inquiry- based learning?

  • Directions:

    Look at article Serial Questioners and Umble PieI will read intro and assign you a topic to learn. 12 sections. Count off by 12Explain your topic. Cross- talk ideas

  • Cross Talk

    I understand what ___________ is saying, but I wonder

    Heres my thoughts on that question. What do you think (pick someone)?

    Thats an interesting perspective, ___________. I wonder

  • Will question stems and variations of cross-talk like strategies of a prompt procedure help kids to EVENTUALLY ask deeper questions?

  • Questioning Strategies: Questions BY Students

    How many opportunities to we provide for students to create their own questions?

  • Example Task with Student Questions. (FM 16)

    How does this encourage kids to generate good questions?

  • 4 equal groups Look at the task cardsRead taskSeparate into a pile: Generates GOOD Questions and Wont Encourage Good Question GeneratingShare ideasPick one as a group, how could you tweak it to get better questions?

  • 1. Read one of ideas I gave you related to getting kids to create good questions

    2. Think about a lesson you currently do, a reading story, a science or social studies unit

    3. What ideas come to mind when you think abut using this idea or some for m of it in your planning.

  • What is the most significant thing you took from tonight?


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