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Page 1: Question 1

Evaluation QUESTION 1

Page 2: Question 1

The shots highlight the best bits of the film.

As the trailer is a thriller, the parts most highlighted, is the drama of blood in the bath, characters running away from each other, and the feeling that the characters are turning on each other and are involved in a bad business.

Page 3: Question 1

We are not shown the story in narrative order.

A girl appears throughout the trailer, with no indication who she is or any dialogue, but the impression the viewer may get is that she is a lover of one of the two main characters, but this indicates that not the entire trailer is in chronological order.

Page 4: Question 1

The trailer showcases the stars of the film.

As the USP of the movie is the storyline, the characters are not highlighted individually through titles etc. However the suspense of the main characters’ face being hidden at the start of the trailer showcases the importance of his character.

Page 5: Question 1

Visual images stay on screen for our mind to realize what we’re seeing.

To measure how long I should have the titles on screen I watched the trailer and timed how long it took to read them. With some shots I had to shorten them as they were on screen too long and the trailer was in danger of becoming boring.

Page 6: Question 1

Conversations between characters usually consist of one line each

The longest dialogue I had was from the Siri character; however there were around 15 shots on screen whilst the voice was playing so that it didn’t seem too long the voice was talking for. Other dialogue only consisted of one line each.

Page 7: Question 1

Unusual angles are often used to show events or characters

I used angles that emphasised different elements, for example for a slo-mo shot I angled it straight on so I could see the phone fall. Other shots I used shaky angles to add tension and portray the feelings of the character on screen.

Page 8: Question 1

Voiceovers are used to tell the story and give credit information

There is not a narrative voice over, but in parts there is the voice of a character talking over other shots giving a hint of the narrative.

Page 9: Question 1

Music helps create the atmosphere

I made sure that the music began on an impressionable point where the music would gradually build up to a climax at the end, the increase in tempo is what initiated the suspension and atmosphere with the complementary editing of shots.

Page 10: Question 1

The title appears only at the end.

Having the title of the movie at the end means that you have to grab the viewers attention right from the start so they will watch all the way through to find out the name of the movie.

Page 11: Question 1

The trailer builds to a climax

I tried to create a Climatic montage by speeding up the editing towards the end, the only way to make this as effective as it could be was to have the music also speeding up with the editing, as well as having more impact shots that didn’t take the brain long to realise what it was seeing,