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This is a magazine I created for my graphic design class at the Center for technology, Essex. It has interactive hyperlinks, QR Codes and table of contents.

Text of Quelle Magazine

Interview with the one and only

A fashion trend becomes too risky

A look back on original trends of 2010And their unwanted fame


Table O' ContentsFashion Thirsty Hey,Hey,Hey, 4-5 Heroin 6-8 Label of the 10no matter what age, race, ,size, or


Being only sixteen sometimes people dont realize what you are capable of, how receptive you are to the culture around you and how highly under-rated your thoughts can be. For a while now Ive just wanted my thoughts to be know to people who think the way I do, for people to realize that everyone has opinions you are. Pop culture is so followed but what about the other things in life. That is why I chose indie pop culture. For the other things in life that are important to a small majority of us. I live in a world of popularity drive culture but, I want to see the other side

Fresh Beats

thrive. To show that its okay to accept difference, that not everyone has to be a size 0 to be pretty and that its okay if you cant afford to buy those jeans. To love who you love and be who you want to be. Become your own muse, thrive to be yourself. If we all highlighted each other differences instead of shun them the world would be a happier, more open place.

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out. Especially after the beloved lead singer of Nirvana died this was extremely unexpected for such a high end fashion firm. With the slogan just be it almost made it seem like it was needed to become addicted to heroin to fit in with society. A few months past and there was a great change on the size of not only the models but musicians and actors too. You started to see the red carpet go from elegant healthy people to sickly bimbos. The image of being the perfect person is always on peoples minds. Some people will do what ever it takes to be like the celebrities. It is especially hard for younger girls to be different. Girls that looked perfectly fine were taking drastic measures to become heroin chic and look like Kate

The plague-like trend is back for more

By: Nya KeyThe 1990s, fashion had some crazy firsts. From crazy print sweatshirts to high waisted jeans and high tops, thats one fashion decade that will never be forgotten. Another fashion trend that dominated the 1990s was heroin chic. The idea of looking as junkie as possible with high end designers name on your labels was seen frequently on the red carpet. Heroin chic and Poor chic made a run for it a little after grunge music was born. Kurt Cobains ripped jeans, over sized fannel and old combat boots made a statement and was on everyones shopping list by the new year. His style was idolized by fans but shunned on by fashion designers. Kurt Cobains tragic death in 1994, alerted adults that young people needed to be aided about the dangers of cocaine. Highly respected people at the time like the president Bill Clinton had their say on heroin chic too. He stated that it was unnecessary to glamorize addition to sell popular clothes.

The models were portrayed as sick, dirty, pale, tired, paranoid, starved, pierced and tattooed, and strung out.

moss. A society where girls cant be comfortable with them selves isnt right. The daring trend slowly died as the millennium approached. While grudge music, combat boots and ripped stockings were being thrown away. Brittany Spears albums, boy band tickets and tamagotchis were slowly making their way to the top of everyones bill. Fashion was becoming sophisticated and plastic surgery the new trend. Heroin chic was in the past and many hoped it would never come back.

Heroin chic was in the past and many hoped it would never come back.

At the start of every decade old trends come back. In the 80s it was popular to wear you dads old button down and the 90s it was crazy printed anything. 2010 was almost like a melting pot for fashion. There was a little bit of every know fashion hi-light in this years wardrobe. That meant yes, heroin chic came back. Its not as strong as it was in the 90s. Heroin chic has become on the trendy unknown for many female hipsters. Celebrities like Alice glass, Karen O and Lindsey Lohan have all appear in heroin chic-esk outfits this year. Continued on page 8...


In 1996, Calvin Klein came out with the fragrance to be, the ad campaign featured well-known models like, Kate Moss, Felix DeNYeuert, Vincent Gallo and a few others. The models were portrayed as sick, dirty, pale, tired, paranoid, starved, pierced and tattooed, and strung - 7

Ways to look herion chic without hurtingthere is always a way to do something you saw that you liked with having to have the image that who are associated with that trend have, herion chic is the same way. you dont have to do drugs to dress herion chic, you dont have to be a size 00 either. this trend can be done fairly cheap. all you really have to do is look in you closte for old cloth, preferable dark and eath tones. you can find a good pair of doc martins or leather boots at most thrift stores. old tights were runs down the side create more and pair them with that little black dress thats a tad to short to wear to school. raid your parents closet to, hit the clearnce rack and places like good will before spending big bucks at places like urban outfitters. you dont have to wear dark makeup, but that would be a nice touch. a black lighte eyeshadown and minimal eyeliner is best. dont start doing drugs or start trying to lose alot of weight, theres no need to look sick for this trend. good luck on putting your own spin on it.

you self

So is this the start of the phenomenon all over again? While most critics bash celebrity for trash ways, other people crave it. Teens and young adults follow there ways to be know just like them. Their mistakes and drunken public appearances are applauded by fans. Alice glass gets high and brings a bottle of whiskey on stage and the crowd goes crazy. Her leather coat, tank dress and ripped tights she materialized are worn by a young fan the day after. Maybe they just dont realize how much their behavior effects the people around them. The thing is, its because their young adults that what they do is so important. You can look grungy without all the drug-use and bad lifestyle thats attached. Heroin-chic is a ballsy fashion statement pulled off by many of todays fashion icons. If its done right we wont have to worry about seeing more young people in rehab or learning about Lindsay Lohans new court date. Sure Ke$has says shes wakes up in the morning feeling like P Diddy but we all know with a life style like hers, her morning is accompanied by a head ache and many regrets. The truth needs to be said. Before people find out themselves. Dont blame a fashion trend blame the people that did it wrong.

8-December10 - 9

Label of the month.....

Stolen Club


Images courtesy of


Edgy, statement pieces are a must. If you want to draw you walk down the street check out label of December,Stolen Girlfriends Club. They started off as a psychedelic art pop band from new Zealand, their band sucked and no one came to their shows. They moved onto art, but were sued for copying famous artist, Basquiat. In a final attempt to make it big, they started a fashion line. Now, you can buy their stuff globally. Pieces from their collection are a bit pricey, but totally worth the broken piggy bank. - 11

interview with....



Courtesy of British magazine The Independent and Gavin Cuminerystal Castles are the Canadian duo, Ethan Kath and Alice Grass. Their nightmarish cyborg punk, encapsulating noise and warped melodies have captured the hearts of club kids around the world. Their self-titled debut album is filled with futuristic electro noises, holding moods and sensations that leave the listener spellbound but are sketchy on autobiographical detail. Crystal Castles are wreathed in mystery; they have given only a handful of interviews and agreed to few photoshoots even fewer where they reveal their faces.

other. Thats what Crimewave is. Next When I meet Kath, the bands multithing, its all over the internet and instrumentalist and producer, his eyes this label from London want to release are drowsy and almost concealed behind it. It wasnt a black hoodie. Its been Even though she has been a summer of constant battered, she is still standing meant to be a big thing. travelling, and it looks and staring defiantly. Almost overnight, to be catching up with Crystal Castles him. But hes not lost were in a music scene they had never sight of why theyre doing this. been a part of, in a country theyd Alice and I are focused on writing n

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