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  • QuarkXPress Keyboard Command Guide

    For Mac


  • Keyboard commands: Mac OS

    Menu commands (Mac OS) 3

    Dialog box commands (Mac OS) 7

    Palette commands (Mac OS) 8

    Project and layout commands (Mac OS) 11

    Item commands (Mac OS) 12

    Text commands (Mac OS) 14

    Picture commands (Mac OS) 19


    This document lists the keyboard commands for QuarkXPress 8.

  • Menu commands (Mac OS)QuarkXPress menuQuarkXPress Environment Option+About QuarkXPress or Control+Option+EPreferences z+Option+Shift+YQuit QuarkXPress z+Q

    File menuNew Project z+NNew Library z+Option+NOpen z+OClose z+WSave z+SSave as z+Shift+SRevert to last Auto Save Option+Revert to SavedImport z+ESave Text z+Option+EAppend z+Option+ASave Page as EPS z+Option+Shift+SPrint z+POutput Job z+Option+P

    Edit menuUndo z+Z Redo z+Y, z+Z, or z+Shift+Z (configurable)Cut z+XCopy z+CPaste z+VPaste In Place z+Option+Shift+VSelect All z+AFind/Change z+FClose Find/Change z+Option+F

    Edit menuParagraph pane (Preferences dialog box) z+Option+YTrapping pane (Preferences dialog box) Option+Shift+F12Tools pane (Preferences dialog box) Double-click tool in the Tools paletteStyle Sheets dialog box Shift+F11Colors dialog box Shift+F12H&Js dialog box z+Option+J


  • Menu commands (Mac OS)Style menu for textSize fi Other z+Shift+\Type StylesPlain z+Shift+PBold z+Shift+BItalic z+Shift+IUnderline z+Shift+UWord Underline z+Shift+WStrikethrough z+Shift+/Outline z+Shift+OShadow z+Shift+YAll Caps z+Shift+KSmall Caps z+Shift+HSuperscript z+Shift+=Subscript z+Shift+ - (hyphen)Superior z+Shift+VLigatures (not available in Plus and East Asian editions) z+Shift+G

    Character Attributes dialog box z+Shift+DChange story direction (Plus and East Asian editions only) z+Option+Shift+TRubi (Plus and East Asian editions only) z+Option+RGroup Characters (Plus and East Asian editions only) z+Shift+GAlignmentLeft z+Shift+LCentered z+Shift+CRight z+Shift+RJustified z+Shift+JForced z+Option+Shift+J

    Leading z+Shift+E

    Style menu for textFormats z+Shift+FTabs z+Shift+TRules z+Shift+NToggle Font Previews preference Shift+display Font submenu

    Style menu for picturesHalftone z+Shift+HCenter Picture z+Shift+MStretch Picture to Fit Box z+Shift+FScale Picture to Box (Proportionally) z+Option+Shift+F

    Style menu for linesWidth fi Other z+Shift+\


  • Menu commands (Mac OS)Item menuModify z+MFrame z+BRunaround z+TClipping z+Option+TDrop Shadow z+Option+Shift+DDuplicate z+DStep and Repeat z+Option+R Step and Repeat (Plus and East Asian editions only) z+Option+D Delete z+KGroup z+GUngroup z+ULock Position/Unlock Position F6Send to Back Shift+F5Bring to Front F5Bring Forward Option+Item fi Bring to Front or Option+F5Send Backward Option+Item fi Send to Back or Option+Shift+F5

    Item menuSpace/AlignApply Last z+Option+/Left Align (Item Relative) z+fLeft Align (Page Relative) Shift+z+fRight Align (Item Relative) z+gRight Align (Page Relative) Shift+z+gCenter Align Horizontal (Item Relative) z+[Center Align Horizontal (Page Relative) Shift+z+[Center Align Vertical (Item Relative) z+]Center Align Vertical (Page Relative) Shift+z+]Top Align (Item Relative) z+h

    Top Align (Page Relative) Shift+z+hBottom Align (Item Relative) z+iBottom Align (Page Relative) Shift+z+iDisplay Space/Align tab of Measurements palette z+, (comma)

    Shape (convert Bzier line to filled-center Bzier box) Option+ Item fi Shape fi [Bzier shape]EditRunaround Option+F4Clipping Path Option+Shift+F4

    Point/Segment TypeCorner Point Option+F1Smooth Point Option+F2Symmetrical Point Option+F3Straight Segment Option+Shift+F1Curved Segment Option+Shift+F2


  • Menu commands (Mac OS)Page menuGo to Page dialog box z+JDisplay this pages master page Shift+F10Display next master page Option+F10Display previous master page Option+Shift+F10Display Layout (when a master page is displayed) Shift+F10Page Properties (when a Web layout is active) z+Option+Shift+A

    Layout menuLayout Properties dialog box z+Option+Shift+P

    View menuFit in Window z+0 (zero)Fit largest spread in window Option+Fit in Window or z+Option+0 (zero)Actual Size z+1Thumbnails Shift+F6 or Option+Shift+F6Display/hide Guides F7Display/hide Page Grids Option+F7Display/hide Text Box Grids z+Option+F7Snap to Guides Shift+F7Snap to Page Grids Option+Shift+F7Display/hide Rulers z+RDisplay/hide Invisibles z+I

    Utilities menuCheck Spelling fi Word/Selection z+LCheck Spelling fi Story z+Option+LCheck Spelling fi Layout z+Option+Shift+LSuggested Hyphenation z+Option+Shift+HUsage dialog boxFonts pane z+F6 or F13Pictures pane z+Option+F6 or Option+F13

    Line Check fi Next Line z+;

    Window menuDisplay/hide Tools palette F8Display/hide Measurements palette F9Display/hide Page Layout palette F10Display/hide Style Sheets palette F11Display/hide Colors palette F12Display/hide Trap Information palette Option+F12Display/hide Lists palette Option+F11Display/hide Interactive palette z+Option+F8


  • Dialog box commands (Mac OS)Tabs in dialog boxesDisplay next tab z+Option+TabDisplay previous tab z+Option+Shift+Tab

    FieldsSelect next field TabSelect previous field Shift+TabSelect field with text insertion bar Double-clickCut z+XCopy z+CPaste z+VRevert fields to original values z+ZPerform math by combining operators + (addition)

    (subtraction)* (multiplication)/ (division)

    ButtonsOK (or bordered button) Return or EnterCancel z+. (period) or escYes z+YNo z+NApply z+ASet button in Tabs tab z+S

    (in Paragraph Attributes dialog box)

    Lists (in dialog boxes)Select consecutive items in list Shift+clickSelect nonconsecutive items in list z+click


  • Palette commands (Mac OS)Tools paletteDisplay/hide palette F8Display Tools pane of Preferences Double-click toolSwitch between Item tool and Text Content tool or Shift+F8Picture Content tool

    Select next tool Option+F8 or z+Option+TabSelect previous tool Option+Shift+F8 or z+Option+Shift+TabMove tool to main palette Control+select toolMove tool into pop-up tool list Control+click toolTool selection shortcuts

    (not available when Text Content tool is selected)Item tool VText tools TPicture Content tool RBox tools BLine tool LPen tools PTable tool GZoom tool ZPan tool X

    Measurements paletteDisplay/hide palette F9Select the Font field of the Classic tab or z+Option+M

    the Space/Align tab (or display palette)Select the Font field of the Classic tab or z+Option+Shift+M

    the Character Attributes tabToggle Font Preview preference Shift+display the Font drop-down menuSelect next field TabSelect previous field Shift+TabToggle forward through tabs z+Option+; (semicolon)Toggle backward through tabs z+Option+, (comma)Exit/Apply Return or EnterExit/Cancel z+. (period) or EscapeDisplay Space/Align tab z+, (comma)


  • Palette commands (Mac OS)Page Layout paletteDisplay/hide palette F10Display Insert Pages context menu Control+click in the paletteDisplay Insert Pages dialog box Option+drag master page into the layout area of the paletteDisplay absolute page number Option+click page

    Style Sheets paletteDisplay/hide palette F11Display Edit Style Sheet context menu Control+click style sheetDisplay Edit Style Sheet dialog box z+click style sheetApply No Style, then style sheet Option+click style sheet(apply to paragraph attributes only) Option+Shift+click paragraph style sheet

    Colors paletteDisplay/hide palette F12Display Colors dialog box z+click color nameDisplay Edit Colors context menu Control+click color name

    Trap Information paletteDisplay/hide palette Option+F12

    Lists paletteDisplay/hide palette Option+F11

    Index paletteDisplay palette z+Option+ISelect Text field z+Option+IClick Add button z+Option+Shift+IClick Add Reversed button Option+click Add buttonEdit selected index entry Double-click


  • Palette commands (Mac OS)Find/Change paletteDisplay palette z+FClose palette z+Option+FChange Find Next button to Find First Option+Find Next

    Tiling and stacking projectsWindow menuTile or Stack at actual size Control+Tile/Stack

    Tile or Stack at fit in window z+Tile/StackTile or Stack at thumbnails Option+Tile/StackShortcut to Window menu Shift+click title barTile or Stack at actual size from title bar Control+Shift+click title bar+Tile/StackTile or Stack at fit in window from title bar z+Shift+click title bar+Tile/StackTile or Stack at thumbnails from title bar Option+Shift+click title bar+Tile/Stack

    Displaying pagesGo to Page dialog box z+JDisplay this pages master page Shift+F10Display next master page Option+F10Display previous master page Option+Shift+F10Display Layout (when a master page is displayed) Shift+F10

    Changing viewsAccess View Percentage field Control+VAny view to Actual Size z+1Any view to Fit in Window z+0Any view to 200% z+Option+clickToggle between 100% and 200% z+Option+clickFit largest spread in window Option+Fit in Window or z+Option+0 (zero)Zoom in Control+Shift+click/dragZoom out Control+Option+click/drag

    Zoom in (not available when Text Content tool is selected) z+ + (plus)

    Zoom out (not available when Text Content tool is selected) z+ - (hyphen)

    Redrawing the screenStop redraw z+. (period)Force redraw z+Option+. (period)


  • Project and layout commands (Mac OS)Deleting ruler guidesDelete horizontal ruler guides Option+click horizontal rulerDelete vertical ruler guides Option+click vertical ruler

    Closing projectsClose project window z+WClose all project windows Option+click close box or z+Option+W

    ScrollingWith Pan tool Option+dragEnable Live Scroll (Input Settings preference off) Option+drag scroll boxDisable Live Scroll (Input Settings preference on) Option+drag scroll boxTo start of text Control+ATo end of text C