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  • qts.ltdMaterials Handling Manufacturer

  • design.Whether it be a standard or custom made solu-tion, all qts products are designed in house by our own team of qualified professionals using 3-D computer software tech-nology.

    manufacture.All qts products are manufactured under con-trolled conditions in our ISO9001:2000 registered premises or sourced from some of the leading names within the industry.

    advice.qts has a wealth of expe-rience in providing indus-trial storage solutions for every type of operation. You can contact qts safe in the knowledge that we will advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your business.

  • qts.ltdMaterials Handling

    Materials Handling Manufacturer

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  • EASY TO INSTALLFast and easy to install with no

    tools, fixing or fastenings


    IMPROVED FIRE SAFETYEnables the use of ESFR

    sprinkler systems, reducing

    costs and insurance premiums.

    ECONOMICALStrong, durable and long lasting

    offering a superior ROI and

    increased storage capacity.

    TESTED & CERTIFIEDIndependently tested and

    certified to guarantee load


    IMPROVED LIGHT LEVELSAllows light to penetrate to

    lower rack levels creating

    a brighter and efficient


    easySHELF Mesh DeckseasySHELF is a versatile range of wire mesh decks, suitable for pallet racking and longspan shelving. Whether storing pallets, boxes, garments or need a safe and strong picking area, there is an easySHELF for your application.

    WHY easySHELF?

    easySHELF wire decking provides an unmatched combination of innovative design, performance and value for money. All easySHELF decks are manufactured using quality-approved materials and to the highest standards at our production facilities in the UK and qts own manufacturing plant in China.

    70 Permeable


    t: 01455 633567 e: [email protected] w:

  • easySHELF waterfall is our most versatile deck capable of being used in a range of applications from pick-ing levels to pallet storage. Constructed from fusion welded steel and finish with mesh apertures as small as 25x25mm.

    easySHELF Waterfall

    easySHELF flat is a robust mesh deck, designed for small parts, cartons and archive boxes.Finished with front and rear horizontal wires, ensures no sharp edges and loading ease.

    easySHELF Flat

    easySHELF angle mesh deck, an alternative heavy duty stor-age application to easySHELF waterfall.

    Constructed with an steel angle perimeter and finished with reinforced wire mesh, to store loads in excess of 1000kgs.

    easySHELF Angle

    The easySHELF pick is a mesh deck which maximises space by creating a double sided pick face from a single bay. Compatible with both boxed and step beams, this angled variation allows for easier access and a clearer view of stock.

    easySHELF Pick

    The easySHELF step is a high-strength wire mesh deck designed for the use with step beams. Featuring an internal waterfall to match the pitch of the step creates a flush unrestricted loading level.

    easySHELF Step

    DECK DESIGN: easySHELF has 5 deck designs tailored to your specific application.

    MESH APERTURE: easySHELF is available in a range of mesh apertures with a 70% permeable surface.

    FINISH: Available in a range of finishes including: Bright zinc plate, powder coated and Hot dipped galvanized or plastic coated for outdoor use.

    SUPPORTS: Maximise load capacity and strength capability, with a range of supports including: flared supports, box section and reinforced rods.

    For more information, please visit orcontact your local qts authorised distributor.

  • STORGUARD partitioning is a durable cost-effective modular mesh paneled system, which can be customised to meet to your specific security requirements either as a straight wall or fully enclosed mesh cage.

    STORGUARD is easy to assemble on-site, with traditional bolts replaced with a unique bolt less bracket and pin mechanism resulting in a fast installation.



    Modular panels, posts and doors allows STORGUARD to be easily configured into a number of



    Framed panels provides strength

    and rigidity to for long lasting

    warehouse security.


    Suitable for all applications,

    budgets and security needs. Can

    help to reduce crime levels and

    insurance premiums.


    Unique bolt less bracket and pin mechanism results in a fast



    Solid construction creates addi-tional level of protection against

    unauthorised access, theft or

    criminal damage.

    t: 01455 633567 e: [email protected] w:


    STORGUARD offers a comprehensive range of single, double and sliding doors in a range of widths and heights to fit any industrial operation.

    CONFIGURATIONSSTORGUARD partitioning system can be configured into a number of variations in three heights starting from 2250mm.

    For optimised fitting, STORGUARD panels can be cut to size both horizontally and vertically and finished with a U-channel cap to protect and strengthen the edges.

    LOCKSSTORGUARD doors are available with a wide range of locks to maximise your door security including wireless electronic push pad,cylinder lock and simple padlock and hasp.

    Digital Combination Cylinder lockPadlock & HaspPush pad

    Double swing door Single Swing Door

    Single & Double Sliding Doors

    qts.ltdFor more information, please visit or contact your local qts authorised distributor.

  • Designed to create a protective barrier between warehouse operatives and displaced loads. RACKGUARDIAN mesh is a simple modular based anti-collapse solution, compatible with all major makes of pallet racking systems.

    Easy to install; the pre-drilled mesh panels are quickly bolted together and secured to the uprights using a range of universal stand-off brackets. For a customised installation, panels can be cut to size both horizontally and vertically and finished with a U- profile for a seamless finish.

    Additional height if required, can be achieved with various sized extensions bolted to existing uprights.





    RACKGUARDIAN is a modular

    paneled system which can

    be configured to any racking



    Creates a physical barrier to

    prevent accidents caused from

    dislodged goods falling on



    Framed panels provide strength

    and rigidity for long lasting



    Strong and durable offering

    a superior ROI and increased



    Fast and easy to install.

    Compatible with major racking


    t: 01455 633567 e: [email protected] w:

  • qts.ltdFor more information, visit or contact your local qts authorised distributor.



    FIXINGSRACKGUARDIAN is entirely self-supporting, using its own stand-off brackets to provide maximum strength. Bolted straight onto existing uprights to secure the screen between 50-300mm from rack face.

    ADJUSTMENTCustomising RACKGAURDIAN both in height and width to your racking structure could not be simpler, with the specially developed U-profile kit.

    Panels are simply cut to size and the U- profile wraps around to protect and strengthen the edges of cut-down panel.

    MESH PANELSConstructed from 3mm wire in a 50x50mm mesh aperture and enclosed in a 19mm box section frame work forming a durable protective barrier.

    Panels come in both full (2250) and half (1125) sized, ranging from 700mm to 1500mm.

    Standard colour: Graphite Grey RAL 7024




    t: 01455 633567 e: [email protected] w:





    To provide additional support between the beams for varying loads including pallets, stillages and sheet materials, qts offer a full range of customised rack supports to suit all applications.


    qts.ltdFor more information, please visit or contact your local qts authorised distributor.

  • qts.ltdMaterials Handling Manufacturer

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