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<p>QTP Interview Questions 1. What are the different scripting languages you could use when working with QTP ? 2. How do you test a column weather it is sorted asc or desc in QTP ? 3. How to use regular expression in any subscription form when registered. script running successfully but it gives error on submission form 4. The input to a program is three integer values. The three values are interpreted as representing three sides of a triangle. The program prints a message that states whether the triangle is scalene, isosceles, or equilateralScalene all three sides are of the triangle have different lengthsIsosceles any two sides of the triangle have same lengthsEquilateral all the three sides have equal lengths Write test cases (i.e., specific sets of data) that you feel would adequately</p> <p>5. How to Count No. of Check Boxes in a web page by using Descriptive programming? 6. QTP : Web table objects are not counted in the run time</p> <p>7. Synchronization points</p> <p>8. How to pass a key in the query while creating a database check point?</p> <p>9. QTP : Set the value to the winedit box in run time</p> <p>10. What is the difference between Database Check point and XML check point with examples? 11. How do you convert manual test cases to automated test cases. How do you create regression test packs How do you maintain your regression test packs when your requirement specification has gone obsolette i.e what do you do when you have a new version of reqt spec. How do you maintain the regression test pack when code changes in the application. How do you substitute hard coded values in the automated script with user defined data values from excel spreadsheet.</p> <p>12. How to identify special character thru regular expression in QTP for Java Based application</p> <p>13. How do we pass values between actions in one test other than by action call? 14. what are run time objects and what are Test objects.</p> <p>15. How do you check ticket cost and ticket number in flight application</p> <p>16. What is Descriptive Programming? Where we can use this Descriptive PRogramming in real time ?</p> <p>17. This question was asked in Philips. Suppose there is a printer and an software application , if u press print in application the printer starts printing. But while executing in QTP this suddenly the printer fails and QTP execution stops. iN order not to stop execution or to run the script what will be your approach ?</p> <p>18. How do you parametrize radio button? 19. What is the file extension of the code file &amp; object repository file in QTP? 20. Open QTP on Network 21. VBscript for any functionality 22. Why only QTP?</p> <p>23. Write VBscript without using QTP Recording</p> <p>24. stop QTP from recording mouse clicks</p> <p>25. How to Submit data from an external file to a url using QTP</p> <p>26. Compare UAT with Production Web Page</p> <p>27. How verify a particular row item in data grid control?</p> <p>28. Debug QTP Automation Script</p> <p>29. What is the difference between application testing and product testing? 30. What is CMMP and CMMH? 31. database checkpoint</p> <p>32. How do you open adobe acrobat file in QTP and do some testing on that file ?</p> <p>33. Descriptive programming in QTP for a website .</p> <p>34. Checkpoints in functions</p> <p>35. How to retrieve values, from different inactive textfields, and put all these under each other in a split, in an excel-table?</p> <p>36. SAP application automating using QTP</p> <p>37. What is the size of the Object Repository ?</p> <p>38. If we put all properties in mandatory and assistive list of Normal Identification, Do we still need Smart Identification? Why? 39. How to upload excel files into Quality Center using QTP Script and how to delete excel files from Quality Center using QTP Script?</p> <p>40. Can a QTP script have two OR's, if so while using one OR sheet, how do you associate the 2nd OR.</p> <p>42. what is a file system object in QTP</p> <p>43. QTP not getting the object</p> <p>44. How to break the object spy ?</p> <p>45. QTP data table question 46. checking background color and images using QTP</p> <p>47. what is the difference between global function and reusable action?</p> <p>48. How do you connect to database using vbscript ?</p> <p>49. How to handle dynamic objects in QTP? 50. What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser 51. how to capture the dynamically changing datas in web page thru QTP coding?any sample coding for the above</p> <p>52. If an application name changes frequently, i.e. while recording it has a name Window1 and then while running it becomes Window2. How does QTP handle this?</p> <p>53. Export data Sheet from qtp to quality center 55. Can any one pls tell me about how to configure the environment variables in qtp and how to use the variables, with example:</p> <p>56. How QTP identify the system time that's changes every seconds?</p> <p>57. how can we export the "test result" to any excel sheet automatically after completion of execution of test???</p> <p>58. QTP Descriptive Program Objects List</p> <p>59. How to save User Defined Data in Global Data Sheet</p> <p>60. How do you maintain share repository? How do you convert local repository scripts to shared repository, 61. differenced between quick test proffesional version 5.6 and 8.2 62. What is the use of function and sub function in QTP? 63. How do you test dynamically changing links on a web site through QTP?</p> <p>64. How can I implement error handling in QTP</p> <p>65. How can you tell a particular script will work in all the browsers?</p> <p>66. how many types of recording modes in QTP?describe each type with an example where we use them?</p> <p>67. How to call a test from another test? 68. QTP Script for runtime changing objects</p> <p>69. QTP : Import data from a data source at run time</p> <p>70. How to Pass variable in the sql query when creating DB Checkpoint 71. Using QTP to test Adobe Flex 72. what to do if the tree view is not recognised by the QTP? 73. how to write a function for Maximising a Browser in QTP ? 74. How to recognize the page in QTP? 75. How can I implement error handling in QTP and How to recall a function in QTP 76. What are the disadvantages of datadriver tests in QTP</p> <p>77. How i can get class name of test object by repository logical name? 78. How can i call a external action which is not added external action of an action.</p> <p>79. Explain the concept of object repository &amp; how QTP recognises objects? 80. Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project? 82. How to Delete a check points Associated files in QTP</p> <p>83. Explain "QTP using different development techniques (not just Record and Playback)", this is the requirement one client to recruit QTP Tester.</p> <p>84. QTP Check Points</p> <p>85. How can we capture a moving image in QTP</p> <p>86. QTP : Inserting a text into a cell of an excel sheet</p> <p>87. How will you find the current time of the remote machine using QTP script?</p> <p>88. After doing parameterization can you remove it? How? 89. What is a Patch in QTP?</p> <p>90. What is Associate Repository in QTP 9.2 91. What feature would you use in QTP to find out the name for an element on the HTML page we want to test? Subscribe 92. what is the automation frame work?</p> <p>93. How to instruct QTP to display errors and ther description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of execution due to an error(for example Object not found)?</p> <p>94. What is the difference between run time object and test object in QTP?</p> <p>95. Can you record right click and the menu appearing after right clicking on any of the links in the browser...??If YES then HOW...?? 96. How to execute a Parameterized SQL query in QTP script?</p> <p>97. Why QTP is termed as icon_based tool? 98. What is the difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 9.2</p> <p>99. How do you synchronization point through DP?</p> <p>100. How do you handle runtime error in QTP when specified excel sheet specified in script does not exist</p> <p>101. Explain the difference between data driven testing and parameterization</p> <p>102. Explain what the difference between Shared Repository and Per_Action Repository</p> <p>103. Can we download the test cases which are present in test director to an excel sheet.. (if the number of test cases are say around 50) 104. How do you send email with attachment from outlook using qtp ? 105. While running a script on QTP 8.2 i got this run time error "General run error". What may be the cause for this error? and How to resolve this error?</p> <p>106. Explain the keyword createobject with an example.</p> <p>107. What is the use of Text output value in QTP? 108. How to check the web application for broken links using QTP? 109. What the differences are and best practical application of each.</p> <p>110. Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object. 111. Where can I get Quck Test pro(QTP Pro) software.. This is Just for Information purpose Only.</p> <p>112. How can we do the Frame work in QTP 113. How does QTP identifies the object during run time? 114. How the exception handling can be done using QTP</p> <p>115. When Object Repository is huge, there is no space to add more features we had 5 more features are pending to add. How can we add this features for writing the scripts. Always descriptive programming is not a good solution and we dont want to go for that also, Version of the QTP tool is QTP 9.0</p> <p>116. If you giving priority as p0, as a developer if I give priority as p2, What happens?In user defind function check point intersection is possible or not?</p> <p>117. Anybody with an experience of testing Mainframe applications. I usually check the ActiveX and VB add-ins while launching the test. Also I'm wondering how would the object repository look when we actually select the Terminal Emulator add-in and record the sript.Will it only record the Terminaal Emulator as the Object or will it record all it 's children, i mean the fields on the GREEN SCREEN.Let's discuss.</p> <p>118. What are the Features &amp; Benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP)..?</p> <p>119. Explain me how to write the Descritive programming in qtp using sample filght application? 120. How do you run alternate iterations from the data table 121. What is called "Smart Identification" in QTP ? Briefly explain how to do it?</p> <p>122. how to handle java tree in QTP</p> <p>123. What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action.? 124. How to use the Object spy in QTP 8.0 version?</p> <p>125. How to write Regular Expression with alpha numeric including special characters... 126. How to run QTP scripts recorded in Internet Explorer on a Netscape or FireFox browser. 127. How to select particular value from the combo box in the current page which is entered in the previous page edit box after parameterization?</p> <p>128. Can anyone tell me which is the best SDLC model from the QA'S point of view?or which SDLC mode Can anyone tell me which is the best SDLC model from the QA'S point of view?or which SDLC model is the best and fast?</p> <p>129. What is the difference between check point and output value.</p> <p>130. How do you record a command prompt operation in QTP? 131. How do you data drive an external spreadsheet? 132. What is the similar for Goto specific step or function in QTP</p> <p>133. Is it possible to connect and test Mainframe applications in QTP ? 134. if we want to run QTP tests thru QC(say it is on machine "A") on a different machine(say machine "B").then do we need to have QTP installed on machine "B" or simply installing the Remote agent will do?</p> <p>135. what is the difference between "Wait" Statement and ThinkTime Method Services.</p> <p>136. How do you export object repository? 137. How database testing is done using manual testing i.e., without using any automation tools 138. I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use SystemUtil.Run command as well How do I do this?</p> <p>139. How to load a .tsr file(object repository) in QTP thru code as it is in the Winrunner like, gui_load. Is there any script exist in QTP8.2</p> <p>140. How to perform Cross platform testing and Cross browser testing using QTP?Can u explain giving some example? 141. How can we write scripts without having GUI(means u dont have any GUI and u want to write a script in QTP)?</p> <p>142. How to call the library file into the script, without hard coding the path in the script? 143. What are the disadvantages by using database checkpoint in QTP?</p> <p>144. what is the difference between bitmap checkpoint and image checkpoint . Explain specific real time usage of bitmap checkpoint and image checkpoint</p> <p>145. What is meant by Keyword driven testing and what is Data Driven testing?kindly tell me the meaning with actual differences</p> <p>146. What are the advantages of descriptive programming over record and play back, explain with an example.</p> <p>147. What is syntax for "sleep" and "suspend" in synchronization point?</p> <p>148. What is the difference between functions and actions in QTP?</p> <p>149. What is the difference between libraries and actions in QTP</p> <p>150. If you want to avoid using the Object Repository, How would you do it? 151. What is descriptive programming?</p> <p>152. I am working as Test Enigneer.In our company we are doing manual testing .I am keen to learn QTP tool...I download QTP from net..while conducting data driven testing i am facing problemplease explain me how to paramaterize ,how to perform data driven testing</p> <p>153. How to write QTP test results to an Excel application, Please provide the exact code if possible ASAPThanks in advance</p> <p>154. How many folders are created in one test case execution in QTP</p> <p>155. What is descriptive Programming in QTP?</p> <p>156. What is the Difference between Action, Procedure and Function?</p> <p>157. What is QTP frame work? When we prepare the data for data driven testing ?</p> <p>158. In how many ways parameterization can be done in QTP? 159. What is Description Object?What are SetToProperty, SetRoProperty, GetToProperty scripting?What is the difference between version 6.5 and 8.2?What is the difference between Normal mode and Fast mode?How do you invoke the application through QTP?How do you close the Task Manager through QTP?How will you load the object during run time?How will you handle the situation when object is not captured during record? 160. What is Synchronisation?What is Parametarisation?What is addin environment?</p> <p>162. Hi all,I am facing one problem in my .net qtp application.In one page My script has to select order menu item from Add dropdown menu ex:Add-&gt;order.There is a bug in the page which opens up a pop up dialog box saying</p> <p>163. Give one example where you have used Regular Expression? 164. What is the command in QTP to invoke IE Brow?</p> <p>165. What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table?</p> <p>166. how to invoke a databse application for database testing? 167. How can I get text on the object?what command can I close the web application? 168. How to run QTP scripts recorded in Internet Explorer on a Netscape or FireFox browser?nestcape tries to read the code this wayWindow("Netscape Browser").WinObject("NS_AE_WindowClass")...</p>