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<ul><li><p>Clearer Connections:QEP Student Self-Reflective Journaling</p><p>Irene Mueller, Ed.D, RHIAMary Teslow, MLIS, RHIANatalie Moore, HIA Senior</p><p>School of Health SciencesHealth Information Administration</p><p>QEP Pilot ProgramFEEd 2008</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>ObjectivesValue of reflective journalingas a learning strategySelf-SOAP methodHIAs evolving experienceBenefits for students and facultyStudent point-of-viewStrongly recommended, additional QEP benefit</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Reflective JournalsBecoming a common meansof increasing learning by helping writers:Examine habitual patternsof thinking and actingArticulate experience and knowledge, thereby increasing understandingAcknowledge strengths and weaknessesBegin considering ways to improve performance.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Writing is Learning"Writing is learning" motto of the writing-across-the-curriculum movement. </p><p>Writing helps learnersto know whether or notthey understand something.Zubizarreta, 2004</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>HIA BackgroundStudent self-reflective journalsused for several semestersGeneral instructions were givenLess than satisfactory resultsJournals wereOverly vagueOverly personal responsesLittle integration of course content with experiential learning activities</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Journaling: Early SamplesToo vague, non-specificI went to my facilities today and did my tours. It was interesting and overwhelming at times; but, overall, it went just fine.Today I did the management assignment. It was cool to see what managers have to deal with.I applied two skills today, teamworking andcommunication.</p><p>HandoutPage 2</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Journaling: Early SamplesBut, some showed promiseOrganizing one's time throughout the day and prioritizing tasks is also a task that many people my age lack. Often the "fun" assignments are done first although they may not need to be done until the late afternoon, whereas a "not fun" task may be due by noon, but is not done first.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Discovering Self-SOAP NotesWe found an article in the PT literature that uses the SOAP format for student self-reflection in the clinical setting. Enhancing critical reflection of students using the self-SOAPStudents need for feedback during transition from classroom to professional setting.Citation is in the handout.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Well Suited to HIA EducationDocumentation is a key skillBusiness processes, budget justification, personnel actions, project management,reports, etc.</p><p>Experience of workis not enough in itself. It is the learning that comes from itthat is important.Harvey, Geall &amp; Moon 1998</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAP NotesStandard healthcare documentation method adapted for self-reflectionSubjectiveObjectiveAssessmentPlanAlso connects / integrates professional content with personal context</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Value Right from the StartAdaptationModel revised for HIAactivities and self-assessmentStudent InstructionEasily accomplishedReturn on investmentImmediateUnexpectedStudents and Faculty</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Good First ResultsEarly results very promisingSeniorsAHIMA websiteRecruitment: Haunted Moore HallOff-campus PPEs (clinicals)JuniorsBlood driveFitness assessmentBusiness Etiquette DinnerBut</p><p>HandoutPage 2</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Early Self-SOAPI am very glad that I got the chance to explore the AHIMA Career Assist and Job Bank web sites. These sites will be very helpful now, as well asin the future.I was able to navigate through the web sites and look at different jobs that were available. I applied research skills to help me better understand which jobs would go along with my degree.I enjoyed this activity so much; it kind of gave me some idea of what I want to do in the future and what jobs may be available. I was so overwhelmed, in a good way, to find that there are so many positions that would accommodate my degree. I will definitely begin using the two web sites from this day forward. I learned so much and now I'm happy that I spent the $35 to become a member of AHIMA.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Need to Become More ObviousAnswer student questions Why do I need to do this?Added contextual elementsBackgroundPurposeAdditional promptsProvide feedbackin grading process</p><p>HandoutPage 3</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Next AdaptationBased on , assess your potential in Subjective(I felt .., I enjoyed., I disliked..)Objective(I did ., I saw, I observed.)Assessment(I did best at, I could have been better at)Plan(To improve my success in a similar activity, in the future I will..)</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Try a Self-SOAPHandout Samples andResources</p><p>Self-SOAP practiceConsider a course experiencein Spring 08Create your own Self-SOAP noteHandout, page 1</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Examples of HIA ActivitiesBusiness Etiquette Dinners and Receptions Allied Health Career Day Haunted Moore Hall project management and teamworkRed Cross Blood Drive sponsorshipHSCC 101 fitness assessment data recordersPersonal Health Record(MyPHR) presentations</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAPSubjective (I felt ..) At the business reception, I felt very intimidated at first by the employers and by the people who worked for the career services department. As the night went on, I felt more and more comfortable with everyone including my classmates. We tried to make the best of the learning experience and I learned an immense amount about what the professional world will be like. I did feel very confident when [a specific employer] remembered my name. </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAPObjective (I did ..)I made sure to smile and to shake hands with everyone I met at the reception. I also shook hands while leaving the group to ensure that at least my face was remembered. I think a smile can go a thousand miles, so I was sure to smile a lot. I said my name clearly and loudly before each conversation began and I think that helped them remember my name better. </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAPAssessment (I did best at,I could have been better at ) I did my best at introducing myself at the business reception. There were some people in the room that no one remembered, and I was glad that I was not one of them. I could have been better at learning how to hold the plate, napkin, and glass. It took me a long time to figure out which hand to shake with and which hand to not shake with. </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAPPlan (To improve my success as a HIM professional, in the future I will..) In the future to improve my success as an HIM professional, I will pay more attention while directions are given about hand shaking and how to hold the plate/napkin/glass. I will also try to learn more about how to properly eat the food or how to properly turn down food if it is not wanted. </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Meet the Author Students PerceptionsDiary vs. JournalReflection (me-time)ValueHIA ProgramLeadership TrainingApplied in any content, contextProfessional, Personal, Community</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>BenefitsStudents report a better understanding of the intentof the activitiesImprovedSpecificity, objectivity, and completeness of journal responsesCritical thinking and justificationof point-of-view</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>BenefitsStudents increased sense of personal responsibility for improvementRole models professional practice and supports success and effectiveness when entering the profession</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Faculty Return on InvestmentFaculty gained better insight into the effectiveness of activitiesValue added assignment method that met multiple educational goalsStudent skills developed with repetition and practice</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Faculty Return on InvestmentMet many of our goalsImproved writing, critical thinking, making connectionsFaculty also saw improvement in the area of personal responsibility with the Plan element and prompt.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Unexpected BenefitIntervention StrategyAt-risk students required to complete in-depth Self-SOAP noteFocused on personal responsibility and why their performance has not met Program StandardsFirst step in remediation contract</p><p>HandoutPage 5</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Program StandardsFaculty developing policiesand proceduresRole modeling workplaceSelf-SOAP notes provide a standard for journaling promotes consistency, student familiarity with the process, writing practice, and preparation of a professional product</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Self-SOAP &amp; the QEPAdded value at WCUHelps meet several goalsProvides potential artifactsfor the Educational Briefcase</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>WCU Quality Enhancement Plan 2007: SACS accreditation10 year cycle, reporting at year 5QEP topic (Undergrad Only)Synthesis: A Pathway to Intentional Learning.Coordinated by Dr. Carol BurtonAsst. VC, Undergraduate StudiesQEP CommitteesIrene served on SACSMary serves on Technology</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>QEP FrameworkFosters synthesis across disciplines coordinating curricular and co-curricular experiences to facilitate students development of a clearer purpose at the university </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Outcome &amp; ImpactThe outcome of the plan will beStudents who are intentional participants in their own learningWill impactAcademics, faculty and advisorsResidential Life Service LearningStudent LeadershipCareer Planning/Education</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>HIA: QEP Pilot ProgramCurrent IssuesIntegration / ConnectionsCritical thinkingImprove writing skills Program StandardsProfessional expectationsProfessional behaviorsProfessional products</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>HIA: QEP learning goal focusIn the Junior Year, students will:Connect the academic and student life components of their experienceRefine their learning plan</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>HIA: QEP learning goal focusIn the Senior Year, students will:Communicate the connections between their university experiences and their future education and career plans, and Review and revise their learning/career plan.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>QEP-related Activities in HIAShould meet several goals, including Related to healthcareApplication of professional behaviors and attitudesApplication of interpersonal communication skills, and Experience working in teams </p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>QEP Education BriefcaseAn e-portal through which students will interact with faculty, advisors, and career counselors; it is the literal manifestation of the students learning planMicrosoft SharePointPilot Programs 2008-09Starts with Fall 2009 freshmenStudents own their Briefcase</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>eBriefcase Artifact ExamplesResearch PapersMyers-Briggs Personality Type Technology assignmentsResumes, evolving over timePerfect Interview responsesPerformance evaluationsSelf-SOAP note reflection</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Reflective Journals RedeauxBecoming a common means of increasing learning and professional development, by helping writers</p><p>SExamine habitual patterns of feeling and behavingOArticulate experience and knowledge, thereby increasing understandingAAcknowledge strengths and weaknessesPConsider ways to improve performance.</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Strongly RecommendedWe strongly recommendSelf-SOAP notes for college students at all levelsDeepens student self-reflectionand goals for personal improvementProvides practice to improve writingIncreases their ability to make connectionsMethod for QEP</p><p>FEEd 2008*</p><p>Questions? How would you grade your note ?Assessing yourSelf-SOAPOther uses?</p><p>Questions?</p></li><li><p>Clearer Connections:QEP Student Self-Reflective Journaling</p><p>Irene Mueller, Ed.D, RHIAMary Teslow, MLIS, RHIANatalie Moore, HIA Senior</p><p>School of Health SciencesHealth Information Administration</p><p>QEP Pilot ProgramFEEd 2008</p></li></ul>