QA QC Trainee Development Plan

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  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan


    NO DescriptionYear -

    A HSE

    A.1 Policy and objectiveA.2 Step back 5x5

    A. !S" PA#A$

    A.% 12 &i'e savin( r)les

    * General

    *.1 +oles and +esponsibilities o' ,A , "n(ineer

    *.2 "lect and /nst Sy0bols$ypes$e0p class (ro)p

    *. /ntrod)ction to Desi(n "n(ineerin( Practice

    *.% /ntrod)tion to , dossier

    *.5 /ntrod)ction to ,)ality PA#A$

    *. /ntrod)ction to +eportin( str)ct)re

    Construction & Precommissioning

    .1 3a0iliar 4it constr)ction scope o' 4ork

    .2 3a0iliar to 4ork site6ones


    .%/nspection o' "lectrical and instr)0entation installtion

    .5 7itnessPre'or0 loop ckeck

    . 7itness precalibration ceck.8 Preparation o' ceckseet 0atrix

    .9 Preparation o' const: Preco00 test pack

    .; Preparation o' ceck seets

    .1< eckPrepare As-*)ilt Dra4in(s

    .11 =enerate 3ollo4 )p close o)t p)nclist

    .12 7itnessprepare co00issionin( ceck seets

    .1 S)b0ission o' testpacks

    .1% Prepere >nal and over dossier

    .15 /n o)se trainin( ???

    D QA QC Documents

    D.1 /ntrod)ction to /SO ;

  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan


    ".1 /nternal A)dit observer

    ".2 $o per'or0 te /nternal a)dit as per P,P.


    3 In house Responsibilites

    3.1 ond)ct /n-o)se sced)led inspection





    = Procurement






    ! Tendering





    $o participate d)rin( a)dit cond)cted by eiter $ird partyor lient.

    /nspection on $est eB)ip0ent =eneral $oolPersonel andtools

    Periodic /nspection o' "lectrical Po4er Distrib)tion andprotection.

    /nspects and certi>ed electrical tools eB)ip0ent prior to)se at site.

    Ceri>cation o' $est "B)ip0ent condition and ')nctionalitybe'ore sendin( 'or certi>cation by tird party and re-veri>cation 4it calibration certi>cate a'ter receivin( back

    Participant : +evie4 o' S)ppliers ,)estionnaire :"val)ation ecklist to ens)re co0pliance to o0pany Project reB)ire0ent.

    7en reB)ired to 4itness 3actory Acceptance $estE3A$F to ens)re test is cond)cted accordance toapproved proced)re and eB)ip0ent accordance toapproved dra4in(s speci>cations

    /nspects and veri'y 0aterials receive 'ro0 s)ppliers as perP)rcase Order reB)ire0ents $ecnical Speci>cation andordra4in(s.

    erti>ed =ood +eceives Note E=+NF 'or 0aterial tat is'o)nd acceptable d)rin( inspection veri>cation.

    +aise 0aterial discrepancy report ED+F 'or non-con'or0in(0aterialeB)ip0ent and s)b0it to Project ana(er 'or')rter action.

    +evie4in( tender packa(e 'or ontract scope and toidenti'y ,A, reB)ire0ents 4it re'erence to tenderdoc)0entation

    o0pilation o' ,)ality Ass)rance ontrol and ana(e0entSyste0 proced)re 'or $ender s)b0ission

    Develop Project ,)ality Plan EP,PF incl)din( /nspection $estPlan E/$PF coverin( Scope o' 7orks 'or tender s)b0ission

    /denti'yin( te ,A, personnel 4it te correctB)ali>cation 'or tender s)b0ission.

  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan


    Year -2 Year -

    )arter %t ,)arter 1st ,)arter 2nd ,)arter rd ,)arter %t ,)arter 1st ,)arter 2nd ,)arter rd ,)arter %t ,)arter 1st

  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan


  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan


    Year -% Year -5

    )arter 2nd ,)arter rd ,)arter %t ,)arter 1st ,)arter 2nd ,)arter rd ,)arter %t ,)arter

  • 8/11/2019 QA QC Trainee Development Plan