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Quality Assurance / QualityControl Field Manual



Chapter 1 ..Introduction Chapter 2 ............Field Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program Chapter 3 ....Inspection Forms Chapter 4 ...Pre-Work Inspection Chapter 5 ..Surface Preparation Verifications Chapter 6 ........Lining Application Verification Chapter 7 ....Lining/Coating Testing Verification Chapter 8 ....Quality Control Records Chapter 9 .Instrumentation Calibration Standards Chapter 10 .Technical Bulletins, Installation Specifications, Details

CHAPTER 11. INTRODUCTION 1.1. SCOPE 1.1.1. This Quality Control Manual outlines the functions and duties of QC personnel at lining/coating jobsites where a Quality Control Program is established to monitor field activities. Information contained within this manual describes the reporting, inspection, documentation and testing procedures established to adequately promote an effective Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program.

1.2. OBJECTIVE The objective of this Quality Control Manual is to provide a reference of established minimum standards and guidelines for an effective field QC/QA Program which is uniform in functions and duties, efficient and reliable in performance of its work, yet independent of the production process. References to specific industry standards have been made, whenever possible, to promote a comprehensive program.

CHAPTER 22. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL/QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM2.1 QUALIFICATION Field QC/QA personnel will be approved by Ceilcote. They shall be experienced and knowledgeable of the standard installation and testing practices in the corrosion resistant lining/coating industry. 2.2 REPORTING Field QC/QA personnel shall report directly to the Ceilcote Quality Control Supervisor. 2.3 RESPONSIBILITIES Field QC/QA personnel will perform all visual and physical tests and inspections as required by the appropriate Ceilcote Bulletins, Specifications and Quality Control Procedures. These tests and inspections will be conducted in a thorough professional manner to insure installation compliance. Responsibility for the acceptance or the rejection of any work is a QC/QA function. Conflicts regarding the interpretation or determination of work quality, environmental conditions, acceptability of substrates, application methods and techniques, materials and record keeping will be reported directly to the Field Foreman/Superintendent and Ceilcotes Quality Control Supervisor. Ceilcotes Management and R&D Department must approve in writing all deviations from procedures, methods, interpretations, testing and standard practices prior to their implementation. Field QC/QA will remain independent of the installation crew in the performance of their duties. 2.4 QUALITY ASSURANCE/MATERIALS Quality assurance procedures are in place for both the material manufacturing process as well as at the jobsite to insure the maximum reliability of both the products and application services. Manufacturing Quality Control is the responsibility of the R&D Department. They establish specifications and procedures to ensure product purity and consistency and their QC personnel have the obligatory authority to reject any material which is not within specification.

CHAPTER 33. INSPECTION FORMS3.1 NON-CONFORMANCE REPORT This form is used to document conditions, work or areas that are unacceptable to any work process. The discrepancy noted on the report should specify the exact procedure, specification or other governing data that supports the stated non-conformance. NonConformance Reports should be preceded with an inspection report that lists a discrepancy. The Non-Conformance Report is issued if the discrepancy is not adequately corrected after a sufficient amount of time has been allowed for the correction. A copy of this form is contained within this Chapter as Supplement A. 3.2 EQUIPMENT ACCEPTANCE REPORTS This form is used to note the date, acceptance and exceptions, if applicable, for the release of equipment for lining/coating application. Parameters of work and the appropriate Drawing Numbers should be stated on the form. Equipment Inspection Reports and/or Non-Conformance Reports could be incorporated into this report or separate reports should be used to supplement this form to indicate appropriate information. A copy of this form is contained within this Chapter as Supplement B. 3.3 INSPECTION FORMS GENERAL Reports should include inspectors name, customers name, appropriate dates, designated equipment identification names and/or numbers and reference drawing numbers. Retention of reports is discussed in Chapter 8.

NON-CONFORMANCE REPORTCEILCOTE Job No. _______________________ Location: _____________________

The item(s) listed below are in non0conformance to (specifications) (procedures) (other) ____

Equipment: ____________________________



Non-Conformance noted:


Date: _________________________________ Corrective Action Required:




Date: ______________ Comments:

Corrected by: ______________

Verified by: ______________


EQUIPMENT ACCEPTANCE REPORTDATE: _________________________ CEILCOTE JOB NO.: ________________________ CUSTOMER: ____________________ EQUIPMENT NO.: LOCATION: ____________________ INSPECTED BY: ________________________ ________________________

SUBSTRATE: (steel/alloy( (concrete) (other) ______________________________________ DRAWING NO.: _________________ The following equipment ______________________________________________________ Has been accepted for (lining) (coating) application by CEILCOTE at the location specified above. This equipment is accepted (with) (without) exception(s) and with the understanding that the substrate may be subject to repair if workmanship and/or material deficiencies become apparent during the surface preparation operation (i.e. steel-welds, pinholes, etc. concrete honeycombs, voids, etc.) EXCEPTION(S) NOTED: ______________________________________________________


DATE CORRECTED: ___________ BOUNDARIES OF RELEASE: _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________ FIELD SUPERINTENDENT, FOREMAN, QC

________________________________________ AUTHORIZED CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE

CHAPTER 44. PRE-WORK INSPECTION4.1 PRE-WORK INSPECTION 4.1.1 Pre-Work Inspections of substrates in work areas shall be completed prior to the start of the lining/coating application in the areas. These inspections will be documented on the Equipment Acceptance Report with all results and findings stated on the report. This form is Supplement A in Chapter 3. Areas that are inaccessible to inspection, (ie lack of scaffold, no lighting, beneath water, no entry permit etc.) shall be noted on the Inspection Report with an explanation of the inaccessibility. Inspection of these areas shall occur when access is available and all results and finding shall be stated on an inspection report. 4.2 CONTROL DOCUMENTS FOR SUBSTRATE INSPECTIONS 4.2.1 Steel and Alloy substrate inspections shall conform to ASTM, STP837- Manual of Protective Linings for Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems, Chapter 4 - Design and Fabrication of System Components. This Manual, Supplement A in this Chapter 4, contains the guidelines for acceptable steel substrate conditions, welds, appurtenances, gouges, stampings, structural members and nozzles and Ceilcotes CPT-2 Steel Substrate Specification to Receive Monolithic lining. 4.2.2 Concrete substrates shall conform to Ceilcote Standards CS-10 Quality of Concrete Surfaces and CP-11 Repair and Preparation of Concrete for Lining. CS-10 is Supplement B and CP-11 is Supplement C in this Chapter 4. 4.2.3 Additional requirements and/or modifications to the information contained in the documents listed must be approved by Ceilcotes Management or Research and Development Department. 4.3 INSPECTION ATTENDANCE 4.3.1 Pre-Work Inspections shall be attended and witnessed by representatives of all concerned parties. 4.3.2 Established inspection guidelines shall be reviewed prior with all concerned parties prior to all inspections. 4.4 EXCEPTIONS 4.4.1 Exceptions to any work, workmanship, materials or conditions noted on any inspection reports shall be documented on the Non-Conformance Report.

CHAPTER 4 (Cont.)4.5 EQUIPMENT ACCEPTANCE REPORTS 4.5.1 Equipment Acceptance Reports 4.6 ADDITIONAL INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS 4.6.1 All additional Inspection Requirements beyond the control documents above shall be stated as an addendum to the appropriate section before implementation.


SUBSTRATE SPECIFICATION CPT 2 Steel Substrate Specification To Receive Monolithic Linings


STEEL SUBSTRATE SPECIFICATION TO RECEIVE MONOLITHIC LININGS March 2006 ********************************************************************************************

NOTES TO THE SPECIFIER 1. This document has been prepared to assist specifiers in the preparation of steel substrates for Ceilcote Corrosion Control Products. This specification defines the necessary practices for surface preparation of steel tanks and other steel equipment. Application under this specification must be done in accordance with the following procedures. Questions regarding these practices and guidelines should be directed to CEILCOTE.