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  • the shortlistQ3 | 2013 The Award-Winning Publication of the Society for Marketing Professional Services San Francisco Bay Area Chapter www.smpssf.org

    3 Presidents Quarterly Update by Ali Bedwell, CPSM, Marketing Manager, Skyline Construction

    5 Ultimately, Were in the Relationship Business by Hildegard Dodd, Director of Marketing, Sherwood Design Engineers

    6 Top 5 Tips from CPSM Day by Alethea ODell, CPSM, Co-Founder, Brazen Brands

    6 Congratulations to the Chapters New CPSMs! 7 Dream Big! Build Business Wrap Up

    by Katie Spurlock, Marketing Manager, Charles M. Salter Associates 8 Arch

    by John Grimes, CPSM 8 Canstruction 2013

    by Sarah Coleman, Senior Marketing Coordinator, WSP 9 New Member Spotlight: Lindsay Pincus

    by Sarah Coleman, Senior Marketing Coordinator, WSP10 Annual Business Meeting and Giants Game Recap

    11 New and Transferring Members

    11 Upcoming Events The shortlist is produced and edited by the Communications Committee of the SMPS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

    Editor - Jessica Cadkin, URS Corporation, jessica.cadkin@urs.comAssistant Editor - Al Anderson, NOVA Group, aanderson@novagrp.comDesigner - Erin Gardner, Parsons Brinckerhoff, gardnerel@pbworld.comCommunications Committee Directors - Christiana Tjhin, GHD, christiana.tjhin@ghd.comVanessa Pelletier, CSDA Design Group, vpelletier@csdadesigngroup.com

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    The Relationships & Personal Growth Issue

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    Thank you to our 2013 annual sponsors for making SMPS SFBAC such a success. We couldnt do it without your generous support!

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    Presidents Quarterly Updateby Ali Bedwell, CPSM, Marketing Manager, Skyline Construction

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    Giving Back is the theme for the upcoming SMPS year and the goal is twofold: to give back to YOU, our members, and to give back to our COMMUNITY through philanthropic events and activities.

    2013 Recap - I hope you made it to the Annual Business Meeting in August to recognize the incredible achievements of our 2013 Board of Directors. Id like to give an additional shout out to Devon Kurcina, our outgoing President. Under her leadership, the board reworked its programs to provide you with the BIG 4 client focused event

    series, won three marketing communications awards, improved our sponsor benefits, and racked up record breaking philanthropic contributions at Make the Connection Thank you Devon, you are a fearless and inspirational leader.

    With big shoes to fill, I am excited to share a few of the ways we plan to give back to you, our loyal and tireless members.

    Giving Back to YOU Through Reduced ticket prices at events Membership scholarships to cover National dues (see www.smpssf.org for

    details) FREE member only events Paid speakers to provide top quality programs Additional networking and social opportunities, including a day in the wine

    country Student outreach campaign to bring young and vibrant people into our chapter Continuation of the BIG 4 client focused programs to give you face time with

    potential clients 10 free registrations to the Pacific Regional Conference in Huntington Beach

    raffle will take place at this years holiday party

    Giving Back to Our COMMUNITYThis year at the Annual Business Meeting we asked YOU to cast your vote on the charity to support for the year. It was important to the board to select a charity that was both local and tied to our industry.

    With that in mind, you made a wonderful choice by selecting the Cypress Mandela Training Center (www.cypressmandela.org), an organization that offers a 16-week pre-apprenticeship program for Bay Area men and women to receive hands-on training for skilled trade jobs in the construction industry. The organization provides job placement, with an 85% success rate of graduates placed in jobs.

    In the coming months we will announce an opportunity for you to tour the Cypress Mandela Training Center while we simultaneously work on planning a philanthropy event in January to kick off the new year.

    A Personal NoteIdeas for GIVING BACK doesnt just come from the Boardit comes from our members. If you have suggestions of ways we can add value to your membership, or enhance our community involvement, please share them with me.

    Cheers to a positive and successful year ahead,


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    Ultimately, Were in the Relationship Businessby Hildegard Dodd, Director of Marketing, Sherwood Design Engineers

    Most everyone in the U.S. workforce was affected by the Great Recession of 2007 2009. Many of my friends and colleagues were either laid off of good jobs that they had held for many years, or saw their pay or hours drastically cut in an effort to reduce company overhead costs. I too was eventually affected, and what helped me immensely at a time when I might have otherwise lost hope were my personal friends as well as colleagues in the A/E/C industry. They offered me support, consulting leads, and in the end, the information that led to a new position for me. I have spent many years cultivating relationships both in my life and within our industry, and I know now that many of those relationships will probably last longer than any job I have had or will have in the future.

    Flash forward to 2013the market is becoming stable, jobs are returning, lone marketers within firms are able to hire coordinators to assist them in pursuits, and senior marketers are finally earning pay commensurate with their experience. This is all good news, but it also warrants a small warningno job is secure and no firm can guarantee a person lifetime employment.

    Through my experience, I learned that one shouldnt wait until a layoff or a self-motivated exit from a firm to lead a focused networking effort. Networking is often thought of when looking for work, either for yourself or for your firm, but its really about establishing and maintaining relationships. View it the same way you might look at insuranceyoull be really glad to have it when you need it. Many times your network can help your career grow, create deeper industry knowledge, and expand your skill set, but more often, when done right, a good network can lead to great friendships and long-term industry camaraderie.

    Unfortunately, with the popularity of social media, many people feel that by connecting with people on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook one can check off the networking box, but this should never be used as a replacement for face-to-face communication and interaction. Its often easy, especially when out of work, to network in front of a computer screen, but getting up, getting dressed, and getting out will always be more rewardingand more fun. And if youre working, youll be glad you gave yourself a much-needed break out of the office.

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    Whether you have a job, are confidentially looking while currently employed, or out of work and looking, making time for the following will lead to positive relationship outcomes:

    Once a week, make a lunch date with an industry colleague. If youre working, you may have more expendable income, but even if moneys tight, you can still afford an inexpensive lunch with a peer. If youre looking for work, for the cost of a $7 sandwich for yourself, you might find out about a firm whos hiring, whos leaving their position, upcoming after-work networking events, or free training webinars being offered. If youre currently working, dont think you need to pay less attention to your colleagues. Even if I know I have a busy week, I always schedule at least one lunch with a new or existing connection. Knowledge sharing leads not only to more potential work for your firm, but assures that the leaders of your firm see you as a valuable asset who has their pulse on the industry.

    Once a month, attend an after-work networking function. If youre working, ask your firm to add

    this expense to their marketing budget. Make sure the events are applicable to your industry

    and the work your firm pursues. If youre looking for work, seek out free

    events, or ones that have minimal costs. When I was out of work, I would often call the organizer and tell them my situation. More often than not, they were happy

    to reduce or eliminate the cost for me. The key to these events is

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    to spend less time with the people you may know already, and more time meeting new connections. I make it a point to meet at least five new people at each event I attend and find out a little bit about them and where they work, and let them get to know me as well. It might be out of your comfort zone at first, but the more you do it, the wider your network will become, and you might make some new friends in the process as well.

    Once or twice a year, attend an industry conference. These can be a little more difficult if youre looking for work, as most times there are no flexibilities on the costs, but if you find one thats within reasonable driving distance, it might be worth your time to pay for at least the opening reception. Many times conferences need volunteers and will allow you to attend the conference for free, so check into those options as well. If youre working, discuss with your firm at the beginning of their fiscal year to budget for these conferences. If national conferences are outside their budget range, look to regional conferences that offer lower costs on both travel and expenses. Most importantly, find conferences that are in your market niche or will attract people or cli