PUTNEY AIR POLLUTION CAMPAIGN Jonathan Callaway The Putney Society

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Text of PUTNEY AIR POLLUTION CAMPAIGN Jonathan Callaway The Putney Society

  • PUTNEY AIR POLLUTION CAMPAIGNJonathan CallawayThe Putney Society


    Putney Society public meetings

    NO2 survey of main roads and nearby residential streets

    Widely distributed press release targeted at politicians and media

    Follow-up with Wandsworth Council, TfL and Mayors Office

    Key achievement in persuading TfL to introduce hybrid and retro-fitted buses


    Council was not prepared to act on our data and in fact challenged some findings

    PUBLICITY MADE THE DIFFERENCE got the parties round the table

    Putneys problems now on the media radar thanks to Kings College data

    Imminence of 2012 Mayoral elections was a factor

    Council genuinely motivated to address issues (Mayor holding out offer of Exemplar status if innovative/effective actions taken)

    But it is not in the Councils power to tackle the fundamental problem our High Street doubles as a major through road and a local shopping street and it is disinclined to consider anything too radical and nothing which might be expensive

  • PUTNEY NEXT STEPSMore difficult, under discussion:

    Second survey focusing on PMs?

    Working with Wandworth Environmental Forum to keep pressure on Council ensure monitoring maintained

    Engaging with Director of Public Health for Wandsworth air quality seemingly not one of her priorities especially to link the issue to the Active Travel agenda

    Need to find new hooks to keep the story alive e.g. hybrid buses are using their diesel engines in Putney

    Use the Boris bikes opportunity