Pumps and Valves Africa Q1 - 2016

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    ENDORSED By SAPMA (South African Pump Manufacturers Association) and VAMCOSA (The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa)

    Q 1 -2016

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    flow control solutions

    for more than



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    A Kirloskar Group Company

    Corner of Horn & Brine Street, Chloorkop - Kempton Park, Gauteng, 1620, South Africa

    Tel : +27 (0) 11 393 2841, +27 (0) 11 393 7177/81/82 Fax : +27 (0)11 421 6793, sales@braybarpumps.co.za

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    DisclaimerOpinions in this Publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of this publication, its editorial board, its editor or its Publishers SAPMA. or VAMCOSA The mention of specific products in articles and advertisements does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by this Publication or its publishers in preference to others of a similar nature, which are not mentioned or advertised. Reliance on any information contained in this journal is at your own risk. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of editorial board makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the correctness or suitability contained and/or the products advertised in this publication. The Publisher shall not be liable for any damages or loss, howsoever arising, incurred by readers of this publication or any other person/s. The Publisher disclaims all responsibility and liability for any damages, includes pure economic loss and any consequential damages, resulting from the use of services or products advertised in this publication. Readers of this publication indemnify and hold harmless the publisher, its officers, employees, and servants for any demand action, application or other proceedings made by any third party and arising out or in connection with

    the use of any services and/or products or the reliance on any information contained in this publication.


    Pumps & Valves AfricaSales Manager: Helen Benetts Tel: (011) 047-2400Cell: 083 281 5761Email: info@pumpsandvalves.co.zawww.pumpsandvalves.co.zaProduction: Jackie NeneContributors: Ronel Kotze, Tony Stone

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    ENDORSED By SAPMA (South African Pump Manufacturers Association) and VAMCOSA (The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa)

    Q 1 -2016

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    From The Chairmans Desk A Grundfos Pump Audit evaluates pump efficiency and the potential for saving energy at a site. A Pump

    Audit results in an overview of pump performance and suggestions for improvement.

    Lorraine Smart





    N N



    Pumps are among the industrialised worlds biggest energy consumers, responsible for 10% of global electrical energy use. At the same time, most pumps waste energy due to incorrect sizing, lack of intelli-gent control, operation in an inefficient duty point or out-dated technology.

    Pump Audits are one of our initiatives to help companies seize massive energy-saving opportunities, says Michael Laustsen, Application Manager at Grundfos.

    Onsite and in-depthDuring a Pump Audit a Grundfos sales and service engineer work in close cooperation with the pump operator.

    The audit involves an onsite inspection, measurement and diagnosis of the pumps installed. The sales engineer produc-es a report after the data is analysed. Among other factors, the report shows current annual energy consumption of the pumps along with a forecast of savings and payback time for any recommended new pumps and their control systems, explains Michael Laustsen.

    Save up to 60 percent Pump audits have produced tangible results for all types of customers. Many types of industries and water supply com-panies have cut their energy consumption by 40-60%. Their new pumps pay for themselves in little time.

    German brewery Pfungstdter reduced its pump oper-ating costs by nearly two-thirds after a Grundfos Pump Audit revealed inefficiencies in its process cooling pumps. Hansol Paper, the biggest paper manufacturer in Korea, cut its annual pump operation costs by 40%. And Unilever Ice Cream UK has saved between 20-40% in operational costs

    after replacing its supply system pumps; payback time for the changeover ranged between three and 12 months, says Michael Laustsen.

    Any companies or individuals who wish to join SAMPA can contact either SAPMA or SEIFSA lsmart@grundfos.com or theresa@seifsa.co.zawww.grundfos.com

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    From The Chairmans Desk Introduction to VAMCOSA

    The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa (VAMCOSA) was formed in July 2011 and works within the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) designated cluster parameters. VAMCOSAs focus is to bring local valve and actuator manufacturers together in order to create a common focus and goal for the respective industries. VAMCOSA provides an effective platform for its members to Lobby Government through designated channels of the dti and operates under the auspices of the South African Capital Equipment Export Council

    (SACEEC) with regard to industry specific concerns.

    Procurement of locally manufactured valves and actuators strengthenedThe Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Afri-ca (VAMCOSA) is pleased to announce that on 11 February 2016, National Treasury published the updated Instruction Note stipulating the minimum threshold for local produc-tion and content for valve products and actuators.

    The updated Instruction Note provides clarity on topics such as how local content should be calculated and what constitutes local content, whilst at the same time provides

    some protection for major suppliers such as foundries, forge shops, and steel/stainless steel suppliers.

    Clarification regarding how the 70% local content is made up includes the use of locally produced and certified cast-ings, forging and fabrication as well as verifiable manufac-turing activities such as machining, drilling, coating, assem-bly and testing.

    Further, the averaging-out of local content either across any number of valves and gearboxes / actuator combinations or locally made and imported valves or other items is not permitted. Each individual valve, manual actuator or pneu-matic actuator is subject to the minimum 70% local content threshold.

    In addition, the valve type list has been updated to include the also known as names of valves. For example a check valve is also known as a non-return valve or reflux valve or tilting disk valve and so on. This to curb the number of state-owned-entities, departments, including municipalities as well as contractors working with state-spend, assuming that by changing the name of the valve in the tender or request for information process, that designation does not apply.

    To find out more about

    VAMCOSA :Mark Wilson current Cluster Champion 082 892 5719, www.vamcosa.co.za

    Mark Wilson





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    Second to None Water Pump Solutions from Goscor Power

    Products Goscor Power Products supplies an exceptionally wide range of compact, reliable and efficient water pumps to meet virtually any pump application in the agricultural and

    construction industries.

    A farmers water pump requirements are as diverse as the agricultural industry itself, says Mark Bester, Man-aging Director for Goscor Power Products. Whether a farmer needs a water pump to irrigate or fertilize his crops or to pump water to or from storage tanks, we have ensured that we stock a range of petrol and diesel water pumps that is wide enough to meet practically any water pump requirement and budget.

    The comprehensive water pump offering from Goscor Pow-er Products includes clear water, chemical (fertilizer and salt water), slurry, semi- and trash pumps as well as high volume units. To ensure that we meet our customers requirements spot on, we have gone a step further; we have extended our range to be able to offer high quality, world leading pre-mium brand water pumps to more affordable options, ex-plains Bester.

    The PTX320 water pump is the companys flagship. Driven by the highly advanced, economical and easy to maintain

    Robin EX engine, this powerful pump delivers up to 1000 l/minute and boasts a 32m pump lift capacity and a suction height of 8m, making this unit ideally suited for heavy duty applications that require large pumping capacity.

    The LT20XC water pump is a more affordable solution for light duty applications. While lighter on the pocket, the LT20XC certainly does not compromise on quality, perfor-mance and reliability; with a 20m pump lift capacity and a suction height of 7m, this pumps has a delivery capacity of up to 360 l/minute.

    Goscor Power Products water pump technology boasts a number of additional features for economical and trou-ble-free operation:

    A durable and tough construction - the impeller and in-ner-casing manufactured from cast iron while the pump-ing casing is manufactured from aluminium die casting;

    Self-priming: no water is required for subsequent pump-ing operation once initial pumping is done;

    Water-resisting properties: mechanical seal

    The complete water pump range is available and supported by Goscor Power Products dealer network which is strategically located across South and southern Africa including Botswa-na, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Goscor Power Products has over 30 years experience in the supply of a holistic spectrum of power equipment including pumps, generators, welders, firefighters, engines, rammers, rollers and compactors, backed by quality parts and reliable technical teams.

    Goscor Power ProductsTel: +27 (0) 11 230 2600


    Web: www.goscor-power-products.co.za

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    PVS Range Vortex Pumps

    Becker Mining South Africas PVS range of vortex pumps has been designed to efficiently pump sludge and slurries

    containing large abrasive solids and fibrous materials in light, medium and heavy service industries.

    The PVS (pumpmor vertical spindle) range, which can handle solids to 72 mm (3 inches) and S.Gs (specific grav-ities) to 1,5, achieves up to 87 m heads at speeds of 2 950 rpm. These units are available in two and three inch models, with a 0,7 m spindle length and single motor drive.

    The most important feature of these vertical pumps is the recessed, non-clog impeller design that prevents binding and clogging problems. Since the impeller is clear of the pump cas-ing, any solids and fibrous materials that enter the suction inlet will be ex-pelled through the pump discharge, without damaging the impeller, says Theo Cambanis, Becker Mining South Africa. Another advantage of Beckers pumps design is that spares are com-pletely interchangeable. This reduc-es inventory management costs and simplifies on-site repairs. Because all components are locally manufactured, these pumps are readily available and a large stock holding of spares and raw materials ensures swift delivery throughout the country.

    The PVS series, with a robust one piece casing, has been designed to efficient-ly cope with all types of solids and fi-brous materials. A locknut that fastens the impeller to the shaft prevents the

    impeller from turning off if the motor is started in the wrong rotation direction.

    These pumps have a sleeve stuffing box clearance that minimises blow-back of materials being pumped around the shaft sleeve, without requiring sealing contact. A high strength pipe column

    maintains alignment be-tween the bearing frame and its casing. There are no submerged bearings on the cantilevered shaft.

    Bearings have been se-lected for a minimum ser-vice life of 24 000 hours when operating at any point on the hydraulic coverage curve with 1,0 S.G. Grease lubrication is standard.

    These pumps have a heavy duty construction,

    with chrome iron CR28% material, which has been hardened to withstand abrasive materials and for increased service life. When in its annealed state, it is 280-400 BHN, after undergoing heat treatment, it is 650-700 BHN. Other materials include cast iron and SS316.

    Becker Mining South Africa employs a fully integrated ISO quality manage-ment system as part of a dedicated design, manufacturing, testing and re-pair facility. The company is also able to adjust its extensive range of pumps to suit specific requirements.

    Becker Mining South Africa

    Theo Cambanis

    Tel: 057 396 2704

    E info@za.becker-mining.com

    Web: www.za-becker-mining.com

    Becker Mining South Africas PVS range of vortex pumps has been designed to efficiently pump sludge and slurries containing large abrasive solids and fibrous materials in light, med...


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