Pulau Ubin: how to get around

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How to get around on Pulau Ubin, Singapore? Walking, cycling are great ways to explore Ubin. You can also hire a 'taxi' to get around.

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2. A leisurely strollis the best way to enjoy Pulau Ubin! 3. You never know what you might see,during a slow walk through Pulau Ubin! 4. Cycling is another great wayto explore Ubin. 5. Lots of bicycles for rental, and friendly shopkeeperswill share tips on where to go and what to see. 6. You can also bring your own bicycle.The bumboat charges $2 per bicycle. 7. You can wash your bicycle in Ubin Town,after exploring Pulau Ubin. 8. Maps and directional signs help youfind your way around on Pulau Ubin. 9. Taxis (panel vans) also available for rental.Right at Ubin Jetty. 10. On the left of the Jetty, look for the parked vansand the Taxi Service stand. 11. Happy exploring Pulau Ubin!